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  1. Back from beyond the dark veil to look around and see the sights

  2. Hey, get out of here, I was stalking her first!

  3. Where are you? Even the darkest of dark places do not show your shadow.

  4. Should I find myself online I would like to Attend Azrael Dark
  5. Well, I was just following the old saying "screenshots or it didn't happen" because like you said Tarquinus, "As many of us did, I realized this was the House of Tainted Times long before I had completed the puzzle". I deeply apologize if I have spoiled anything...
  6. [img]http://i428.photobucket.com/albums/qq5/MZLAvatar025/PuzzleHouseofTaintedTimes.jpg[/img] Yessss......The House of Tainted Times it issss.....
  7. An Open Forum? Better prepare a lot of scribes / space for the information, because there is going to be A LOT
  8. Always available to serve the dojo, because everyone deserves a fair chance at life before they taste death > Although, I think my image would be more of an enforcer and punisher than just an overseer....
  9. Good luck with your exams..

  10. NOOO!!! Of course rewards for the head contest increase dramatically after I win! Of course!
  11. Not to brag or anything, but I have never been part of an alliance and I was last month's head contest winner, so it's still definitely possible to win even if you are neutral
  12. As most veteran players are aware and newbies are becoming aware of the command to make people unable to speak is being abused way way way too much in the game and is more of an annoyance than it is helpful. In the proper way, it is helpful to the players who are witnessing some legitimate spamming/improper comments coming from another player even after warning. But in turn, the abusive player learns the pattern and starts to do it to others without regard for its proper use. Then other new players, just innocently trying to wrap their head around how magic works here start unintentionally abu
  13. -When you meet people on the street and you compare them to the people you meet in MD
  14. I for one await the surprises that await us PWDs and abilities still in development for RPCs. I am sure Mur is working hard on some new stuff that both I and others can use so that we as a community develop better into our roles and make combat a little more interesting
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