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  1. I want to start off with a big "Thank you!" to everyone I've met here, and most of all, my deepest and sincerest thanks to Manu for creating Magic Duel. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am eternally grateful for the wonderful experience I had in the year I spent here. Whether you know it or not, I stumbled upon this place in the midst of a series of game-hopping to take the edge off my depression. And MD did more than I ever expected. All of you whom I've met and spoken with, have in a way made me a better person. I simply don't have the words to describe how grateful I am for my time h
  2. [quote name='I am Bored' post='28758' date='Apr 12 2009, 10:35 AM']grido i can do the same, i used the coords to go through the laberenyth[/quote]Haha...I think almost all the people who got through the Labyrinth used the coordinates. I probably don't know the exact location off the top of my head, but I know the region. Which is usually good enough if I'm tracking someone. ^^ Back on topic: - You're convinced that your little sister's Easter Eggs would hatch into baby Winderwilds...if only you can give it an obscene amount of VE...
  3. Thanks for the support, guys. ^^; @Lib: I'm actually not really sure about that. I'm still confused about half the posts in this thread. Mt. Kelle'tha and missing papers...those don't make sense to me. And I've read over everything at least 10 times. ><; Anyone else want a shot at this theory making? I'm only human...>.>
  4. Okay...let's bring this baby back from the dead. >D First order of business: Sorry for the really delayed reply. I meant to post the explanation to my theory a while ago, but one thing led to another...so yeah. Here it is now! For your convenience, here is my theory again: The Book of Principles does in fact exist. However, it is intangible and is intensely personal. The Shades may or may not know about this concept, but even if they do, they do not understand it. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Fear the spoiler tags! xDD [spoiler]The Knator Commander once told m
  5. Happy birthday, kiddo. =)

  6. [quote name='SageWoman' post='26647' date='Mar 7 2009, 11:06 PM'][size="4"][/size]You know you been on MD too long when your kids and significant other knows who is who in Magic Duel and they don't even PLAY! :lol:[/quote]Same thing here. I played "Magic Duel with You" and "Dumb Newbie" to my classmate, and she got the references even though she doesn't play. xDD
  7. [quote name='Braiton' post='24936' date='Feb 8 2009, 10:55 PM']Later in chapter 3, (if you chose the right path) you meet a strange being with a top hat and a cane, who asks you to hand in the cube. And it was more a shade-being, those who followed that path know what i mean. Know, why would, if the being that gave us the cube on the Fields Of Abandonment was a shade, why would it give us the cube and then later asked by more shades to hand it back?[/quote]I know what/who you're talking about, Braiton. I'm on that path. My reply to this is that that Shade is most likely not the s
  8. -You feel odd when you tell people that your MP3 player just died. -You appreciate the double meaning in that last sentence.
  9. ...I think Awi's theory is on to something here. If the Book of Principles itself isn't something tangible, it could explain why nobody (that we know of) can physically obtain it. There's more too, but I'm gonna think this over before saying anything. It's really getting late right now, and I don't trust myself to be able to say things correctly. xP @Shadowseeker: The one who gave us the cube wasn't in the House of Liquid Dust. Well...at least, that's not where we were handed the cube. If you could remember, that guy showed up after we fought all t
  10. Hi Yami! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I am in Storymode for MP5. Clear your quote page and lets the hilarity fly!

  11. I think you and my daughter would get along great! She just joined MD.

  12. [quote name='Angelgrave' post='20851' date='Nov 24 2008, 11:06 PM']I think we should have an official "hello" gretting in MD land[/quote]We do. It's call, "Let's attack them while they're not paying attention. And then I'll say 'Hi.'" >>;
  13. I've always thought about what it would be like to play a game where the players are truly the ones in control. Guess I know now. ^^

    Thank you very much for this wonderful place. =)

  14. -You start doing your MD job in real life. I wrote a legend for my paper in French class and gave a 5 minute presentation on legends from Bretagne... ...someone needs to cure me...x_x
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