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  1. I am an RPC so i shall speak of my experiences on this via my role first and foremost not all RPCs can attack anyone and everyone only a few chosen can do that based on their roles second yes i have been attacked and do have now 3 alternate characters Evoker MorganJade newly MP5 The ReaperDeathSeal MP3 by choosing and newly Death Knight King MP3 cause of restarting and soon to be MS DK i have experienced SmartAlekRJ attacking all of my characters and in most cases breaking my rituals some with 100 wins on them some just newly created this gives you the opportunity to see what
  2. this is the avatar i want for evoker morganjade THIS IS RESERVED LOL hehehe i wish
  3. very good idea but stats arent everything i beat bration once or twice he has way mroe stats than me and king manu or muratas del mur i beat him repeatdly based on ritual selection alone wodin i beat him too barely as well as knator commander by a fraction of a percent ritual selection over came all stat bonuses in these cases just try you can suceed and good luck but i do think that is a waste of time if you see someone with 1200 attack and 1000 defense are you going to attack wehn they have 12k creature ve and 8 critters no but i will 2 times just to beat him and say i did it is
  4. I am not disagreeing with you i was almost always online everymoment of the contest i could be i noticed alot of people online at mp5 some had heads but most were idle as always look in willows shop tell me how many mp5's you see idle versus active that is what i am taljking about i didnt participate in mp5 due to the fact even when i win a fight with the regen bug that most are utilizing i cannot upgrade any creatures which i need to even stand a chance at mp4 and mp3 noone usually has max trees and 4 to 6 of them but at mp5 i get atleast -30k from each fight in xp to my creatures
  5. and soultear i do happen to have a life and little ones but i do also find the time and devote time to the playing and enjoying of this game that is where teamwork comes into play if i am not online lookin for heads one of my teammates is so when say 'noone' logged in with the heads as i saw him do every now and then and was indeed close by with my mp4 could attack him i am not saying anything or trying to offend anyone but activity is a must in the heads contest and staying idle then coming back and going idle again isnt gonna cut it for a win sorry and dst revenge i doubt it teamw
  6. I find great things in this last contest first of all about my last post in regards to all after it Teaming up helps keep the heads in play all the time and gives everyone the opportunity to get them one of us at mp4 were online the whole time save for a little time to sleep adn we passed the heads back and forth to keep it that away MP5 players this is for you: i think that so far any tactic is and should be used from teams to logging in to gather heads due to the fact that if someone logs in they show up for a few seconds as logged in you can attack them just click on their name a
  7. that is bogus it is a bug well i am not fighting for a while not him atleast or anyone elsei find with a ritual like that it is hard enough to gain xp but losing so much as i have been doing is makin my head hurt tryin to upgrade the little guys i have
  8. try me with my negative 750 honor lol and i am 5 losses away from balancing my mp4 out and only 450 away from balancing my mp3 out but my mp5 Morgana Le Fey has a few more wins than losses about 50 or so and i dont gain any honor from maybe one active mp5 or 2
  9. i am personally quite happy with what i got although i would even be happier with an increase even 5 to all stats but hey 5k ve and vp added to an mp3 that is like more than double what you normally can get even from buying out the md shop it is important to think about htis as well grantid you can gain alot of ve and vp at mp5 fast but still in a few days a 5k increase in both and 15 in credits is a lot too yes i would want stats gained and by 10 i think it should be 4 increase for mp3 7 increase for mp4 10 increase for mp5 that away it would be scaled a mp3 with 10 more to a
  10. yes no stat gain for me at mp3 or mp4 that was what i was hoping for most at mp3 but hey ve and vp are great too and 15 in credits is awesome
  11. well i am workin on maxin my creatures glais but 1k attack and defense that is quite a difference to my 80 or so def and 120 or so attack i cant touch them with single creature rites no matter what it is pretty hard to upgrade my creatures when i get negative xp every fight i ahve a lvl 2 tree and it needs all its xp to upgrade again cause i got 8k neg xp in one fight
  12. hahaha so i the ungood at english was actually right about grammer wow ummm that kinda looks bad gl and hope you can work wonders cause this game is my second -4th life dont mess it up or suffer my wrath grrrr lol
  13. And furthermore teams are not against the rules teams help each other out and should be a group effort say forming teams of 3 and the winning team gets some bonus if they all 3 win or something or having the heads contest randomly choose teams or something that would solve the team thing about family teaming up again though ip adresses can be blocked now for starters i would like to say yay reaper death seal and evoker morganjade are bout to get places in both mp3 and mp4 team work is the key otherwise you are on your own against hundreds keep that in mind next contest
  14. actually glaistig i was talkin avout wodin castin a spell to increase his ap which would decrease his vp
  15. this game is about getting heads and keeping them it is accessible to all who are willing to give it there all anyone can win any mp level you just have to analyze rituals and figure out how to beat them that is all once you do that you can beat anyone
  16. no she was in mp4 and got 2k then got tricked into moving to mp5
  17. that is correct until the contest is over and i hope it is in 24 hours if noone scores again it will be then sanctuarys are no attacking zone again but for now if you have 7 or more heads or are attacked before you enter a sanctuary and the thingy does have a delay to make it seem you are attacked later than you actually are then you can be attacked anywhere if you dont have one of those 2 things then you cannot be attacked in one
  18. hey glad you finally joined us on the forums any help needed just ask have a great day byby
  19. well that is great but and i say but there is a flaw in your grammer already xxxxx, 'E'mail me supposed to be lowercase lol but all the help is great ill submit this post to our king manu his descision is needed
  20. that or it is wodins magic by the way he can cast magic that could be one of the spells cause i know he healed my critters and i went to negative vp because of it so him casting that ap spell on you would probably cause the negative vp but i have gotten that from fighting dst now my record is-26763 vp
  21. i like it but does wodin lol he might be like REN your mine lol
  22. that is the unfortunate side effect of having it go faster
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