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  1. I now have a full list of categories. The ones below are the ones that are open to public nominations, there are other categories, but they have been selected by specific people in game. Now before you all go off nominating people. There are a few rules: There will be NO nominations for yourself, anyone caught doing this will have all other nominations discounted and they will not be eligible to win any award. Same rule applies to nominating your own alts, for example Liberty cannot nominate any of the libs. Also ONE nomination Per person per category (So one person can't give like five
  2. Category suggestions are now closed. Any suggestions after this post will not be considered.
  3. That's a god one Yami I'll add it to the list. Also If Mur reads this again please could you give your views on creating a small subforum for the awards, it would allow me to keep everything in order and we wouldn't muck up your pristene forums with loads of votes and topics and things. (If either shoeps or mur could also message chewett on it cos he seems to be ignoring me ) Garg
  4. Okay I'm hoping that chewett will see sense now that we have Mur's backing. The category 'most convincing alt' is to be removed. On top of this. Please wait to post nominations, as there si a possibility that I might lose them in the sea of posts that this idea seems to be getting. If the new topic gets set up for it then I'll put a special bit for noms in there. Please keep this bit for category suggestions and basically showing your support. (Yes I know I said that this should be for nominations but I didn't count on getting this much of a positive reaction, btw who voted NO, Reall
  5. Yes sorry. I was looking at november, you are quite right burns it is the 21st. Hows this then: Voting ends on the 12th (leaving only one week for voting) ceremony on the 15th. This will give me the weekend to process the votes.
  6. Okay. I've petitioned chewett to set up a separate forum for the awards comittee, (Which currently consists of...me) So we'll see what happens from there. It'll be easier for me to keep everything in the same place and have separate votes for things and a place for categories, a place for nominations etc. Garg. Got another one: Best backstory: The best character introduction in the forums. oh and Best personal Papers: Who has the best looking papers in game. Category suggestions will close on Friday 21st of november. Nominations will then start, they will end on the 6th of dece
  7. okay. BEst RPC: Who plays their role the best (Mostly for players who actually play a role and not admin types like shoeps or Jonn) Best LHO: I guess it could include dojo staff as well Best quest: Most fun to complete Weirdest quote: No it'll only be from her list so far. I'll get her to submit her favourite five quotes and from there you can vote on them Yes Mur will most likely get the Lifetime achievement award.
  8. That would be the beauty of the 'most convincing alt', they would have to nominate their own alt since nobody else would know that they were an alt. Thus revealing their alt to be an alt. OH THE IRONY! Garg. (Okay how about 'least convincing alt'?)
  9. My new idea is that of an MD awards ceremony for the end of the year. See post for details let me know what people think.
  10. Okay so here's my idea. It's coming up to the end of the year and I think that it might be nice if we host some sort of 'MD awards' like the oscars or somthing. Maybe some of the Avy guys could draw up some awards and there could be a small stat boost to category winners. what I want to know here is whether you think this is a good idea, what your ideas for categories would be (They don't need to be serious as such, as long as they are fair) Some of my thoughts were: Best RPC Best LHO Best Quest Weirdest quote (Sponsored by Yami No Sakura) Award for outstanding services to MD (MD
  11. When Google starts asking for wishpoints before it gives you search results. When you run around telling people 'Look at my tiny book', my girlfriend wasn't too happy...Neither were the police... (I've heard it called many things but never a tiny book heheh) You start searching for your local rent-a-void shop. hmm, that's all for now
  12. Okay here's my thoughts on this. I'm actually not keen on the message cloud. But I do like the idea of the tags, my only beef with the tags is that they should show up in separate sections in your mailbox, e.g. once you set the tags there should be a button for each one like quests questions etc. That way it's easy to sort messages by their tags and you could see which ones are new in a specific tag. Garg.
  13. Good to hear you're safe. Hope you manage to get everything sorted. Our thoughts are with you, your family and everyone affected by the hurricane. Garg.
  14. The reason I wasn't talking about reality is because I was not using the terms that mur did, I was using the definitions that mur did. I think this is where the confusion comes from.
  15. Manu I agree but due to the way i've been taught I almost always feel the need to explain complex things like this in a very wordy manner (Padding out word limits on essays etc) I also like GG's examination of the concept. If you are looking for a short explanation then I think that GG worded it perfectly. However as a scriptwriter (Not professional, more's the pity) I know how important it is to sift out the good ideas from a piece. But at the same time I find it very difficult to get rid of ideas and the reason my post (or essay if you prefer) was so long was I thought it better to be tho
  16. Okay and yet more.... (Joint effort by me, Logan Marquis, Yami no Sakura and mishadowst) You've been playing magic duel too much when: You try and open your front door and you get one of the following messages: UNDER CONSTRUCTION GAME BORDER THIS IS NOT YOUR CURRENT SCENE or YOU HAVE INSUFFICIENT ACTION POINTS. everytime you say something you follow it with the (legendary) MD Beep You call text messages scrolls When you get in trouble, you look for your MP6 Protector. Your guard dog is named KC You go to the bank and ask for free credits You go to the pet shop and ask for a drach
  17. I'd like to offer my services for Writing. I've got a history of Scriptwriting, and i've always had positive feedback whenever i've written stories or poems. Although my background is in comedy and scripts, I can quite easily turn my hand to any genre and I can write narratives just as easily as scripts. Just let me know what you need writing Garg
  18. Hi Mur I think what you are trying to say is an opposition of perspective. Subjective is acting on your own opinion (The opinion of the subject) Objective is acting for the whole (Acting for the objective) It is my belief that you can be an objective person who acts in a Subjective way, you can act for the good of the group, and if your opinion is matching with that of the majority you can also benefit yourself so if you believe the same as the group you MUST be acting subjectively as it is also your opinion. But it is also possible to act subjectively in a group situation where your opini
  19. Got some more: You've been playing MD too much when: You come to the realisation that you've been playing MD too much your calendar is referred to as an adventure log your boss/Teacher/Parents become RPC's You have an irrational fear of Carnivals...and cubes...and little girls with candles...and your own shadow....EEK SHADES! You systematically apply hammer to clown...with force....repeatedly You turn on a light....and see an angien! You turn the light off....and see a shade! You buy a plant from the garden centre to stand outside your back door and work as guard for 'House, Hidden Ex
  20. I agree Manu, it is the players that make the game good...But it is you who brings all the separate elements together and makes the game great. You say it's all about the community but who made the community possible in the first place? THE MIGHTY MANU! You say you are a web developer, artist etc. But what you have done is brought together what I see as one of the most intelligent, cultured bunch of players on the internet, the best writers, the most talented artists and the best developers out there and it was you who made all this possible. There aren't enough words to describe how high
  21. Don't know if these have been done: You know you've been on MD too much when: At christmas the baby jesus gets Gold, Frankinsence and Mur. You appear four or five times in Yami's famous quotes list. You frisk people for their personal papers (You know they've been playing it too much if you find them) Mundane tasks become 'quests' (I recently did a quest to have a shower) You wonder why the archivist has branched out into indigestion tablets when you see 'Rennies' You see Jewellers as Duellers. You go round asking people for inner magic pages If someone annoys you, you begin to hear
  22. Bring on the statue....and not Just in game terms! There should be one in Mur's home town and the home town of everyone who plays!
  23. Player: Gargant Title: Walker of Words Description:A mysterious character, stooped in both shadow and light, known to many and at the same time to none, leader of the whispers and the silent, he is known to all yet known by none. Master of the unseen and the unheard and leader of those who deal in such businesses. Only he and his small band of elites know his purpose, his only piece of advice to you is to choose your loyalties carefully. Reward wishes: Invisibility would allow me to conduct my work more efficiently and the ability to traverse the lands more freely would help too. As for rew
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