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  1. I like your idea a lot King Manu, but it wouldn't it be better once you found that particular list of words/letters that you'd store them in a spell book and not on a tonne of scrap paper next to your computer? I imagine the following when you want to use a spell: first, select your spell book from the side bar (under the swords button?); now either select target(s) or area and then go to spell category, or vice versa select spell category first then targets; afterwards select the spell, (select the level?) have that spell highlighted and enlarged in the list; then type that spell name in the
  2. Quests can it always seem only be obtained from NPC's, this aspect of RPG's in general has always bugged me a little. It would be nice to get em from regular players, I don't know how this would work but it would definitely add to the economy of RPG's besides the standard collection of weapons, armor, gold etc. One way I imagined would be that of a contract situation. You for example beat a bunch of creatures or complete some other kind of achievement and in so doing prove to an employer or employers your worthiness (rating system?) and gain a contract (can read quest) to complete a certain
  3. Ive had enough time on the clock but not received any boost in my stats from the free credit today or last night, is starting to bug me (no pun intended). Last thing for me to try is running the game in Internet explorer - that sometimes works better than firefox (weird)
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