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  1. I have the following principles and I have access to all the 5 sacrifice alters in MD. [list] [*]Principle of Syntropy [*]Principle of Enthropy [*]Principle of Imagination [*]Principle of Cyclicity [*]Darkness Principle [/list] The problem I have is all of the sacrifice alters give me the first four principles in some combinations. But none give me the Darkenss principle. The alter in Necro used to give me the darkness principle sometime back but not anymore. Therefore I have no place to accumulate the darkness principle. Is this a bug? Any help is appreciated.
  2. MD is a great game and it may well be the best one online I ever played. RL issues are troubling me for the past few months and I think the time is right to make a move so I get stuff back on track. I might be off for about 2 months or forever . Just want to say thank you for all the people who helped me when I was a newbie up to now. I may not be known for anything I did or achieved in MD in MD but I will never forget MD and the time I had with it. Goodbye
  3. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='16 August 2009 - 10:40 PM' timestamp='1250440856' post='39630'] You do realise this essentially kills combat? No more several rounds, unless you deal a 1hit kill or just use lifesteal that was it for the enemy. Which steers more into the direction of tokens..again... [/quote] well it kills combat if it has rituals such as you for example with 200k damage. But with this the player with less or no tokens can have some say in the batter unlike now unless you have about 100k vit(and still might not be enough in a case such as yourself) p no one can survive s
  4. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='16 August 2009 - 10:28 PM' timestamp='1250440098' post='39627'] If that gets implemented.. Then random damage will rule again. [/quote] Hmm ya. I edited the spec of the crit so now it wont let random damage rule
  5. [quote]so that only at high level in a rit against a damage attack is invincible? because that's not going to happen[/quote] Well it would be invincible in a brute force attack such as 6 chaos archers with 200k damage each. Thought a crit like this would be useful since too many brute force attacks taking place in MD now with the introduction of tokens. So people who use only brute force must be careful when they are doing so if this crit is in the opponents ritual.
  6. Hi All, Considering some fights I recently had thought a creature with the following powers would be cool. Tell me what ya all think about it [b][color="#FF0000"]Creature lvl 1:- Little Crystal[/color][/b] Req for next level:- Age 10, won battles 30, exp 3000, vit p 500 , value p 500 Powers:- [color="#0000FF"][b]Weaken Attack[/b][/color] (blocks 10% of the attack damage of a random slot. Only works for opponents having haotic strikes, damage.) target:- [b][color="#2E8B57"]Random[/color][/b] [color="#FF0000"][b]Creature lvl 2:- Shattered Crystal[/b][/color] Req for next level:- Age 20
  7. Since we have a spell to disable armor in the wish shop why not have another spell to disable the tokens so it would make some god like players come back to earth
  8. Hi All, I cannot edit my comments on self page since the buttons do not appear. I first thought it was a browser issue but it has persisted with my account for about a month. I checked with different machines but the results are still the same. [b]Problem description[/b] [list] [*]When you click the comments on self icon the pop opens my current story [*]But the edit button , ok button or the close button is not visible [*]I have to refresh the whole screen to get rid of the pop up since i have no way of closing it [*]I cannot edit my story because the buttons are not there [/list]
  9. [b]Name :[/b] Mystery of the mist [b]Maker : [/b]Blood Prince [b]Started :[/b] 04th July, 2009 [b]Duration :[/b] Until [u][b]six[/b][/u] people have solved it [b]Where :[/b] In BloodPrinces hate page [b]Objective :[/b] Find the minimum number of lights and their locations and the culprit for the mess........[color="#FF8C00"][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4556-my-first-quest/"](details here)[/url][/color] [b]Reward :[/b] 1 WP for the first solver and 5 spell docs for others. ([color="#FF8C00"]The quest will lead you to the RPC who is giving the reward[/color])
  10. Hello All, I have created my first quest in MD. Its in my hate page. Tell me what ya think of it and of course try to solve it [b]Reward [/b] * 1 wish point for the first solver * 5 spell docs for the next solvers [color="#FF8C00"] [b]* The quest will reveal the donor of the rewards[/b][/color] [b]Rules[/b] PM me in game the locations and the number of lights to receive the first word you can whisper? You only have one chance and no hints will be given. [b] ################## QUEST ##################### [/b] A dangerous magical mist has been secretively spilled
  11. I voted yes. He is a strong player but what he did was wrong. May be give him a stat punishment or thing like remove all tokens or crits.
  12. Agree with MasterB and Burns. Its not fair for people who cannot access the net every other day like me. I'm mostly online in weekends. So I will have at most 8 active days in some months which will cost me my avatar. Burns Method is good. I think for players who are young to the game should not be permitted to by an avi until they prove their self say atleast 40 active days and MP4.
  13. Since currency is in place in MD I thought comming up with a weird idea. I want all ya feedback on it. 1. The currency is accepted through out MD. So on issue with that. But what if we come up with currency for each of the lands and their exchange rates and stuff. So it would be intresting and all the currency will have an authenticity. Also this will help individual characters who are glued to their lands. 2. For the above one to work each player should be a permenant resident of a land and in that he should earn a place to live. So at first all land is owned by the government of the resp
  14. Count me in please. I can give you 2 silver to start with since that is all I have. Will give you the other 3 before the quest ends if it is ok with you.
  15. Since the introduction of new rules I have seen a drastic reduction in the number of players online. GOE does not have many palyers or atleast fightable MP5 and other places in the releam which I have access to is desserted. Do you people see this trend as well...?? What can we do to change this...??
  16. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' post='29953' date='May 3 2009, 01:04 AM']I agree I think Tokens should give you sac bonuses or that you should be able to remove the tokens from sac creatures or something. Z[/quote] I think it gives you a bounes of values obtained through saccing. I'm not sure about this but my two elementals which has different tokens gives different values on the same altar.
  17. [quote name='Chewett' post='29927' date='May 2 2009, 05:15 PM']What would stop me creating 100 accounts and sending all the principles to my main?[/quote] Well it still happens with the other stuff today as well. Even you can help your main account to win a head contest with multies. I think that is not a problem since the game allows it. If you don't want that to happen then a mechanism should be derived not letting them do that [b]And is every thing in MD is multi proof???[/b] No. Therefore that does not matter
  18. Since creature tokens are in place and they need principles to get them working we can set up somthing like a principles trade. So everybody can exchange principles and make the best profile since most will not get the opportunity of acquiring all the principles. I think this can evolve to much greater quantites by exchanging principles with crits and so on. Game interfaces should support this trade since it is to do with you personal ingame stats and so on. Only down side is it will put less emphasis on the fenth's presses around. So we need to come up with a plan to keep there intrest as i
  19. Well I have few tokens in my crits. Following are my observations on the process 1.) I like the random idea. Because there a players in the game who have got the correct token to the correct crit and they are exceedingly powerful. For example I think Marvolo smashed me with 100% vs 0% using a certain token or a set of tokens. He achived this more than once on me and I myself had tokens. So imagine what stack up can do. 2.) Actually they make a vast difference in some fights for example the kelltha fire and the goldtear are very powerful to me and I found little use of emerald glare and b
  20. [quote name='Yrthilian' post='29773' date='Apr 30 2009, 09:22 PM']No the stats are corect here. Defender = Karak did -31% Attacker = you 20% even though you sis 20% damage Karak did more damage. (this is down to having a life stealer) Karak did more damage than you but shows as a minus because of the life drain ablity. so yes the status is corect from what i can see[/quote] [b] Yrth actually I was the defender in this case not Karak he is the attacker.[/b]
  21. I had a fight with Karak which he ended up the winner. I want to know why because the stats(-31% vs 20%) given below suggest something else???? Battle Log BloodPrince is preparing new random strategy Load Karak creatures Load BloodPrince creatures Karak\'s Creature Tokens [stardust] [stardust] Kiffus gets 100 regeneration and power, 25 luck . Karak\'s Creature Tokens [blackdiamonds] BloodPrince\'s Creature Tokens [claw2,emeraldglare] [claw2] Water Daimon III gets 359.3552 attack and regeneration based on Principles. [emeraldglare] Water Daimon III gets 0 regeneration and 0
  22. Name:- BloodPrince Male I have only one condition 2 coins per day for a maximum of 10 days. You have to know what I can do then I'll do it for you Rgds
  23. [quote name='stormrunner' post='22033' date='Dec 14 2008, 08:54 AM']ok mur these people need help actual (looks at all the manga he has read in the past two days) I do too[/quote] Yes, I need help too I got up this morning and tried to log in and found out the server was down. This is about the 5 time in a 24hr period and I do not think it will do the game any better. As burns said the forum activity will go up but is temporary coz if this keeps on happening most of the players will start moving away from the game specially the new ones who actually does not have a good idea what this gam
  24. [quote name='Grido' post='21951' date='Dec 13 2008, 07:41 PM']i think there are localised problems for some reason, cos it works for me as well and it appears not to work for others[/quote] Yup I guess. It was up for about 1hr and went down again now. I think the server is malfunctioning big time
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