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  1. Actually, Seigheart, your response to me made me not want to associate with you at all. In fact, I dare say if you talk to anyone like that I wonder how this community gets and keeps quality community members. As a "leader" you should do your best to make a good impression on people. Burns, thank you for the information, but I shall opt to pass... ~Innu
  2. My humblest apologies... You must be having a bad day... How unfortunate. I remember a time when MD members were more polite, even when correcting others.
  3. If this is still open, I would also like to work for you Mur I am renewed in this world after a lenghtly sleep. I have no friends, I have no enemies. I am without a homeland. By circumstance, I am completely neutral. [color=#FF8C00]Innundo (ID:16594; Days:314) [/color]My active days are regrefully low compared to my age of 1400+. RL S*** happens :/ [color=#FF8C00]No Mans Land[/color] [b][color="#ff6600"]SUPPORTER 308 [/color][/b] So in short, if you can't use me here, I'll be your minion anywhere else I am needed. ~Innu
  4. I have same as above people: 1)I have thus far been unable to cast spells of regen or healing - altho I do get penalized for the attempt.... 2)And upon moving around the map.... sometimes the map picture doesnt change, but the people from the next scene appear.... its weird... 3)Name changes do not always reflect correctly 'after' the illusion has ended... it appears you still have a different name. 4)You can't sacrifice illusion created creatures. (okay this probably isnt a bug, but how cool would it be!!)
  5. My Aunt has been staying with me the last 2 weeks... She was supposed to fly back today right to where the Hurricane is... I bought her an extension last night so she can stay another week. Not really anything to do with anything... just sharing
  6. I myself do this all the time... perhaps a bit too often. The reason I say too often is because of the reaction i get from others for just being myself. For example, daily by just being myself... I cause friends and acquaintences to question my motives. Apparently by being too nice or too helpful, or trying to see thinks from others points of view and not being judgemental.... people in our society seem to think I have ulterior motives. Its a sad day when people cant trust other people just because they have been 'burned' so many times... Just my perception...
  7. Its absolutely maddening... but Im sick and I like it... Thanks Manu for enabling the pillars *hugs*
  8. Yes, that is the second time today I've read a disparaging comment aimed at another user... THAT bothers me more than most things....
  9. Name: Innundo Titile: Shifter Role: I take the shape of a Wolf or Fox... Always watching and learning from the shadows... Passing through realms and gathering information, I am the secret keeper of much knowledge.
  10. Are you counting Wins or Victories? Only Victory's move the counter as a +1 Win
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