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  1. Happy belated birthday calyx Garg Walker of words
  2. The tale of the walker of words From a young age he was able to hear the whispers. Even then was he plagued by the voices, yet he did not understand. They spoke to him constantly, throughout the day and night, when people were talking to him all he could hear were the whispers behind their words, as he grew up he slowly began to understand more and more about the voices yet he still did not know why they had chosen him, or what the purpose for what he would be used, but the more they spoke to him, the more of the voices he could understand. One day whilst exploring the lands in and around M
  3. Here's my idea dst How about some sort of access to RPC quests via the RPC list down the side so that we can have access to them even when the RPC is offline. I know i've found it frustrating to have to find an RPC only to find they are offline. We have that already. But congtraz! You are the first that does what I have asked all the players to do:post your new ideas here so we can add a feedback or a conclusion to it after it is debated on the separated topic. Thank you!
  4. Steve! Surely it would make more sense to name the trees on sage's path sage. And between myself and sage (Who came up with the two names) we think it should be sage (name of the tree) And it should be a stevetree (Type of tree i.e. ash, oak etc) That way it could bear tiny stevefruits and all can rejoice!!
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