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  1. *Shrugs* My thread and I enjoy the derailment. Its fun to get to know people.
  2. Honestly, I've been using the eyes like that for a long time. And when I started playing WoW, I realized that it had become the "thing" to do when people were trying to be deceitful. So now I need a new face...
  3. Hai! >.> I'm the mean bully of MP3 who sits around the Willow Store place and beats up on other MP3s... Which basically means I walk up to them, they laugh at me and then beat me senseless...
  4. Trust me, I'm a big fan of questions. I've been asking them all over the place. The only real issue I'm having is trying to even out my Win/Lose ratio but thats slowly getting better since I actually have Archers and Garasans now.
  5. So, I know that principles are still a while off of being added into the game but one thing I was wondering was how they were going to flow together. As it stands now, from what I was reading on them while going through the process ingame, Darkness Principle, Elemental Principle and Principle of Illusion will result in a very very powerful combination at the later stages of the game. None of the others seemed to share this kind of likeness with one another based upon the text written for them. Also, Manu if I may be brave enough to offer up an idea, throwing the descriptions into a more par
  6. King Manu, thank you so much for starting the design work on a game that isn't all fantasy based and ungodly boring after ten minutes! I can't wait to stay and help test!
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