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  1. So, i have been looking around and talking to some people and aparently there are more principles hidden that the ones everyon knows. And it is strange because some of this principles didnt exist before, but the poeple of this world kinda "created" them out of pure will (even if they wanted it or not) And so im posting this here to see if you think you know other principles SO FAR PRINCIPLE OF LOVE PRINCIPLE OF HATE PRINCIPLE OF VOID PRINCIPLE OF SPACE Im looking for new principles or a description of the ones ive found, to add them to the game Have u heard of anything that might be usefull??? Alche
  2. ok, im reading it, thinking of it and my brain is starting to hurt, its not easy to digest all the info all of u guys are posting, but im slowly doing it, so... i think i will do exacly that, get into the 7th pyramid and start imagining, really hard, i just hope my mind wont take a path of his own and take me to another place, a dark one... also, tnx everyone in golemus who came to visit, im lonely there, the principles are not good chatters if that doesnt work ill move the plan b (and c, and d, etc...) keep up the good work. alche :lol:
  3. mm, im reading, good ideas, the pyramids re biiggg, i cant rearrenge them by normal means, but i will try to write stuff and see what happens, i was also thinking about using the heat to lift myself, like birds do but for know i dont like the idea of launching myself into the fire, the war hasnt started yet... lets keep diggin tnx alche
  4. Ok, so, im at the top of the mountain, its been a looong journey. Now i see the same Akasha saw, 7 pyramids and one floating high above a fire. Each pyramid has a shrine inside. The pieces of paper Akasha took are there, blank...very strange. So im writting for ideas u may have, legends u may have heard, messages from strange creatures popping up all over the world, anything si i can reach my goal and help u in the upcoming war... Check the MDA for info, ask around, i may have rewards if i succeed. I dont want the book for power, i want it to help stop the incoming war, if u feel it coming, u can hear the screams of the shades and the weapons beeing built, help me please... so far.. 7 pyramids--->7 days of the week, 7 musical notes, 10 principles?? any spells u may know or discover can help Alche
  5. holas, salu2 desde el otro lado del charco
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