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  1. wow and here i thought my 100 more losses than wins were alot but bunny omg how many losses to wins do you have and i wish i could still be in mp4 man did i make a bad descision
  2. If anyone wants to help update the FAQ please submit stuff to me i will add it for you guys it would be nice to have a great FAQ for any and all who need it also welcome to the game it is a great new experience have fun and most of all kill the rabbit lol
  3. ohh ok sorry if i offended you didnt read your character name lol sorry about that well i hope everyone thinks about how it was before they vote and how hard honor was to come by
  4. the new battle system has its flaws but the old battle system takes advantage of the newer players alot more try out going through mp3 again and take on some of the older mp3's they will destroy you and you will end up with 40 wins and over 100 losses at mp3 with max xp everyone needs losses for honor gains if you are balanced then it will be difficult to gain the honor nessecary to reach mp5 from mp4 granted you recieve less exp from fights but at mp4 and mp5 you know how to work your heat better so that makes up for some of the xp loss i find the new system a bit more challenging is
  5. the tactics involved are much more different than it seems with defensive rituals as every ritual can be beaten though i have one that no mp4 has beaten yet on to try mp5's with it lol if you set up a riitual it might be the best one ever but someone will always find a way to beat it setting up multiple defense rituals is a good idea but if you need losses you have to remember that you have to deal 20% damage to the attacker this leaves with what attackers i should add and that wont kill a weaker person attacking but will do enough damage to get a loss it is more difficult the more creatu
  6. what do i have do to beat the game? play until the game ends
  7. yes it was my clue would have been it is a part of the game aswell
  8. i am not sure about that but i have had that happen to me quite alot i attack someone and lose and lose honor probably because i have way more than them i have max honor at the moment so if you attack someone with less honor and lose there might be a chance or an occurence that you lose honor i am not completely sure of this and i will be asking some older players about this i will get back to you with the answer hope the problem is solved by this evening
  9. nope sorry but you were closer on your first guess though it was in the riddle by the way i made this up in about 30 mins so it shouldnt be to hard and if you need a clue i will give you all one tomorrow aswell though icant think ofhow to figure out your color ball puzzle lol
  10. i am glad it worked out for you and a shield that is good i hope to get out of storyline for mp5 soon lol yay made it there now time to get beaten to a pulp like i did in mp4 when i first started out
  11. you guys are just hilariously funny i cant keep from cracking up when i read this stuff
  12. i have a riddle for you guys it is easy if you think about it it is a what am i riddle i am around more in the day and less at night in some places i am found all the time i am always in more places than one everywhere you go i am felt differently where there is light, where there is clothes i am there helping you WHAT AM I
  13. i dont know why it let you but you should contact mur about this as iwill be doing so aswell thank you for pointing this out
  14. that would be awesome though it would hve to be in color that would be a pain ferociously a pain wow i spelled that right lol i am impressed
  15. I believe creating a web page would be the best bet for having a wikipedia for magic duel if it is something that is a good goal you first need to ask king manu about it as he would be the final say if you can then convince him on the idea then putting together a wiki would be a task i will help out anyway i can on that would give more than just 3-4 members ideas we can find out what other roles and things happen throughout the story there is due to the fact i have 2 characters Evoker MorganJade and Morgana Le Fey i have taken 2 totally different story paths and will continue to do so
  16. that is probably due to the fact that the regen counter has already run through the 10 minutes and given you the 25 but it hasnt registered yet on your action points list it takes about a minute or so to register as do the vitality points give it some time and you will see does it let you sacrifice more than one or can you only do one at a time then
  17. wow that is bad power is so vital to healers and life stealers i try to get as much power as possible
  18. Ask anyone Lulu is a good and powerful mp4 at the moment any one who has mp5 when you click on them will be able to help guide you and if that isnt enough ask the mp4's they know alot of the inner workings of the combat system as it is different from the one at mp3 in which new players start out using If you need any help and advice contact me or glastig or anyone we are all here tohelp you have an enjoyable time here and just to let you know THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE but awesome aswell
  19. As far as i can tell i have over 100 more losses than wins and there are people that still give me negative honor at mp4 yes when i get attacked from them i do recieve negative honor when i lose that fight but they donot and when i attack people and win with less losses they to recieve negative honor though the honor loss is smaller than if they would attack me
  20. what happens sometimes is the timer will run out and take the vp away from you due to the fact of a slower internet browser or computer though i dont know why if you kept your vitality it might be a bug but it doesnt do that for me i can vote on all and still have 5 mins remaining to sack all creatures and get to the shop to get items medusa items here i come
  21. also if you have any new ideas you might like to share from a new perspective it would be helpful
  22. edit mp5 now and i am in story mode with my heads lol cant get points but cant get heads ither loldarnitMy opinion in the matter of deleting old inactive accounts is that if they havent logged in in the past 2 months with out notice of leaving for a short time or more then they should be deletedand in the case of older clients such as someone with over 100 days of activity there can be a trigger of 5-6 months but you should have like a vacation mode where you can activate itthat would be able to let you stay in the game but cannot play or gain age until you log in and you only gain half the
  23. i will ask my brother and cousin they make a living doing art work one for disney so ill try to get him to do art work for this game it might be a long shot for my cousin he is busy as hell but it cant hurt to ask ill do what i can and send them to you wish i was an artist
  24. i am mp4 and that so was the best gains i ever got mostly that day cause max heat against the 2 loreroot guys but still
  25. being a mod would be very nice but with it comes greater resonsibility you cant tell ppl what and how to do things but you can tell them ideas of your own just dont say things like this creature will decimate this guy but if you come against this use this you need to be subtle like with someone just starting out say like maybe to get past the shdes you need a better offense than they have or why do you do this do you do enough damage and stuff like that jsut as you said subtle hints but open interpretation ones aswell
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