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  1. hey bro thought i would say this kisses and hugs i missed you sorry for being gone for a long time

  2. hey everyone thought i would just pop and say i am proud of you all when this first started it was MRD,me, and a few others now your all so big it is like watching a child grow up into a beautiful talented adult kisses to all
  3. Morgana Le Fey


    [quote name='MRD' date='21 October 2008 - 04:52 AM' timestamp='1224582753' post='18723'] Leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred Mountains of Golemus, he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter. Will not let anyone hurt the great Golemus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs. [/quote] hey bro just wanted to pop in and say hi
  4. I vote yes and also think in gazeebo of Eqlibrium shoudl be place
  5. I completely agree with not even this or anything really being enough he hasnt created a game here he has created a new life for some of us I THINK THERE SHOULD BE A STATUE OF HIM say at the center of gazeebo of Equlibrium i will make a poll of it
  6. i am rather shocked at everyone here if you dont want to participate find someone who wants to and make an easy ritual fo them to beat problem solved if you do want to participate have fun LEARN TO BETTER PREPARE DEFENSES that will save you more often than not
  7. **********************************8 MRD- Title: Golemnus's Lonely Wanderer or Leader of MR's or Protector of the Mountains story is as follows : leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred mountains of golemnus part of golemnus himself he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter and moniter all those that do will not let anyone hurt the great golemnus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs rewards or ability wanted: able to enter golemnus un accompanied but with no access to secrets only to protect it secondly wishes to be abl
  8. i know i would to buy my keys of death hahahahahhahahaha beating you repeatedly over the head with the key to necrovia hoping it would "sink in"
  9. i know that glaistig but i mean how are we supposed to find lvl 1 and 2 and such it will be difficult to be able to cast them with out the beginning docs
  10. i love this ability but how in the world are you supposed to find pages lol
  11. I am proud to have fought against and with them they shall forever live on in my memory and on paper and legends of Magic Duel as the ones brave enough to stand for the light even in our darkest hour
  12. BLACKTHORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might just have to take you home with me that is amazing i absolutely love it love it so much yayayyyayayayayya the perfect AVATAR
  13. mieche hardly do i ever agree with MB and you at the same time but yes gift horses will kick back
  14. I has for the MRs been about a few weeks claim so good luck
  15. Dst is correct that would be a deterrant for mp3s to have adepts and all would flock to someone who gives them something they seem to think is greater and my opinion luck is the most powerful stat easily in combat double damage and cancel damage and also in field you get gold coins too what more could you ask for
  16. First only 20% can be stolen not 40% second no energetic immunity does not protect against life stealers as i would get beaten alot if it did poor max elemental
  17. Mr alliance is currently in the works for No Mans Land shoeps has already been informed and is looking into that possibility it has been claimed lol By the MR's
  18. Just to let anyone know I will help oversee the running of the Dojo and diss out any punishment or warnings to those who know the rules and choose to break them anyway such as so far telash you are on our list of known violators of this dojo having been warned repeatedly
  19. @Glaistig some RPCs are given that power for a specific purpose to test others and to help with their role some are not given that power for specific reasons as you stated it has nothing to do with their role it may seem like abusing powers to use them as some do but it is also easier to **cough**RJ**cough** attack with a ritual a little easier on damage to find out what the ritual they use can do or message them with basic tips ohh and @RJ Reaper Death Seal Will be moving up to Mp4 soon very soon infact with in a few days to a week based on i am trying to get an even number of losse
  20. I take it you all misunderstood my meaning i dont for instance mind smartalekRJ attacking me training areas are not sanctuarys furthermore i do wholeheartedly train in training areas it is fun to see others help others no i dont mind at all if anyone complains to me about anything i try to find a way they can see the good in what has happened which is what i MEANT by my long post
  21. trust me you want it and no it so dont increase your vit
  22. or you could try quests RPCs randomly give out quests for prizes and such like RJ and drachorns Me and wish points or Ve and Vp gains permanantly their are lots of RPCs out there with many different quests that you dont need creature ve to do just think of that before you join the edible army of Metal Bunny
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