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  1. just to say imnot inactive just... rarely active
  2. um how do we give u credits? anyway since there arnt any offers yet... 1 credit lol
  3. lol um is there any possibility i can hav my membership of woodcutters swaped to my KMA (kiss my anthia) account as that seems to be my main atm
  4. i would still like to join lol despite the problems reasons to create more purpose in playing rather than just waiting for creatures to age lol, and curiosity over where this will lead and what role it will fill/take used to do woodwork in skool still do every now and then
  5. ... hurray more things ill never use

  6. do i count as old enuf to comment here? meh either way im a student (engineering) hoping to finish next year but uni is to much fun so i want to stay longer
  7. i am a player with multiple alts. i call marleybob my main, as it is the first account i created and the one i have got furthest with in this game, and so probably my favourite, hence it being my main. eventually when all my alts are at the same lvl i may decide that i prefer another account, if so then that one shall become my main. the reason for the term main is that generally you will hav an account that you prefer, i expect this to be for the majority of players but not all so if u are a player who likes all of his/her alts the same... congrats, frankly i do not care. the reason for the
  8. Name: marleybob Mind Power: MP5. Age: 174 (wow thats poor). Main principle: transposition Reason for applying: chaotic always was the most fun *evil grin* especial when cleansing (however its spelt) is necessary
  9. hahaha is that seriously the reason
  10. i hav 1... curious y u want 1 in this specific range tho
  11. ill take the TS... how many silver is acceptable?
  12. is the TS still available nd if so what is the price to beat? ok just noticed that biding ends bout 6th so dw bout it
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