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  1. That's a great idea treehill. That would come later down the line but I certainly like the idea. Garg.
  2. Okay here's an idea: Treehill, how about you work with bootes (Should we get his support) on the Horoscopes Firs you could write a column, like a humourous take on happenings within MD. Mentioning the other stories within the paper but your take on them. Glai's right we DO need to feature game updates and developments. Also I think i've got a good story in the return of RJ and Big C! RJ's holding a press conference in about 10 mins. I've Exported a HTML copy of the paper, does anyone know how to post it? Garg.
  3. Cryx how about this: We need someone to write about roleplaying events, this will encompass all aspects including unofficial alliances such as your pirate crew, the C o E etc . It will also contain specific events such as Queen Ailith's and King bull's wedding and other stuff like that. Another point i've just thought of: Would it be a good idea if we could include content from the university? Like upcoming lectures, transcripts of lectures if people missed them etc. Just a thought. Garg Kouros has now joined as another proofreader/editor of the RPC interview section, we need to ge
  4. Grido I'll put you in on the RPC interview section, that way we can start to generate content. Once Udgard Pample and inno have got the interview written. Decide between you which RPC you want to interview, get enough material for grido to proof read and edit. That way we can see the type of thing that we can generate. Garg.
  5. Here's where we stand at the moment. Glai: I tend to prefer the haphazard approach, if things go wrong then so be it we can adapt to the situations as it is deemed necessary. I have now found a way to export the paper as a HTML file, would this make things easier?? I wonder if Mur would kindly donate the background image for things like the messages and the combat log, the thing with the tassles in the top left corner, I think that would look great. The headline fonts were going to change anyway, they were just the first I clicked. Does anyone have suggestions on content font? Curren
  6. Right, I'll put pample on the staff for the RPC interviews and the gossip column. I'll put you in the puzzle page staff too. We're starting to get momentum now. Garg. Please ignore the previous link I sent. I've played about a bit more with Quark (The software i'm using) and it looks much better now. Here's the update. Please read the text i've put in, it's mostly nonsense but some of it is important. Mainly to do with the filesize and font of the paper. [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=435"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=435[/url] Garg.
  7. To all who want to see a VERY basic, hashed together version. Put together in around half an hour or less. here's an idea of a front page. I can do a LOT better than this and on the final thing the background will be a scroll type thing like chewett suggested (If I can figure out how to do it), I really liked that idea. Glai, you won't have to write any articles, I'll get people to write articles as they join the project and that way I can lay them out as we go along. As you've read the reason it lacked support here is cos I forgot to ask for the support. I'm sure things will pick up
  8. Firs, we have moved away from this topic. There is a new one called 'MD content discussion', there is a complete(ish) list of content in there. I want to keep it all to that post, you can post which area you wish to be involved in, and also how you wish to be involved in it on that topic. Having said that, thanks for your support. As soon as we get an idea of who wants to write what we can start work on our first issue. Garg.
  9. Burns, thank you, you've made me realise what i've done here. I've messed up. I've been thinking for a while that there was something I was meaning to do. You're post has meant me re-read my original post. I had meant to add that I would like people to pick which ones of these topics they would like to write/edit so that I can start organising people into departments. I apologise to EVERYONE for my rant. I will remove it then go outside and shoot my brain. Don't worry. I've got enough money, i'll have a new one installed tomorrow. I don't know what's up with me today. I'll dele
  10. [s]It's nice to know that people are helping to keep this alive I'm only posting here to try and keep this topic alive regardless of other people's interest. I know that some of you ARE interested in this, but I cannot comprehend why you are refusing to help get the idea going. [/s] PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let this die out. [s]It is a fantastic idea and I know that I can get it going but not without support from players who have shown interest.[/s] [s]If you didn't plan on following through, do NOT say that you are interested. Sorry to rant but I feel like the support we had in
  11. I'm trying to push the newspaper idea forward, and I know it's been in the forum for a long time now but now that i'm leading the project i'm wanting to get this thing up and running as soon as possible. Here are some of the ideas for content in the newspaper that we've got so far, feel free to add to the list or make observations about the ideas. So anyway here's the list: Quote of the week (Or month depending on frequency, I think either fortnightly or monthly would be easier than weekly) Heads contest report Summary of ongoing AL stories New game developments Strategy compendi
  12. I know glai, you've brought the project so far. I wasn't saying that you're not important to the project, that's not what I meant at all. I know what you mean about the feeling ill at ease with it being implemented before it is running smoothly, that's why I think the first few issues should be out of game, sent to Manu direct so he can look them over, make sure we're doing things that he will like as well as the rest of the players. We can distribute them via the forums for the first few issues. I'll get on trying to gain support for ideas for content, not just form the newspaper team, bu
  13. Just so you know glai the project is in good hands with me. I've got a Media degree and part of it was involved in journalism, partially newspapers but other types too. Anyway my thinking is that it might be nice to get manu back on side, I read that you wanted minimal help for him but I think that it could be for the community AND the game, although an in game guild might not be necessary, the advertising that could be put in the paper could also benefit Manu for the good of the game. I think we'd need to get out an issue of it as a trial run. There are details to iron out with this, bu
  14. If you wish I will lead the project but I still want you to have as much input as possible since you've done so much work up to this point. I have a lot of free time at the moment so I can probably give this project a lot of love and attention. I don't have a 'vision' as such and i'm not going to continue without listening to others, i'm just not like that. I agree glai that a sub forum might be a good idea IF chewett would be up for implementing that. Also with relation to the plan, i'm liking your schematic so we can stick to that, but i'm not really one for plans so it'll probably b
  15. Cool beans! The project now has support from the Archivists, the artisans AND the Legend speakers. I've spoken with Yami about doing the historical documents (I think it was mentioned) What's next? Garg.
  16. Well after that very orange meal (Tomato soup with double gloucester cheese and Iron brew to drink, three of the most orange foods known to man (Apart from obviously the humble orange)) I can finally start my post. *Trumpets Sound* THE POST HAS BEGUN! Glai, I know there's no rush but it's gonna be difficult for me to be online over the next 2-3 days so I want to get things done. Also when I get on a project I like I tend to work at 300MPH in order to get things up and running as soon as possible. Thinking ahead again, if you were wanting to raise awareness for the newspaper. We could pro
  17. Oh Glai, give over, I know you were only joking Put me down in category E without a doubt. umm.....I'm sure I was going to put something else here, but I can't remember for the life of me what it is... Helping my girlfriend unpack right now....well....keeping out of the way cos I don't know where her stuff goes....but I call it helping....But anyway my mind will be back on track tomorrow. *Wanders off to find what he was going to say* hmm....Nope...it's gone. Garg. Glai i've spoken to Pample and she's definitely in. She's gonna propose the idea to the other archivists to see who
  18. Glai, plase don't be offended, I was only kidding about the war thing. As for not knowing what stage the project was up to, that was because I was writing my reply at silly o'clock in the morning on the night before I was due to leave for Ireland. (I know it was a stupid idea, but I wanted to say it before I went as i'd have forgotten it all by the time I got back. Also, when I get back from Ireland i'll have a chat with pample about this and see if we can get the archivists involved, it shouldn't be a problem unless we have a lot going on. If you need any help with the organisation side
  19. Okay I'm gonna go out on a limb here and attempt to drag this topic kicking and screaming back to the subject of the newspaper before an all out war begins. It's almost as if Myrrh read my mind on this one. A while ago Pamplemousse and myself were batting about some new ideas for the archivists. One of these ideas was an illustrated history of MD, but I think this idea is an evolution of that and would be a much better outlet for it. I realise i've come into this very very late, and if I repeat anyone's ideas i'm sorry, I don't mean to tread on any toes here but i'm just gonna chuck in m
  20. Grido Yes I am going to (hopefully) write all six... It'll hurt my brain so it means a lot to me that people actually read it and take pleasure from reading it. Storm Why do you wanna beat me with a rolled up newbie? Granos I didn't think of 'attack of the alts' i've already got the title of the second one but it's not that All Glad you like it Garg.
  21. Okay I've been working on something for quite some time now and I just thought i'd share it. Hope you all enjoy it. (Sorry, it's a bit epic...It's very VERY long, so if you're short on attention go and do something else) Also please note that NONE of this actually happened in game so don't sue me as it's all meant in good humour. On another note if George Lucas reads this...I didn't do it...It was Zleip! Garg. [center]Shoepasfilm in collaboration with Murniversal pictures presents: Gar Wars Episode one: The Phantom Marind. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Well, last Tues
  22. Hmmm.....Skiing? That'd be a heck of a sport.....Bunny skiing. I'm sure a lot of people would pay to see that. tis a shame you'll be away. But have fun dude. Enjoy your skiing. Oh and.......Hoppy 'traditions' bunny ^^ Garg.
  23. Yeah sure. They will each have a cool little award pic placed in their papers and they will receive an award winners medal from Mur.
  24. Here's the list of award winners for this year. Best RPC - Khalazdad Best LHO - King bull Best PWR - Zleiphneir Outstanding service - Calyx of Isis Annoying award - I am bored Best Quote - Awiiya, Limbertok and Xcerces Least convincing alt - The Libs Best Backstory - Zleiphneir Roleplay award - Zleiphneir Best Personal Papers - Yami no Sakura Villain of the year - DST Best Techie - DST Most addicted - Yami no sakura Rookie of the year - Silent warrior, Unbelievable power Best Dojo staff - Meru chi Best Protector - Raven Congrats to all the winners Thanks to everyone who par
  25. Yes chewett I will post a full list of winners after the event. And yes please post player names here as it makes life easier. Also if anyone cannot make it please don't be surprised if you wake up in the keep, it just means you are a nominee. It also makes it easier for me to give you your award (Yes we have ACTUAL awards ) all at once rather than chasing people around for weeks after Thanks. Garg
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