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  1. I have same as above people: 1)I have thus far been unable to cast spells of regen or healing - altho I do get penalized for the attempt.... 2)And upon moving around the map.... sometimes the map picture doesnt change, but the people from the next scene appear.... its weird... 3)Name changes do not always reflect correctly 'after' the illusion has ended... it appears you still have a different name. 4)You can't sacrifice illusion created creatures. (okay this probably isnt a bug, but how cool would it be!!)
  2. Not in the forum perse... but actually on the game itself.... Top of the screen "Adventure log" click Read all
  3. I have an idea... A Purchase through MD Shop. A 'Skeleton Key' This device can be used to unlock 'secrets' OR locked areas. Be careful though, you only get one chance!
  4. Innundo

    MD SHop bug

    I just noticed this thread... I also have only 5 friend slots
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