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  1. -You pass by a random butcher shop with a sign saying "Fresh Meat" and you hear, "Hraa~ FRESH MEAT." Well, that isn't related so much to MD, really, in fact, probably not at all. Heh. Why you---!! JUST TURN THE MICROPHONE OFF ALREADY?! Anyway, back to MagicDuel. . . -You log onto MagicDuel during Photography, lunch, and whenever a computer is available. -You worry at school whether Chimaera has overtaken you yet. -You stay up until 5 am watching your heads fervently, then wake up at six and check again. -When you hear about Romania, you no longer think of gothic buildings and vampires,
  2. Well, I agree it could be proofread a bit and all, but I don't think it's /that/ messy that people can't get which character every entry is focusing on (although some complained earlier); there's a heading for every one and there's context. . . DX And it's all connected, so it is one storyline, sort of, so I think it's fitting for all of it to be listed together. I suppose the colorcoding and options of viewing can't hurt, though.
  3. D; Usually I'm not so good as to memorize titles, but I just recently read The Dragon Never Sleeps by Glen Cook. It was good. :) Surprised me to recognize an author's name for once. . .

  4. All hail the Bunny Lord for giving me his heads and motivating me to participate in the contest! ;D

  5. Oho~! So MB would wish. That's up to him to judge, as what he would believe would be reality. . . for him. :P

  6. Bunny worshippers? True and faithfull loyalists? Minions I use for a meatshield?

    All of the above? :D

    All hail the Bunny Lord!




    All hail the Bunny Empire!

  7. Now, now.. we were just having a bit of fun :) You can make your own judgment about who we are and how we're related.

  8. forgot to put in:

    we're actually twins again, yet friends, and if it's possible we're as androgenous as possible, yet male and female at the same time... :P

  9. Based on your two incessant: 'we're twins, no wait male twins, nah we're friends, actually he is a she, no wait i'm a student and (s)he is a teacher, etc, etc...

  10. MB is mean~ Based on what do you judge?

  11. ...


    a) weird

    b) insane

    c) a schizo

    d) all of the above

    I choose d...

  12. As for me, I don't find it hard to differentiate which of the story's branches is going on when an update is posted, if that's what you guys mean by confusing. (: It also seems like the branches are more connected than random for the most part, except for maybe SmartAlek's dragon people branch, but it will probably relate to the rest of the branches somehow later... As for the randomness feel because of how the branches turn out when the players participate, I haven't really felt it a lot, probably because I'm already considering that the players are participating or something of the sort~.
  13. a) Why of course I am!

    b) Nonsense, that's just my wishful clicking there.

  14. I knew it, you're female.

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