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  1. I want to explain my thoughts about this, in a manner that I hope will make sense. I see the illusions, as a dam that broke, water is flooding out, and we are on the wrong side of the dam. People on the right side of the dam, tell us to swim up towards the dam, through the rushing water, and get to dry land. Telling us it’s possible to get up there. Swimming makes you survive, yes. And swimming up a river is doable, and will teach you things. But swimming up a flood, is insanity. And when you almost reach that dam, someone will just open another little hole, to make us flush away back
  2. I did this for an attempt to get something done, not to cause random destruction
  3. [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1327147939' post='101605'] yeah thats true, but you are forgetting the part where she is only one, while they are 4, why they didnt continue gaining loyalty, if they did she wouldnt be able to catch up, thing in here is that they are complaining becoz they werent aware of possibility to get back into ally which they should have been, it was known before about ally and illusion cmon how much times ya seen grido in gotr, i seen him twice and i dont even play that much, [/quote] We didn't spend too much time getting loyalty because we did not expect this t
  4. No one stops you from making a topic concerning skillvampire.
  5. [quote name='No one' timestamp='1327109714' post='101537'] To blame the failure on "abuse" or broken or wrong feature ... that I don't agree. It is called "game mechanics" (but you probably don't know what that is) that finally decided the battle. So, [b]removing that illusion "alliance feature" is to remove a change to fight , a chance to win or lose and therefor I will not agree with it.[/b] [/quote] The illusions nullified our chance to win. dst could have had a lot of ways to get her alliance back (through the way I suggested, and probably a Lot more than that). But the illusions mad
  6. There seems to be something tricky about mixing Illusions with kicking someone from the alliance. Someone is in an iIllusion, and get's kicked. When the illusion is reset, the settings of the player are put back to the settings before the illusion (in this case, also before the kick) This means, that said player is returned into the alliance, even when recieved a kick. I discussed this with Mur, and he told me this should be discussed with more people. Mur believes the 'bug' here, is not being able to kick a person when in an illusion, otherwise the change is futile. [b]Should it be
  7. Well Dst got her alliance back, without recieving an invite by anyone in the alliance. I want to know how, since Mur claimed he did not have anything to do with it.
  8. I, Marvolo, hearby claim the takeover of the Shattered Illusions. Why? First of all “For Fun” Secondly: I want the Children of the Eclipse back. Dst, you are able to do a LOT of things in this realm. Show me your skills, and retrieve the Children of the Eclipse for me. I believe in you. You made this harder than I had hoped. And if I would not think you were able to do this, I would not have taken this risk. For a risk it is. To quote you, dst: (from here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4520-shattered-illusions/) [i]“I want more. I want smart player. I want strong p
  9. [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1326991047' post='101229'] What he could mean is that Eon, dst, and Granos are so annoying and purposely do things like this for fun, and some king said **** it, and gave up. [/quote] And that is Indeed worth an award. Congratulations ...
  10. I did not make this topic as a fight against dst. Neither is it about all of the Illusions. It is about the fact that they can influence/mess with lands, and roles related to lands. It's good you asked and recieved permission, Grido. But if one does not get permission, and still uses it, what is the right of that person to be something/ having a role that is so powerful?
  11. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1326976890' post='101178'] Gatekeeper of Necrovion is not an ally illusion. Is a simple tag that comes along with a spell.[/quote] Did I ever mention it was an Ally illusion? It's the fact that it makes you mess with a land, and those who enter it [quote name='dst' timestamp='1326976890' post='101178']Please remove the 3rd reason if you have no proof. Don't drag my name into mud based on a rumor.[/quote] I edited it, to what it should have been. My apologises. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1326976890' post='101178']Land loyalty gained on the illusion - for
  12. Lately, some thoughts struck my mind regarding Illusions: There are illusions that are able to influence a land is ways that are going very deep. My personal thought is, that they may want to get reviewed, because of this. [u]First example (Summon tag spell):[/u] Mur: “[i]My intention is to make it a shared item BUT make special shared items that can be grabed only based on land loyalty[/i]” Right now, there are illusions that are able to give the illusionist land loyalty. And I fear it might lead to having someone who is not loyal to a land grab the shared item, and ruin the purpos
  13. That's quite a neat thing they've developped there! definately on my wishlist now
  14. [quote name='Magistra' timestamp='1326717788' post='100968'] OMG, I don't fit in here at all! 99% of this stuff is much too heavy for my taste. My music taste is like a moonbeam peeking through branches and leaves and falling on soft, damp soil. [/quote] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjUrdd7V1ic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qZXM3_aVvM
  15. If you type your MD password into the printer at college It didn't work
  16. I think it might be useful to post the council's reply to my mail, for it also brings up a valid point: [quote]For us, one of the ways we use to validate artists we are unsure about is asking for a high resolution scan to be sent in. Many times when reviewing these images, we have noticed imperfections and lack of specific drawings marks that indicate that the user has not drawn and scanned the image. If we were to allow a digital pen, ect to be used, there would be no scan, and for us it would be much harder to be as sure, that they have drawn it. As you point out, this doesnt
  17. I'd like to give this image as a comparison. The three avatars on the left, are three avatars I had currently in my avatar shop. the wolf was drawn by me with a tablet, the lines around it were for testing, and I decided to leave them there as an example of lines. I added the background of MD, and made the wolf transparent (that's how it will look in MD, if it were an avatar) I personally don't think it is a lot different from the avatars that are already approved once, so, why shoudn't a tablet be approved? No, it can not reproduce a pencil perfectly, but how big is that of a probl
  18. I do not wish to use a tablet for the sake of speed and money I find it useful to have with me, and to explore new media for art. In my opinion, there are avatars out there that (again, in My opinion) could fit the MD style better, and I think a tablet can produce images that do fit the MD style. I will try to make an artwork to show a comparison, when I have the time (exams coming up)
  19. [color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 2154 - [2011-12-28 12:37:41 - Stage 11][/color] Using alts to cast spells in order to help the main character falls under the alt abuse category. For this, [u]Neno Veliki will be jailed for 1 week[/u]. His alt will remain in Prison for an undetermined period of time.
  20. About 2 weeks ago, I went a mail to the council with a question concerning avatars/item drawings drawn with a pen tablet. I was wondering if pen tables should be used for avatars or not. My opinion about it was, that it shouldn't be a problem, but I got a reply that said the opposite: [quote]All submitted artwork should be made with pencil and scanned in. Pen tablets should not be used. Not only does it provide consistency with the art in game, it also provides an added surety that the artwork is indeed belonging to the person submitting, rather than found elsewhere on the internet.[/q
  21. I think it's a nice idea. And as long as you don't give your exact location, what could possibly go wrong?
  22. Maybe we need a seperate subforum for fights and other silly things.

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      Call it the pit, it'll be awesome

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      Ha! That + some popcorn... I'd Love it

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  23. Because there hasn’t been any progress in finding Comet Pieces the last few days, I decided to loose some more information concerning the stones. Three stones are yet to be found. 2 stones are found yet not returned to me. 5 stones have been returned to me. Here are the notes that will lead you to the places where there are still stones. Unfortunately, the fact that I needed to spread, and thus copy these notes a lot, the notes became quite… messy. I’m afraid some parts are unreadable now. Note [b]**gaping hole in the paper**[/b] someone carrying a pi [b]**Huuuge coffestain**[/b] oot N
  24. I personally like The Wind and Rain more, But then again, as Son of the Storms, I am biased on that .
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