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  1. Why in the middle of the night here? O.o" 4.00 server time is 3.00 here... So I cant attend..
  2. OMFG Aweosme Idea!!! *takes his gameboy and plays whatever sticks into it* Ooooh Mario 1!!!! Epic!!
  3. Who played with the Land Defence Weaopns?? canon Imploded? Nice work whoever did it! *grumbles*
  4. No, the slippers would be suicidal... After meeting Chewys feet?
  5. [quote name='Kittiness' post='34001' date='Jun 19 2009, 11:28 PM'][b]The Silmarillion[/b] by JRR Tolkien[/quote] Best book ever!! xD
  6. Prince Marvolo


    I know And you are cute XD *runs away in terror*
  7. Prince Marvolo


    Let them search them on their own I mean, Why is Angien nor cheap? Just thats the reason? its not an mp3 creature...
  8. So... No endless boring chapters full of only texts? O.o God I wish you wrote my textbook in school!! xD
  9. I think you just made a good intro for your book lol 75 pages in Word... And I wnated to print it? Parents wont be happy LOL
  10. Why in Exam time!! Why?!! *sighs* And Why Wont my parents let me online than!! Why?! *curses Murphys Law* *decides to pout at his chamber, stuffing himself with candies and getting Illigaly drunk*
  11. *takes a pencil and papers and starts drawing* Too bad I have exams now *throws away his books and continues drawing*
  12. *offers a HUGE Chocolate Bunny*


  13. *wicked grin*

    *pokes his screenshots from DQ*

  14. I did see it 920k I heard it can do 1.2 mil now... XD
  15. Killer babies? Reminds me of the movie "Zombies" 10 year old kids with axes, pickaxes, swords, etc But yeah, Dont want to meet them XD
  16. *gets scared by your picture*

    You look angry O.o

    *offers a cookie*


  17. Isnt that something for you dst? I mean... Evil breed? >
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