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  1. You will be teleported in regardless of location
  2. You are all formally invited to the First annual Magic duel end of year awards ceremony. The ceremony will take place at the following location Sage's keep interior (Assuming mur will be okay with this, Calyx has agreed to take us in there) at: 21:00 Server time (19:00 GMT) on: Wednesday 17th of december. All nominees will be brought inside Anyone else who wishes to attend should place their name here including any .'s or *'s I hope this topic will pick up speed and we'll have a good crowd. Thanks for your support Garg.
  3. Jigoku, it's meant to be an epic poem Of course it's long (My brain went off on one and refused to stop) I did put it up in the MDA website too but it got taken down and is now 'subject to admin approval', hope it gets put back up soon. And thank you all for the positive comments (I'm glad you like it) Garg.
  4. Just posting here to make the topic come to the front. The ceremony is almost upon us! It will NOT be on monday, due to my being unavailable. It will now be on Wednesday instead at 21:00 Server time. The location will be the interior of sage's keep if Calyx will allow us entry. All nominations are invited as well as pretty much everyone else. So spread the word!
  5. Just thought i'd share this, it's an MD Christmas poem. Hope you like it, Happy Christmas to you all. [b]A magic duel christmas[/b] Twas the night before Christmas And throughout magic duel Not a soul to be found Save for bob and his tool. The snow was falling The presents were wrapped Dst came to bob And swiftly was slapped The ground was cold Pressed up to his face But he picked himself up And started to race Away from the tree Our DST fled And got swallowed up By I am bored’s head. Bored gave a belch To honour his meal But now rather ill Is how he would feel Bor
  6. :yahoo: Happy Birthday Hope you have a Glorious day And Stay Glorsome.... Any More Glor based puns I can make? Dunno, I'll probably think of some... Either way Happy birthday dude!!!! Garg.
  7. Soultear I did ask manu if he'd put it in the announcements, but he's a busy guy and they're not high up on the agenda so he forgot about them. I didn't want to keep bugging him. Ah well, I'm hoping that if all goes well this year that it'll become a regular feature and next time they will be much better organised. Garg
  8. So By Lightsage's logic.....Limbertok will win.
  9. Then I'll remove him. Thanks light. I did say 'not allowed to nominate yourself/an alt' *Shakes fist at Jonn*
  10. Light how did Jonn nominate himself? He's not on the LHO list.
  11. Bunny how have you not heard of this I have been advertising it in Chat for weeks now. Had you been paying attention you would know that rookie of the year is for between twenty and eighty days. It was all posted in the New ideas section of the forum. Neg I am NOT granos. Bunny it is for fun but the winners will each get an award that they can put in their papers. Neg for those who are hard of understanding: You PM your votes to me AND Queen Ailith. We will collate the votes and the winners will be announced at a ceremony on the 15th. These are the nominations, you choose one from ea
  12. No... neg...seriously....uhh...WHAT? You made virtually no sense there. I mean the other person you should send your votes to is Queen Ailith. I thought I made that clear.
  13. The other person that should receive the votes is Queen Ailith. There are two of us.
  14. As many of you know I have been working on the MD awards ceremony taking place on December 15th. People have been nominating people over the last two weeks and I am pleased to announce voting open. The voting process will work as follows, Votes will be registered by PM. A PM will be sent to both myself AND Queen Ailith Bull. We will then collect our results together, most likely in some form of overly complicated table and from that we will determine the results. Please do not post votes here, they will not be counted. Only votes that go to BOTH myself and Queen Ailith will be counted.
  15. Nominations are now Over. There will be a new topic for voting info, how to vote etc. Thanks for your nominations Garg.
  16. Was left nearly speechless by it. I can only describe my reactions by a series of small yellow faces: :shok: :yahoo: :clapping: *ahem* then I recomposed myself and logged in. Nice one Manu!! Garg (And El trunko)
  17. Yeah I like that idea. I'll get one other person and all votes should go to both people. More info will come up in the new topic containing the nominations. Garg.
  18. This is only for nominations. This topic will close I will make one more topic with the nominations in and the votes will be cast in secret via PM (as there's no way to stop you all from seeing the results of a poll. I will hold a tally of the votes until the event then the winners will be announced at the ceremony. Garg.
  19. Hmm...Good point Lib. I guess I'll remove the demo account from the list. Also can I ask people to please spread the word about this topic so that more votes will come in. Thanks Garg.
  20. Best RPC: NelyaSetesh Least convincing alt: the libs Best PWR: Zleiphneir Best Backstory: Bootes Best Personal Papers: Yami (for the quote list) Most Valued protector: Raven Rookie of the year (Between 20 and 60 days): Silent Warrior Outstanding MD Service award: Mur! Best techie (Award for technical services rendered): Chewett Most addicted award (Based on the ‘You know you’ve been playing MD too much when…): Penelope lightmoon Villain of the year: Braiton (more evil than Khal methinks) Most annoying Player: Ledah Roleplay award: Khalazdad
  21. Gargant


    You're a little late on this one neg. "We will be everywhere watching I will have my supporters feeding me with information which will then flow through the alliance." "Secrecy is absolute, we are made of it, but everyone should be able to trust us with their knowledge, for it is only knowledge we seek…knowledge will gain us the ablity to change MD, but we also seek more knowledge. In other words, we are the middle man." "To become the dominating ‘back street’ power, we will work outside the public eye, but our work will be seen within the streets of MD." All of these things, we alread
  22. My Nominations? Do you think i should nominate since i'm organising and hosting the event? I wasn't going to.
  23. Not all the awards are publicly nominated Lightsage. Don't worry. It's still there.
  24. Okay I'm afraid I'm going to have to discount the votes made by Joseph as they are a group of players, I do not know who is in this group and as such have no way of knowing whether they voted for themselves. All voters must have a playername under their info as of now. Thanks Garg
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