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  1. When your watch is set to MD time but you don't live in Romania.
  2. Ack~! Typo.. but that's okay.

    Well met indeed! : D

  3. You sir, dwho.. I do not get the chance to talk to yet! Hello. : D

  4. The uses are limited only by the imagination. Does a sword maker not used water to cool the heated blade? Wouldn't gardeners water the plants in their care? At the very least, you can drink it
  5. Rendril


    [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='11 June 2010 - 07:36 AM' timestamp='1276234587' post='61621'] Well, he should be able to do it..but the admin panel is broken. At least for me, and one other translator I asked, rendril. Any comments? [/quote] It's back up again, yours should be working too.
  6. zasto mi uznemiravas profile stranicu? xD

    moramo da se bacimo na one prevode kad tad :D

    (malo regularnog spama nije na 'izmet' :P)

  7. You were very rude to me, but i love you still.

  8. wish I was... homeward bound...

  9. do jaja ^_^ !!!

    sta bih dao da sam tamo! :)

  10. Srbija igra u mom gradu, stadijum je 4km od kuce =D

  11. nego, ce da gledas ti Srbiju na svetskom? :D

    kako cemo da kidamo, posalji neki snimak imperijalnog tima, na to je Mur mislio kad ti je trazio slike :D

  12. *waves*. hello Rendril

  13. The same applies to many of my scripts, and clickables like the book of ancients, oak stories, hanging of mur etc. Having the option of making a clickable permanent would defeat the purpose of the auto-hide, who can justify their script being permanant without it having to be judged by Mur? I would rather have it auto-hide if the script's last use was 14 days ago, which in effect means nobody accessed in that time, of course "last use" needs to be more than merely viewing the clickable. I think allowing a cron to be implemented for each script would cause too much of a load
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