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  1. This torture has been designed not for physical pain but instead for emotional damage spaning months and years. [attachment=1161:33444_med.jpg] History: Deep within the darkest labs/chambers of Necro dark priests sought a way to free their servants from the innate limits of the realm. It had long been known that after a certain point the servants of necro and their creatures failed to gain further experience form fighting. After much research and the sacrificing of many innocent souls to demons and shades they thought they had the solution. A small symbyote that would be introduced int
  2. There seems to be 3 issues geting mixed up in the forum 1) the petision to have the king removed 2) IC discusion based on how people liked him as king and such... 3) was banishing his second ok IC I feel these are 3 very diffrent issues. The pettision is at least in part an ooc mechnic and it is not asking to allow a story line/war/battle/ palace revolt. Based on the full text of the pettition and the posts by the primarys in this forum I do not see how I can vote any way other than to reject the pettion. Below is my reasoning........ While IC reasons have been given, based
  3. Laz ID:15096 I would like to be a tester
  4. then I must have misunderstood the point of the recent contest. Didn't Manu bascially tell peopelwho had not yet maxed to use the bug to avoid maxing so they could keep leveling? As a result the only peopel maxed are ones that have not exploited the bug in the past and are not now. While those that are exploiting the bug can keep gathering stats. as I said I do not mind the not being able to level stats but not even being able to level creatures means there is no reason to play. -Sean
  5. I would disagree. For 2 reasons. 1) If the xp reduction was only 1 million it would not really leavethat much room to grow befor another was needed. unless the negative xp bug is left.. but in that case not having it penalizes peopel that did not exploit the bug. where peoplem who did exploit the bug are still leveling creatures 2) As I understand it it will still be months befor mp6 is open. if 50 1 mill reductions were in the shop that would be only 25 -50 active days as most mp5 peopele I know can earn 1million or more xp a day. So even if fully used it would still only allow game play f
  6. I would like to recommend an shop Item that subtracts either 1,2,5,or 10 million xp. and allow 50 of them in the shop under permanent items. this would allow every one who ends up maxed to reduce there xp enough to keep playing. even if they need to get free credits to do so. and eliminates all requests for xp resets.
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