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  1. I would argue that As for knowing all, A bit ironically though, I almost answered At any rate, even if it's wrong, I still like my answer. Good riddle - I look forward to the next.
  2. Grido had a post way back here that indicates that it is something tangible.
  3. quite fits. Which do parts do you feel it doesn't apply? I ask, not so that I can justify how it does, but so that I focus on where to refine my thoughts. In the meantime, my next guess at an answer is .
  4. Oh, I'm not a woman, but I don't see why that should exclude me from having women's intuition. I think I picked a lot of it up in college.
  5. @Sacosphilz. I'm kinda with you there; I certainly prefer puzzles to riddles. With puzzles I can usually tell if I'm wrong or right. I do okay with riddles - most times it's just a guess, but I tend to be a decent guesser. Maybe it's women's intuition.
  6. The part that troubled me about this answer was that it
  7. @40 Spinning off of shadowice's response a bit... @44?, The Desert Race is more . I wouldn't say that is . Given your exposure to I think you'd have to admit to it being though most likely due to - I'll give you that much.
  8. I'll hope that responding to the random idea part won't completely derail the topic. Naturally I like the idea - Sacosphilz knows I like puzzles - but I'd suggest a slightly different spin to it. You mention a small additional reward, which I assume you would receive only if you solved the puzzle. What about a large reward if you manage to solve it quickly? It could prove to be an interesting way to Balance the differences in wait time. Choosing the time interval could serve not just to demonstrate patience, but act as a bid towards how quickly you think you can solve the puzzle. Bid 1 h
  9. I know there's been a correct answer to this one, but I may have another:
  10. In some areas, if you hold the mouse pointer over the arrow, it will display text showing where the arrow goes to. Remember the name of the area you came from, you can avoid going back there. Unfortunately, it does not seem that this works in all areas, particularly those that have been mentioned. I do like the idea of color-coding the place you came from though.
  11. It's a Frigan Tree... who cares!!! Only because I don't like the names proposed. My vote is for Warwick. The tree is in the Path of Loneliness. Loneliness associates with sadness. Sadness associates with crying. Crying is a synonym of weeping. A weeping willow is a type of willow tree. "Willow" was a 1988 fantasy film, titled for the protagonist, Willow Ufgood, a dwarf magician. Willow Ufgood was played by actor Warwick Davis. ... then again I could add six more lines and argue that we should name the tree Kevin Bacon. ... whose middle name is Norwood, which might also be a good na
  12. I'll drop you some clues. If anyone else here feels like I'm giving away too much, just yell and I'll edit them out of the post. Start with that and see what you can come up with. Also, I only know the way that I arrived at the solution; I'm pretty sure it's not the only way, and knowing me it's probably not the most efficient way either, but like Sacosphilz, I can now shape the entire puzzle to my choosing. And while I'm at it, some generic advice...
  13. @SmartAlekRJ: I hadn't, though now I have. Of course, avatars are unique, so we can only choose from what's left.
  14. I certainly do agree. Although, I don't know what the overall availability for avatars in general is, and wouldn't want the artists working themselves to death either. Like the saying goes, with patience comes kittens. And to help you pass the time, here's a comic I was reminded of involving kittens and tattoos.
  15. So what... guys aren't allowed to like faeries, flowers, and unicorns? ... what about kittens? Can we like kittens?
  16. I took the route of performing mathematical impossibilities, like .
  17. You only said not to post if you googled it. I did not google it. Also, nothing says the answer had to be connected to the picture.
  18. I can reproduce it in IE, but I usually use Firefox, and it doesn't appear to occur in Firefox.
  19. Both of your scenarios make sense to me and seem to comply with how the documentation is phrased. Unfortunately though, they don't directly address my question. The scenario I'm concerned with is where you attack and lose. The documentation seems to imply the penalty would affect a losing defender, and if you're the attacker, you're not the defender.
  20. The honor documentation says: "Defender (the player that is attacked) will lose honor points only if he loses against a player with less wins than him, the honor los is a penalization and is ment to prevent certain exploits on a larger scale. The honor reward (negative of positive) defined by the formula above comes only to the attacker, the defender will not get or lose honor other than the possible penalization." My question is, if an attacker loses to a player with less wins than him is the same penalty supposed to apply as does to the defender? The combat results below seem to show that
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