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  1. [b]For those of you who don't know the how the legend of Envy of Endurance was founded we dive deep into the story of his travels.[/b] There was once a young baby born to a family of soldiers. He was the only in their family born with wings, but he could not fly. While pregnant with the newborn, the mother was attacked by a giant Winderwild. One with huge wings and powerful talons. Some say that was the reason the baby was born with small wings that really had no use. When the family saw the new baby with wings, they cast that tiny child out and banned him from their lives. They would not ha
  2. I guess I better say something before you all start thinking I don't care about this place. Glor - are you going to put torches for light on the walls anywhere? I think I mentioned it to you awhile back. or some torch sticks stuck in the ground on the corners, may be a water fountain would be good. (if it was my idea, I would add a food place with bowls of rice). lol
  3. Now it's my turn to steal all your heads next round. lol
  4. well I think where ever it is, there should only be one spot. not 2-3 locations as it would seem to saturate the idea. I want one spot and I want it made well. Oh, and I picked No mans land - mainly because anyone can go there and learn.
  5. [quote name='Treehill' post='16136' date='Sep 7 2008, 08:16 PM']I think im going to create a program to solve that puzzle....lol[/quote] Now you talking my language.
  6. flangilaportium attacked me me -8341 flangilaportium 10587 flangilaportium won. why?
  7. It not the game itself, it's the way it's played. It's annoying. I don't want to be attacked, that's the reason I want an opt out button. I want 0 heads at all times. If you log out, you should lose your heads. Then you wouldn't get attack, log out, sign in and attack, move 1 space log out. sign in again, attack move 1 space, it gets really annoying trying to win back heads from someone who plays 2 seconds at a time.
  8. envy

    Again PWR

    Player: Envy of Endurance Tag: Great Winged Healer (of knowledge) Description: Great Healer and provider of lessons on defense, healing and attacking. In the human form but with wings. Can bring creatures and players back to life. Can also remove ones heart beat, but would never seek to use such power to do so. Follower of the Angiens. I get a bonus when defending against others.
  9. Another reason I'm opposed to the heads game. I got attacked by DarkElfMage and his 2 healers and my water here are the results *** Combat details (under construction). 'E' is defender, 'A' is attacker Your honor reward for this battle: 0 Your loyalty reward for this battle: 0 Enemy honor reward for this battle: 26 Enemy loyalty reward for this battle: 0 *** todo help after fight Casualties: Defender:-68.0879%, Attacker:-203.030% heat A: 19 heat E: 43 logsize:677 usevitality e (you):50 usevitality a:100 looser:E actionnr:120 rounds:30 E lost: -1022vit; A lost: -402vit; and he
  10. Yea, but you need to buy it to unlock the other items.
  11. envy

    Alliance Bug!

    you know what's the most annoying. My losses only go up every 3-4 loses. Wins never moves, and I need 500 wins to get my warrior papers from library. Honor is almost always at 5000. I lose loyalty really fast though. lol
  12. If the spirit idea doesn't work. How about the child of Wodin. When your father sets great things over the years, doesn't the child usually follow in their family steps. Like the family members taking over the business after someone dies.
  13. Well, Mur I think your decision is simple. If I were the programmer, I would set the "spirit" of Wodin. Wodins character remains the same and he plays his style the way he does, and speaks to others the way he does. He has a certain personality. Now, you have a "spirit" of Wodin that whoever is chosen, can control and use to further the game development. You can even make the character, so you can see through it. But, at no time to change the integrity of the original character. The game goes on and if Wodin came back in a month, his character is still there and the spirit character turns in
  14. Yea, I don't think they are just focused on that. I'm friends with MRD and he and his minions seem to respect the game and I don't think that would be their way to play. There's just so many of them.
  15. These are the kinds of comments we get - envy: about 6 of them and then after you kill them you start fighting players envy: some are, but they are made so begineers can defeat them SS25JJ: where is that from here envy: click up arrow and then right arrow SS25JJ: thank you very much for the help envy: ok SS25JJ: it made a big difference on whether or not i keep playing this game envy: you have fun fighting them SS25JJ: i will try and give it another chance envy: this game is all about fun envy: it is hard to understand at first SS25JJ: thank you very much and good luck envy: but i
  16. envy

    PWD contest

    Envy of Endurance
  17. I still see many words spelled wrong. I can help correct English grammar too if you need. I have been busy doing my lessons, but I always have time for helping the MD experience expand more. You can move this or delete this post, but email or PM me and I would be glad to help.
  18. I want 15 becuase I spend too many going through Spoiler - and what is sac?
  19. Well, glad I wasted all that time posting that. I guess no one has any comments to my ramblings. lol
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