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  1. [quote name='MRD' date='21 October 2008 - 04:52 AM' timestamp='1224582753' post='18723']
    Leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred Mountains of Golemus, he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter. Will not let anyone hurt the great Golemus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs.

    hey bro just wanted to pop in and say hi

  2. I completely agree with not even this or anything really being enough

    he hasnt created a game here he has created a new life for some of us

    I THINK THERE SHOULD BE A STATUE OF HIM say at the center of gazeebo of Equlibrium

    i will make a poll of it

  3. **********************************8

    MRD- Title: Golemnus's Lonely Wanderer or Leader of MR's or Protector of the Mountains

    story is as follows : leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred mountains of golemnus

    part of golemnus himself he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter and moniter all those that do

    will not let anyone hurt the great golemnus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs

    rewards or ability wanted: able to enter golemnus un accompanied but with no access to secrets only to protect it

    secondly wishes to be able to moniter all those in golemnus

    third and final wishes to have an MR alliance to protect the mountains of golemnus and its secrets working along side of Guerilla Golecariums

  4. Dst is correct that would be a deterrant for mp3s to have adepts

    and all would flock to someone who gives them something they seem to think is greater

    and my opinion luck is the most powerful stat

    easily in combat

    double damage and cancel damage and also in field you get gold coins too

    what more could you ask for

  5. Just to let anyone know

    I will help oversee the running of the Dojo and diss out any punishment or warnings to those who know the rules and choose to break them anyway such as

    so far


    you are on our list of known violators of this dojo having been warned repeatedly

  6. @Glaistig

    some RPCs are given that power for a specific purpose to test others and to help with their role

    some are not given that power for specific reasons as you stated it has nothing to do with their role

    it may seem like abusing powers to use them as some do but it is also easier to **cough**RJ**cough** attack with a ritual a little easier on damage to find out what the ritual they use can do

    or message them with basic tips

    ohh and @RJ

    Reaper Death Seal Will be moving up to Mp4 soon very soon infact with in a few days to a week based on i am trying to get an even number of losses to go along with my 700 something wins

    I am not the strongest mp3 at all nor do i claim to be nor do i try to be at all i just help out people who want losses or wins and make it better fo those who do want wins to also get massive amounts of what every one under the sun screams about HONOR!!!

    @ dst

    it is virtually impossible for an Mp3 to make a scary ritual short of getting into loreroot with enough xp left on their profile to upgrade a few trees and i have not even come close to being able to pull that one off lol

    not even close but i try every time i can to get in there

    and even that would make RJ still want to know what ritual i possess and thank you RJ for mentioning Reaper i did win the heads contest and i help anyone and everyone at mp3 in the dojo when they want wins or honor or healing rituals and they get honor!!!!!

    still the RPC attacking others of different Mind power levels is a bit of a tricky thing

    some need to be able to for their quests and some just have it and some even abuse it

    nothing can be completely controlled all of the time

    sometimes trust and honor must count for something

    and i think that if a RPC attacks a different MP level they should message them and explain what they did and why

    as in tell them they need work on their ritual building skills or what ever they need

    help them dont just attack and laugh cause you can

    my 2 cents

  7. I take it you all misunderstood my meaning

    i dont for instance mind smartalekRJ attacking me

    training areas are not sanctuarys

    furthermore i do wholeheartedly train in training areas it is fun to see others help others

    no i dont mind at all if anyone complains to me about anything i try to find a way they can see the good in what has happened which is what i MEANT by my long post

  8. or you could try quests

    RPCs randomly give out quests for prizes and such like RJ and drachorns

    Me and wish points or Ve and Vp gains permanantly

    their are lots of RPCs out there with many different quests that you dont need creature ve to do

    just think of that before you join the edible army of Metal Bunny

  9. I am an RPC

    so i shall speak of my experiences on this via my role

    first and foremost not all RPCs can attack anyone and everyone only a few chosen can do that based on their roles

    second yes i have been attacked and do have now 3 alternate characters Evoker MorganJade newly MP5 The ReaperDeathSeal MP3 by choosing and newly Death Knight King MP3 cause of restarting and soon to be MS DK

    i have experienced SmartAlekRJ attacking all of my characters and in most cases breaking my rituals some with 100 wins on them some just newly created

    this gives you the opportunity to see what he uses in his attack rituals someone who is stronger than you and who has been here for a long time

    set up those weak defense rituals with that lowly single heretic archer or grasan you are tired of trying to train look and see what he uses and try your hardest to emulate his attack strategy

    it will get you farther than just complaining about it

    these people the RPC's with the ability to attack anyone and everyone every minute are in a class along with wodin ullr and Knator commander

    they are MP1s

    they have earned this through long and tough times most are subtle and will let you know why they attacked you as I would if i could do that

    lol I cannot so dont ask jsut what they can do most things are secret even from me

    work your way into the game

    even if you cant compete in the RPC contest due to lack of active days learn from the current RPCs and LHOs

    Role Played Characters and Live Help Operators

    you are our future in Magic Duel

    every one of you who leaves is one less family member of mine

    i value each and everyone of you and would please ask you to stay

    if you or anyone you know ever needs help jsut message anyone of my characters in game i will be glad to answer and help you all day long

    and ihave actually had some 36 hour days online in MD so glaistig i feel ya sis

    well now

    for those non RPCs out there i also feel your pain as my other characters routinely have rituals broken by RJ or someone else

    recreate them and ask that person not to attack you again as you are training

    if they dont reply or dont listen


    if i cannot reach some sort of agreement with them by all means if you want to leave i cannot stop you but if you want to at least give it a try

    we all are here to help

    even mean old RJ


    sorry RJ if you read this you were just an example i used as noone else with MP1 other than KC attacks me routinely

    by by for now hope you all have a Great Magic Duel Day

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