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    Morgana Le Fey and Evoker MorganJade and newly The ReaperDeathSeal
  1. Poppin in and out - does that make you a "Morgana Poppins" figure?

  2. hey bro thought i would say this kisses and hugs i missed you sorry for being gone for a long time

  3. hey everyone thought i would just pop and say i am proud of you all when this first started it was MRD,me, and a few others now your all so big it is like watching a child grow up into a beautiful talented adult kisses to all
  4. Morgana Le Fey


    [quote name='MRD' date='21 October 2008 - 04:52 AM' timestamp='1224582753' post='18723'] Leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred Mountains of Golemus, he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter. Will not let anyone hurt the great Golemus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs. [/quote] hey bro just wanted to pop in and say hi
  5. Hi Morgana! It's been a while since I've seen u around. I heard that you were sick.. Hope you get well soon..

  6. Morgana~! I miss you, sis. =(

    I hope you're well, and everything is okay. Come back to us soon, 'kay? *huggles*

  7. I vote yes and also think in gazeebo of Eqlibrium shoudl be place
  8. I completely agree with not even this or anything really being enough he hasnt created a game here he has created a new life for some of us I THINK THERE SHOULD BE A STATUE OF HIM say at the center of gazeebo of Equlibrium i will make a poll of it
  9. me second ren, woohoo, happy birthday morgana..

  10. i am rather shocked at everyone here if you dont want to participate find someone who wants to and make an easy ritual fo them to beat problem solved if you do want to participate have fun LEARN TO BETTER PREPARE DEFENSES that will save you more often than not
  11. **********************************8 MRD- Title: Golemnus's Lonely Wanderer or Leader of MR's or Protector of the Mountains story is as follows : leader of the MRs and MSs for the protection of the sacred mountains of golemnus part of golemnus himself he strives to bring peace to that land and strictly watch all those who try to enter and moniter all those that do will not let anyone hurt the great golemnus nor any of his protectors the MRs and MSs rewards or ability wanted: able to enter golemnus un accompanied but with no access to secrets only to protect it secondly wishes to be abl
  12. i know i would to buy my keys of death hahahahahhahahaha beating you repeatedly over the head with the key to necrovia hoping it would "sink in"
  13. i know that glaistig but i mean how are we supposed to find lvl 1 and 2 and such it will be difficult to be able to cast them with out the beginning docs
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