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  1. still that is just with a barren soul think about all the other cretures that will eventually be implemented like in necrovia or golemus or somewhere else also think about combo bonuses they will affect it and so will all abil;ities regen heal these give more hp and so does steal life what about those things that makes it even harder to calculate it out
  2. i think by looking at your profile page you dont really stand a chance against any of my characters except for my newly created mp3 The ReaperDeathSeal and he will be awesome enough to beat all at mp3 and mp4 when he gets there of course in about 10 days by then i will have 5 dark archer 2's 6 armor assassins and an elemental 2 maybe an elemental 3 not sure may take a little longer
  3. braiton that means your my ally against those white and blue guys we shall take them i am sure of it
  4. that is awesome d&d was a favorite of mine and i still have the books to prove it lol this game has great graphics and a good story line and it is more pvp than anything else you will encounter so work up those wins and losses but make sure you have a balance as you get more xp that away
  5. YES you are right that would take alos forever to encode and could possibly more bugs than ever and it would taake up alot of server space there are a number of creatures already with many upgrades takiing that into account and you would have tons of data just sitting there waiting on a few ppl to attack and millions of probable outcomes
  6. i am not guessing your age but you are very intelligent is all i was saying definately about the game is what i meant you could be 10 for all i know but i am guessing you are nto by the way you speak in forums
  7. what happens if you get attacked by someone who would gain honor from you and lose you lose honor because you were supposed to win i think yes you do gain honor and lose honor from attacking but you can also lose honor but not gain honor from defending
  8. i agree but as some of us know there is a bug with regen at the moment and it doesnt give the regened health to the creature so maybe that you didnt take enough health off to cover the regened health and it gave you negative xp that could be one solution though i know it sucks
  9. green is for power and nature and i value destructive forces a little bit more than nature though i do love the out doors i do rather a world conquest over it though oh and i am red your enemy the enemy of both white and blue i think and ally of black
  10. what creature could you possibly have in mind for that to work on the only creature i could think of that would need that much xp is a grasan and getting loads of them could help out by sacrificing max armors but that would make it alot harder on mp3's doing that you would have most mp3's then running around with grasan 2's everywhere and they wouldnt learn about other creatures then
  11. i have been reading all new posts and other posts and you seem to know alot about just about everything dealing with the game and have good insight that is what i was saying and your welcome
  12. i use 2 grasan 2's and 3 dark archer 2's and 1 blood pact dark archer archers are aobut to upgrade again in 7 days all will be lvl 3 and dark lvl 2 yay but dark archer 3's should be able to weaken all def too and they have 2 times as much hp which is only bad against a life stealer ritual
  13. how do you get a protector i want to know what it does and i would like one aswell also secretly wanting the test to get on with it lol i want an alliance it would be so fun
  14. very true glastig very true you are indeed wiser than your years i think
  15. I am replying to this for the simple reason that even though the contest is over this could be implemented next round and i am gonna win next round lol hopefully at mp4 cause at mp5 i need about 8mil creature xp to stand a chance but having the link gives everyone who is not in the lead a chance to be in the lead it helps out so much and even though you are in the lead there is always logging out and hiding in uncharted places so that is fair and for other purposes it helps identify who has heads too and helps out those in the top spot aswell by letting know who has heads and how to fin
  16. yeah but it costs alot to get them and i have a question about that does the reward go up with over 6k heat or does it stay the same with over 4k when it says overcharged
  17. yeah but it doesnt compare to archers though or even knators which i am having trouble getting won fights at mp4 and 5 lol
  18. awesome but has anyone unlocked the 3rd avatar level if so does ti show you all 3 or jsut the 3rd one
  19. yes the old way was good for changing characters but you have to think about it for a sec like me i have now 3 characters on in each mp lvl switching characters was a lot of work and you only needed to click button to log out like 2 or 3 times now only once and jsut go to book marks and select the magic duel login screen and you can do it quickly and efficently that away easy just takes some getting used to like anything else
  20. i knew for starters look at what is going on if you just sit back and click with out reading then you will just be blindsided but if you read it then it will give you hints to what is good and what is bad like for instance if hjer face is meanacing then go with her but if her face is friendly go against her and so on
  21. the only reason i could see is that maybe you dont have the hardware needed to run it my comp runs anything fast but i have put over 3k into this comp so i should think it wiill i did have a laptop and it did have trouble with it till i ajusted the settings on my computer that might work but dont do it unless you know how you might lose some things
  22. Every choice you make in the story affects your stats some might give you massive stats like i remember on my new mp3 guy i got like 3.9 initive one time but then i made a bad choice and got -2 int and -2 tradesense it happens i am so varying my story to bad choice and good choice but i want good stats but i also dont want repetive of my last 2 gals
  23. Depending on how you bought them if you did the subscritption then they will be there every 30 days like clockwork if you boght them like the 5-20-100 then you should have recieved them if the payment went through
  24. i think you need to give this some thought aswell by showing all the possible quests you can do it gives you a short sighted goal not that i mind as i am mostly shortsighted lol kinda but you should only be shown the quests you are embarked on or have done and how you solved them so it gives you a way to return to your thought patterns at the time like say loreroot defeating the guards i did it again today with morgana le fey due to the nice thing i did last time but a little stronger though we could use it but it is not nessecary for the growth of the overall game
  25. i get the same message when i click on him as i have seen him before it is strange but a good protection from attacks he could have easily won the head games with that lol
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