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  1. Hello Guys Logged in after a while and is in Gateway Island...get me out please 🤣
  2. What other things do you propose?
  3. Hi, I want to sell the following creatures what would be the going price for the following (most cretures have 1 - 5 tokens on them) . Creature and age given below. Water Daimon - 3274 Winderwild *2 - 3273 / 3095 Imp - 3240 /2786 Pope * 3 - 3050 / 2069 / 2069 Joker - 3003 Grasen * 2 - 2998 Blood Archer - 2997 Archer - 2380 Rustgold *2 - 2996/ 2734 Doppelganger - 2614 TS * 2 - 2908, 2109 Angien - 2942/2905 Dark Angien - 2483 Madhorn - 2733 Shade - 2743 Santa - 2738 Reindarch - 2737
  4. Even though its very late....and I just saw the post....thanks . For dst
  5. Yeah... I get the quest over thing. But what I don't like is I was in the tunnel for good 10 days I think and thanks to Windy's and Mya's time zone difference I was totally screwed by the time I got to Kyphis. But I did not like the way it ended. If you send someone in you have to wait until that person looses by getting the Q wrong or get to the end because I can't be present in US to ask Windy and Mya to get up and be online. Big tumbs down for that one.
  6. I would like to know whether all people in the tunnel is transport to the gate of the bored now? Because I was waiting for Kyphis and the drawing he wanted and the next thing I know is I was transported out for no reason. I got no answer wrong. Can somebody please explain.
  7. I like skill damage :P Mur whould have given Eon 1K damage for all skills per attack so he can kill MD or MP5 faster :P.

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    2. Blood Prince

      Blood Prince

      +1 @Xrieg the very point I'm talking about. It seems most people don't get that.

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      No, if you see a bank robbery occurring, you don't be a selfish prick and walk the other way.. you walk the other way then call the police and screw the robbers over.

    4. Blood Prince

      Blood Prince

      +! @Amoran. Pip you should get it at least now :P

  8. Mindpower advancement for crits looks absolutly ridiculous.

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      MP advancement for MP5 is what's ridiculous. I can understand 3 and 4. It's just that MP5 is supposed to be the level where you actually stay to fight and train. Ugh.

  9. [b]Name :[/b] Mystery of the mist [b]Maker : [/b]Blood Prince [b]Started :[/b] 04th July, 2009 [b]Duration :[/b] Until [u][b]six[/b][/u] people have solved it [b]Where :[/b] In BloodPrinces hate page [b]Objective :[/b] Find the minimum number of lights and their locations and the culprit for the mess........[color="#FF8C00"][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4556-my-first-quest/"](details here)[/url][/color] [b]Reward :[/b] 1 WP for the first solver and 5 spell docs for others. ([color="#FF8C00"]The quest will lead you to the RPC who is giving the reward[/color])
  10. [quote name='stormrunner' post='22033' date='Dec 14 2008, 08:54 AM']ok mur these people need help actual (looks at all the manga he has read in the past two days) I do too[/quote] Yes, I need help too I got up this morning and tried to log in and found out the server was down. This is about the 5 time in a 24hr period and I do not think it will do the game any better. As burns said the forum activity will go up but is temporary coz if this keeps on happening most of the players will start moving away from the game specially the new ones who actually does not have a good idea what this gam
  11. [quote name='Grido' post='21951' date='Dec 13 2008, 07:41 PM']i think there are localised problems for some reason, cos it works for me as well and it appears not to work for others[/quote] Yup I guess. It was up for about 1hr and went down again now. I think the server is malfunctioning big time
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