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  1. Nope, because Shades are the very definition of Dark energy. Very concentrated, and thereby of high worth. So high they have developed their own will. Dark energy cannot be made "grey", since grey is the blend of Dark and Light. One way to solve that is as I mentioned in Option 2: Extinguish the Shade and either let the energy spread out into the basic, low-worth Dark energy that exists everywhere, or try to focus it into your own being. As mentioned this requires you to focus equal amounts of Light energy or you will yourself take your first step towards becoming a shade. A hard and risky procedure. The other option is to let the Shade remain, but hope that it has developed a advanced enough instinct of self-preservation to understand that balance is a must, and halt the current growth of the Shades.
  2. I partly agree with you Sage, and I believe we are trying to say the same thing. The balance is a must for the world to work properly, while good and evil depends on who you are and what your interests are. Some might suffer while others prosper, yet there is still balance in the world. Dark and Light is not the same as Good and Evil, but the later can be a consequence of the first.. And grey could be seen as where large, high-worth energy is avoided and the energy is more evenly spread out in the world, thus neither of them threatening to create unbalance.. You could say that high-worth energy starts to get its own will, it gets alive but yet not since life demands both Light and Dark. And this will that it get wants to create even more unbalance in its own favor.
  3. Greetings friends of Marinds Bell, Loreroot, Necrovion and Golemus Golemicarum; followers of Light and Darkness alike. Up untill now I have kept a quite low profile, listening to rumours of the world. Ive heard ideas and theories from many characters with power and influence, theories about how many of you see the world and the current happenings and threats. I now think it is time for me to share some of my theories, and my view of the world.. Please read it all with an open mind, try not to be too certain about what you take for given but think of all possibilities. These are theories and I dont claim it all to be true, since there are as many truths about the world as there are observers. About Balance Balance is crucial for the very existance of the world as we know it. Throughout time it has been called many things. Balance, Mother Nature, Gaia and many other names.. They are not all the same, but they share the same core: They define the very essence of existence. The balance that we are speaking of is the balance between Light and Dark energy. Energy in itself is all neutral, do not mix this up with good and evil. There is always as much dark energy as there is light energy, but energy can have different shape and "Worth". Balance is necessary in both a large and small terms, I prefer to think of it as micro- and macroscale balance. Microscale balance is the balance in your body and mind; if the balance in your body is disturbed you will start to fade, and life itself will start to leave you. I will come to this later on. Balance in your mind is necessary to maintain full control of your senses, and to develop all kind of magical skills. About Life Life is a phenomenom that requires a perfect balance between Light and Dark energy, both of high Worth. As I mentioned earlier, life will start to leave you if the balance is broken. As an example I will take the Shades. Shades are not alive, as we know it. They are rather a being of pure Dark energy of high worth. If the balance in your body is broken in the favor of Dark energy, you will start to fade and become less alive and more of a Shade. There are living proofs of this. The same should count the other way around, but during my entire life I have never had the chance to study a being turning towards a unbalance of Light energy. Some of you might now come to think of the Angiens as the Light beings; this is still unconfirmed though. And I am not considering it to be very likely either judging by past events. The Angiens are surely mysterious, but seems to be discovered about this. About Good and Evil "Good" and "Evil" are states of mind. They are eachother's opposites, but not part of the Balance as I think of it. A perfectly balanced world can be good, a paradise on earth, as well as evil and a living hell. It depends all on the observer, and his state of mind. Evil is often thought to be connected to Dark energy, and many of my studies have shown that Dark energy often leads to "Evil" mind; but this is rather a possible outcome than a must. A concentration of Dark energy with high worth (a Shade) will be very likely to create even more Dark energy, in other words make unbalance. Since Life requires balance, this conflict of interests will make Shades take lives to achieve their greater goal. About the Sun that Never Sets This has confused me alot, but while thinking of it I have found a more and more likely theory. The world is now, or at least up until recently, in a decent Balance. This has confused me since the presence of the Shades have gone stronger, but the presence of high-worth Light energy has been nowhere to be seen. The world should have been unbalanced for long, but it isnt.. Then it occured to me that all this high-value Light energy might be somehow concentrated and connected to the sun, thus disturbing the balance of the day and making the Sun "stay in the sky". But the macroscale Balance is still kept since the high worth of Dark energy in the Shades equals the high worth of Light energy in the Sun. The increasing growth of power among the Shades is unsettling though, since they are starting to disturb the macroscale Balance. The current threats against Life and Balance The Shades are a threat to us since Life and Balance is not their Goal. By increasing in power they continue to disturb the balance, and by converting neutral, balanced humans into beings with higher Dark worth they are getting even closer to their goal. However eliminating the Shades is not a sole solution as this will cause an unbalance towards Light instead with consequenses just as bad. This might cause the Sun to burn too hot, or cause Light beings to appear, probably with similar but opposite goals as the Shades. If we are to "kill" Shades, by degrading their energy worth and concentration, we have to do the same with Light. Option 1 We need to find a way to decrease the amount of concentrated Light energy that disturbs the sun. This means bringing back the natural pace of Day and Night, with the possible risk of instead causing an everlasting Twilight. Option 2 One option that I have been researching alot is that once killing, or as I prefer to call it, extinguish, a Shade you can collect the Dark energy released from it. Under the control of a balanced mind this will cause a.. thrilling!.. increase in power, which can be used for good causes. This is not without risk since consuming too much Dark energy makes your own body unbalanced and more Shadelike. My research is now partly concentrated on how to collect Light energy in the same way. Ive made some progress on this matter, but its a much more timedemanding progress since Light energy is not of the same Worth and concentration around here as Dark energy is. Option 3 (The peacefull one) I do realise that much of what has been said this far is very hostile towards Necrovion and the members of this alliance, while my intention is for my theories to be neutral. But I have to push on the importance and threat of what you are doing. The Balance is a very intricate system and meddling with it can cause much larger consequences than you had imagined. Therefore the only peaceful solution I can see is that the Shades and followers of Necrovion stop ther power increase immediately, untill more progress have been done in the research of the Light energy. It will be necessary that the followers of Marind Bell and Loreroot show the diplomatic respect to also hold any growth in power, and in a mutual understanding future research might bring pleasure to both sides. --- --- --- I appreciate any thoughts, ideas and objections to my theories as long as you have thought them through. I have written this and shared it with You in the hope of all of us reaching a deeper understanding of our World. Unbalance has been caused before and believe me, it has fatal consequences. Signed with respect, Teclis the Archmage, Seeker of Enlightenment
  4. Partly, yes. But you will still want wins, experience, statbonuses etc too (at least I do?) even if you are in an alliance.. You're not going to gain wins and loyalty by being weak..
  5. I see a problem in the fact that players belonging to alliances can attack unallied players every 7 minutes while an unallied player attacking back have to wait 60 minutes before being able to attack again. This might be an unfair advantage if being abused.. Is it supposed to be this way?
  6. Well, we certainly all have hopes and expectations of the Angiens. But we cant be certain of anything yet. What I would like is facts that can be confirmed to be true. A meeting, or some other way to establish a contact, would be wonderful. Ren, have you learned anything from the visit to Angien's shrine?
  7. Nope, no stats rewards. My reward was +5k VE and VP as well as 15$credits..
  8. weird, my creatures have always been sorted by age
  9. Teclis

    Story mode

    Just replayed the story for the 3rd time when advancing to mp5, and Im thinking.. is it really necessary to be locked into story mode AGAIN? I really dont see the purpose of not being able to roam freely in the world. Was planning to wait 24 h each time and get better stat bonuses, but am really considering to skip it in the parts where I can walk around in the map. Cant chat with other ppl, can use my VE or VP to buy armor or creatures etc.. I suggest free roam mode at least during the second and third time you play chapter one and two, if not even the first time. The game is so much fun, shouldnt make it boring with purpose
  10. I totally agree with Kentor, and hope u're still here and didnt get too annoyed.. The easiest way to solve this would be to simply set up the option 'rebind' next to 'unbind'. This would create a copy of the original ritual, but with 0 combo. I also want the option to see abit more of the status of my ritual: *Which creatures do they contain? When in a hurry I sometimes make stupid names on the rituals and forget what it did. Would be cool to have the option 'Ritual information' or something. Also, *What is the current health of the creatures in the ritual? It would really improve attack preparations if you could see the vitality of the creatures in the ritual you choose before attacking. It has happened more than once that I've been attacked during my preparations, and when attacking with what I thought was full force there is only one or two creatures left alive, providing a certain loss. When I lose I want to do it because I want to or because I was the less stronger, not because of mistakes or bad luck. *Some kind of alert when a ritual is not working properly Once one of my creatures have been upgraded and can no longer make the attacks in the ritual, I want a way to see this. *As mentioned earlier, the option to refresh rituals .. I dont see any of the mentioned suggestions as changing gameplay, only allowing better control over the rituals which can be abit hard at times
  11. Ive also experienced the clock jumping backwards, happens almost all the time. Gotta have something to do with loading times, lags etc
  12. Why not make it the other way around too? So you can sacrifice permanent stats in order to get XP or strenght into your creatures? Maybe even make them age faster.. This would make it even more dynamic and balanced, and give increased influence over your character and creatures. To avoid exploiting, there could be a 70% effectivity or so on the transaction; if you first sacrifice a creature with a certain amount of xp etc to get stats, then sacrifice stats into a creature, you'll lose 30% each time.. it could also take some AP to do it, to avoid changing back and forth withing seconds. Would be interresting
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