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  1. What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel? The necessary nostalgia trip I need every now and then. And seeing who is still around, and looking if I can't catch any old friends online for a chat. What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel? Sitting, doing nothing, looking around to catch anyone awake. What do you do most often in MagicDuel? ^ What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel? People What do you wish there was less of in MagicDuel? Quietness.
  2. Marvolo is 61 - Cool. If I knew that I'd have saved up for them retirement funds...
  3. The items I am looking for: Cracked Barometer Broken Thermometer Sundial gnomon Weather rock I am willing to pay either in silver/gold or spellstones (look into my inventory for all the spellstones I have) PM me if you are willing to sell one of these, either in game, or here on the forum :)
  4. Syntropic Dust, Timeless dust, Liquid Dust -> Vacuum cleaner.
  5. I'm happy because I always see old friends here during the holidays ;)
  6. Welcome to MD: Magic Drama!

    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      :)) totally!
      Mur! Change the name of game!

      *signs the petition*

    2. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      I don't know why, but this situation reminds me about Orwell's Animal Farm.

    3. Prince Marvolo
  7. Allow me to give you a piece of advice: You seem dissapointed in others, because of the way they react to what you do. But there is only 1 thing you can control: yourself. Other people, are other people. They will do things you don't like, they will misinterpret, or they won't like you, maybe they love you, whatever! But maybe the art in dealing with others - kind of a big thing in this game - is knowing what the consequences are of your actions. You can do whatever you want, whatever you can, or like. But you will be paid back by consequences. Consequences are mostly controlled by oth
  8. What if a seemingly impossible thing is the only thing you truly want?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      i think i would die trying ..lol

    3. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      And what if it has severe consequences if it would fail?

    4. dst


      Depends if it's worth living without that thing or not.

  9. The quest has been solved. 1st - AmberRune 3 stones and a WishPoint 2nd - Eara Meraia 2 stones 3rd - Dark Demon 1 stone I didn't expect everyone to answer at once - these are the result according to the time-stamps of the PM's sent to me. Hiria and Change get to choose 1 leftover stone because they were the only ones explaining the roman numerals in the timespan that all 3 places were filled. AmberRune, post here which stones you want and find me in game. When Amber has chosen (posted here), Eara Meraia can choose stones. Then Dark Demon
  10. Let me make this clear: Everyone can do ANYTHING they want with their papers You can post them here, if you want, you can ask 5 drachs and 25 angiens if you want, one silver, Land Items, you can even use them as toilet paper if you wish to do so. Social interaction is part of the quest, deal with it. If the owner of page X doesn't want to give you, maybe Y got it from X, and you can get it from Y? If Y doesn't want to give it, maybe Z has it? Ask Z! And if non of the nearly 20 participants want to give you any page, then you got bigger problems than not being able to finish this q
  11. You submit all at once, if you're wrong, you can re-submit again when you think you got it right.
  12. All drawings are handed out! This does not mean you cannot join anymore though! Feel free to add your name here still, and I will send you the link to your respective drawing. You don't even need to have a drawing to join in, contact the ones with drawings, and maybe you'll have your own in no time. If any if the links stops working for any reason, let me know (even thought they should be on 2 months validity - but then again, I don't know how long this will take) Good luck to all participants! If you have any questions, you can ask them here so I can answer for everyone (unless the que
  13. Imagine if this is what would happen if you got the drunk-effect :D
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