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  1. [color="#999999"]697777? Maybe [/color]
  2. From the announcements: "The following players are under investigation. All their current creatures and items will be checked and several of them will be removed based on the results of this investigation. It is likely that these accounts will be removed without further notification. We advise you not to do any trades or deals in the following days with these players or you might be considered an accomplice. Players investigated: Brankabrastan, Rikimarrru90, [b]Marvolo[/b], XeericbaiOanqes." What is happening? Did I do something wrong? I'd be happy with a clarification... Oh wait...
  3. Tomorrow: Evaluation 2; Wish me luck!

    1. Phantom Orchid
    2. Tipu


      all the best dude. I just got my results all Clear. Wish the same for u hehe

    3. nadrolski
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  4. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1298637000' post='79587'] Ever saw the sun? In MD i mean...you see its light, but how can you say there is a sun if you don.t see it? You associate with what you know same way like a night butterfly confuses a lightbulb with the sun. [/quote] I saw the sun http://magicduel.com/art/weather/sunny.png
  5. I'm in! Don't care what team. Wolf brains Ftw
  6. Stop it already! Jeez... Take your issues somewhere else and stop annoying the people who are trying to enjoy their time online, instead of listening to all this BS

    1. Jubaris


      I admire your logics Chewett :P

    2. Chewett


      oh no, some of the anger goes onto me.

      Logically if you are trying to solve a problem, and one side wont move, surely the other side has to give to try and solve it, if they indeed want to solve said problem.

    3. Sharazhad



      * holds her tongue from saying something that may get her into trouble* I agree with Marv, some of us just want to enjoy our (precious) online time sans a dst/Fenrir death match

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  7. Below here: the reason why I tend to just ignore the forums...

  8. When I end this year, I'm gonna feel like I can conquer the world

    1. Pipstickz


      Tell that to the FBI or something, they'll enjoy it.

    2. Sharazhad


      @ Marvolo: ditto!! :D (presses the like button)

  9. Let me know what you want, and I'll give it a try
  10. I like it! Keep practicing! Maybe you could shade it a little more I'm not a big fan of the 'pointy' stuff, but in this one, it makes it look nice and agressive About the sizing: It won't make a problem, just put it in the middle or bottom (depends on your own personal taste) and things will be fine, no need to add stuff. My avy is about half the height, and still looks ok when used.
  11. What is good? Something that has both functionality and estethic beauty What is your best physical attribute? My hands - they create What is your best non-physical attribute? my thoughts - they create What do you value most? Honesty What is 2 + 2? 4 What do you know? Less than I want to know
  12. When I hear music, I mostly "feel it" as in, accents, physical feeling, it's difficult to explain. In addition to that, I 'see' a kind of curve that goes up or down with high or low notes, but that is probably because I see music as sheet music, through the eyes of a musician. That is with monotone music (1 line music, like paganini) With polyphone music it gets complexer, more curves, different feeling for each 'voice' with the accents... I wonder if this makes any sense at all, for it's difficult to explain. Sometimes music triggers landscapes, sometimes the plain sheet music. It a
  13. Is searching for people who study(ied) Psychology, or Architecture... To find out which one is the most interesting for next year.

    1. Grido


      Yea, @Mystery, but I do recall my own teacher saying in the exams we could make up the names, because the examiner doesn't know what studies we've looked at :P

    2. Arcane Wanderer

      Arcane Wanderer

      I have friends who have majored in Psychology and one friend who is studying Architecture (I'm not sure if that's what the major is called). My friend studying Architecture seems constantly stressed. I, for one, love Psychology. However, I think you need at least a Masters to get a good job.

    3. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      *coughdobiochemistryinsteadcough* :D

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  14. That's a very good one Although I'm not a big fan of Pink in paintings, this one turns out to be great in colors! I'd like to see that one full sized, because when clikcing it, you can't see it as a whole, and the thumbnail is just too tiny In the tiny one it looks like it's a tree standing next to water, while big sized it looks like it roots dig into some evil-shadow world [s]I'd like to know how high it is, because like Shadow says, it's not that clear...[/s]* [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1293769209' post='76447'] lets generalise this...i like to think my purpose in l
    1. Asterdai


      well yeah, like mushrooms growing up around a tree.. erk its just me obviously :P

      its not easy on the eye though i dont think, the metal colour adds to that effect im sure

    2. Asterdai


      dont get me wrong i really like it :P

    3. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      Yes, I get it now xD It's not supposed to be something figurative though, it's pure abstract.

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