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  1. does the gateway have a combat exit still? i remember reading about the heads exit being removed, but potentially it can be replaced with a series of progression fights aimed to challenge new players. perhaps we shift the basic creatures (barren and grasan) , to the island as well, and set small challenges, nothing major, just basic combat ideas. this would allow them to dip their toes into thinking about combat, provide a solo way off the island, but also allow returning vets to steam through it and leave if that's what they want. upon beating the challenges an item could be granted that allo
  2. the game needs to hold people mechanically first and foremost , so that they have enough thing's to do while they get into the community. currently we have 2 main systems in place that could do this. combat, and crafting, neither of which are fleshed out enough to be a main focus for players to get into. combat: this tends to be what is probably the main draw, collect creatures, fight them, level them up, and feel a sense of progression as your account get's stronger with the more work you place into it. with the current player base, this is very difficult, they can collect creatures, an
  3. my notes list is also broken with similar errors eprecated: Non-static method SpawToolbar::getToolbar() should not be called statically in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/editor.class.php on line 200 Personal Notes - These informations are for your own private use. Deprecated: Non-static method SpawAgent::getAgent() should not be called statically in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/class/editor.class.php on line 590 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function eregi() i
  4. i would agree with this, normal alliances shouldn't get this backdoor change
  5. to me, MD is expression and growth, a catalysis for personal change. there were thing's in my life that i was struggling to deal with, and i used MD as a mask for them. my persona in MD i found ended up doing the same, using a persona to hide from herself. MD was there while i needed this escape, and when i had dealt with my problems my character dropped her persona too. MD allowed me to express a part of myself that i could never have done before, something that i really needed to , even if just for a short while. i took a part of myself, and gave it it's own life. she sleeps now, but i don't
  6. i can help with this and do some small batches here and there if there's still some work to do
  7. damn...i really hope all these notes arnt lost beacuse i kept a history of things in there ...
  8. SERVER/BACKEND - for infrastructure based announcements CREATURES - for any changes or new releases regarging such ALLIANCES - death and restoration and changes of alliances HELP - anythyng pertaining to seeking help from the playerbase REWARDS - for misc rewards that don't fit other catagories INTERFACE FEATURES - for any new feature announcement
  9. parties need announcements, bob could be the location
  10. maybe it could be coded that there would be a global message and bob would bloom for x amount of time when someone goes up in mindpower
  11. this confused me too. went to hunt down one on the map, got to the place i thought was correc,t opened up the map, andthen saw TWO mp8 players,...
  12. honestly i quite like the visual effect it gives, especially with the light, for some reason the light went over the top of the night mode but i really like it. the lamp is what toggles the night mode in this instant so i think it makes sense and gives a nice atmosphere
  13. yay, now the TSB clickies works properly as intended https://gyazo.com/dc0b445907e5842127fcdd739f4675f6
  14. Syrian

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    don't lie, you just want to be able to spam me with monty python references!
  15. can confirm, also having issues with this, this makes me super concerned, did we break something? am i going to lose my account? is my teddy bear safe? 😧
  16. feel free to add me and drop me a message personally if you need, i'll try to help you or direct you to someone else who can
  17. Syrian

    Days 4444

    not counting admin account's, probably the accounts that were invited in when MD was just a forum
  18. mods have to do it, but it' sjust a trade thread so there's no worry
  19. *a title given by lazarus, not self proclaimed, i am forced to denounce it because i'm not bratty, okay? okay... thanks go to mallos and lazarus for giving me the heads to make it happen, i had nothing to do with this
  20. no idea, but that's just what it's always seemed to be, i just roll with it
  21. since you want it for use with a quest i'll be willing to sell you one for 5silver, they usually do go for 1gold as your post says, but i don't mind selling it for less if it's going to be used for that purpose
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