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  1. saco i must say that even the impatient and hot headed red guys here do value a good little bit of patience from time to time but alas that usually goes into finding the best way to kill things as fast as possible and time it to see if i beat my record ahhhhhhhhh .02 seconds off aggghhhhhh darn loreroot guard was taking forever lol back on topic sorry got off course ahhh there i go again I would agree that a puzzle would be good and having 4 puzzles would be good too mp3 mp4 mp5 mp6 that means a different puzzle for each mp level and even one extra for mp6 when it is released i
  2. regeneration +6.584 energeticimmun +4.684 tradesense +0.884 briskness +1.139 initiative +0.766 defence +0.884 attack +1.021 power +0.383 luck +3.8 20.145 not to bad i think but lol lost a good ritual for fighting someone out of my league right now lol all lvl 5 and 6 cretures versus my lvl 4's ouch and i didnt even stand a chance 24% versus 100% lol i got creamed the best i have gotten so far but mp5 for one roam mode day so far well not a whole day yet new update full day lol regeneration +6.704 energeticimmun +4.804 tradesense +0.884 briskness +1.139
  3. I would like to add something when you are at mp3 most of the wait times, well in fact all of the wait times until you get to free roam mode are in fact 15 minutes long at most once you get a feel for the game you move on to mp4 then you get the choice of waiting 24 hours for the story to continue for better stats this i feel is where you seperate the players of this game with the players of the fast paced low intrest games and then you move on to mp5 where stats are important in which you learned at mp4 even 20 points is a big difference in a stat so you wait patiently thus becom
  4. hi all thank you for stopping by my page and hope you find it informing

    i am not sure i want to post a pic of me just yet but i am getting to it


  5. i do believe he is right lol with this being the best mmorpg out there but ihave to wonder if it is so good why arent you telling people about it we need to advertise this game to everyone we know that likes to play this i am doing so to all i know and have gotten my nephew involved in it some of you know him as odamarasengon he is annoying but hell he is new
  6. I believe that the game is meant to do this to stop people from wanting unbalanced profiles instead of an xp bonus you just get honor isnt that enough i firmly believe that maintaining a balance is alot harder than getting a lot of losses and then go around killing everyone for honor it is alot harder to come by now so is xp make the best of the xp bonus at balance and if you want honor lose 50 fights and then win 50 simple as that
  7. sorry but i have to say SAGE FOR THE WIN and back on the disscussion well what it is leading anyways yes there is also a book called runemark that suggests about given names and real names and such it is a good book about the gods of the old days and norse gods and such goblins and other things
  8. Maybe a place like a room of people who are still in story mode there are no wins or losses or exp gain but you can fight to see who is doing better or let others know what they can do to improve it is like a chat / attack room no sanctuarys just using your creatures to create rituals and find out what works and what doesnt and you can talk with someone it helps not being alone just my opinion as one character is still in story mode this is what i would want a place to test my creatures with out losing exp or losses or to many wins a place to chill
  9. It works for me and i have upgraded a creature using that on Evoker MorganJade who by the way needs only 7 days at mp4 to be a really hard to handle cookie lol 2 dark archer 3's coming up yayayyayay and 2 more taking just 9 days so in 9 days expect me to be the baddest mp4 around not lol but back on topic just try to do this it works for others i have told wht you can do is this click to go idle and then resume play it updates everything such as time and the lot it should show you that you ahve more vp points then if it doesnt then you have a problem
  10. I know that i clicked a link on a game called utopia by games.swirve.utopia that is how i learned of this game and my nephew learned of it from me
  11. really that sucks i am not using regen at the moment but i have a question about that does it affect you if you kill them or no also if you are the attacker or defender
  12. \ / (*.*) V---( )---V (-----) _/ \_ MY BUNNY IS BETTER THAN YOURS...........though a little over weight lol cause it ate your bunny empire and grew strong MB HEY CALM DOWN it is ok only cause the GREAT HONORABLE SAGEARIFIC TREE OF THE SAGELY SAGE IS GONNA WIN YAYAYYAYAYAYAY lol shame on you glastig those were nice and cute puppies you kicked ..... meanie
  13. i know the feeling but alas i am in story mode as of now with Morgana Le Fey and Evoker MorganJade isnt going to be trying for heads as of right now it is too much trouble and i have to stay online and dont sleep wait i hvent slept yet darn game lol this game rules my nightly slumber with thoughts on how awesome my creatures will be grrr addictive as cigarettes
  14. same here if i lose honor it happens i can get it back but to lose xp is another thing that would ruin any chances some have of leveling up their creatures in mp3 that would be brutal due to the head games at the moment people arent trying to lose just win heads so their win count would mostlikely be high enough to lose maybe 60 honor per fight so it would break the contest to have it at that during it but after it well it happens that would keep people from attacking anyone online due to the fact that tey have a lot more losses so they can attack you but you cant attack them or lose
  15. I agree there should be half as much reward for having to many losses and gaining over 200 honor from a fight the reward is honor itself that should be enough then that would stop people from taking advantage of it and wanting to have balanced profiles as much as possible you are the generic version of a genius nobel prize winner lol that is unless you have one lol
  17. look at the bottom of the screen and it will say different types of skins that will be the only way that i can think of it will help i think i love the metalaxe skin myself
  18. yes there is a time delay on attaacks and messages as well as chat log at tthe moment so it is not uncommon to have this happen i have tried clearing the chache and it didnt work as far as the time lag but hey it happens and it did however take off the constant popping up of the attacked icon though good luck and cheers ps just means your popular lol
  19. yes i spent over an hour and didnt make any proggress i thoroughly gave up on it rather quickly since there was no prize anymore for solving it there should be afew puzzles mainly very tough ones like that to give prizes again it would make people come online more again and try their hardest to solve them much like this contest now more people are trying to get to the top and thus logging in and staying logged in it would help give some people with disadvantage a chance to get maybe a new creature or something worthwile like maybe +5 to all stats or something small but worth it lik
  20. Welcome and jsut to say we are glad to have you here with us in this addictive and gonna stay free game dont worry glastig even if it goes cost to play the older ones who were here from the get go will probably be free still just have some areas they cant go and i dont think that will be the case IF THEY COULD UPDATE THE THINGS IN MD SHOP lol i need more stuff to buy i got all i really needed and i want more stuff like the vitality max's again and the vp maxes again grrr hoping it updates so i can spend another 30+ on it lol
  21. what happened is yes mur can attack anyone he sees fit to and his creatures are new and the answer to your first one as i see it is that you probably had a lucky streak going maybe accessed the secret earlier talked about or that your creatures just barely survived maybe you were attacked with a def ritual and tey did no damage you can still be attacked even if you have 42 vp on some of you creatures or a total of 42 vp it will use the ritual you use on offense and if it has a vp boost from a good amount of wins then you will give that to the creatures other than that i can see
  22. no sage for the win it is a magical tree and sage just fits it go ppl who voted for sage like i did it was a magical looking tree but i must admit we have agood bit of sanctuarys now if the tree will be inplemented as one it will make way to many but tat is my opinion go sage
  23. You shouldnot be attacked in a sanctuary while you dont have heads mostlikely what happened is you were attacked while moving to the sanctuary and it only showed up when you got there there is a time delay on when it shows you so it does look like you are there for a little while and get attacked
  24. i must say i dont see where i was whining i merely stated the obvious why did i move up to mp5 if i was going to whine about not being able to win my ritual is awesome and i think i dont have an equal with it as far as i have created it is the best i have ever had i would have stayed at mp4 but i wanted a bigger challenge as everyone online with me all the time is to easy to beat i know it is all aobut strategy take loreroot strategists dream you can get in there at mp3 but it took me mp4 to get help enough to go there and yes braiton lol is visciously powerful but then agai
  25. they have no reason to take heads it just seems like that you were either unlucky or that you were targetted and if that was eldrad he hasnt won before other than that it dont just happen to mp5's but also mp4's and mp3's aswell just take phlegmtheorem for example his creatures could easily beat mp5 creatures as they are just about if not the same but he stays at mp4 to dominate and mp3 is the same way it just happens that way the strongest will almost always win my advice in this situation is this do your best with what you have and when someone is online take their head
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