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  1. when I become mp5, the stroy restarted, then I went through the story like before and this time I got stuck at a page, which there is no "Continue" to click, and it only says "under construction" does it mean ch.3 is not in place yet, and I have to wait? anybody got into the same problem? p.s. the story page says I am still at ch 2
  2. The server is running really fast right now, looking farward to all the new features..yeah can the 1 min regen setting be kept for longer...i can battle all day and night
  3. Anyone can beat them at mp4? I found a hard time getting through them.
  4. I think they are open. I am still half way in MP4, and I've never been to Necrovion and Golemus Golemicarium either.
  5. I agree, in order to make wins, one needs REAL rituals. But I must say, it's really hard now to get Wins. Losses accumulated much faster, and hard to get exp bonus for creatures.
  6. I would like to be involved in the test too. :lol: either team A or B is fine
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