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  1. do NOT annoy me today, I WILL destroy you.

  2. Happy birthday to the three whose birthday it is. And also a very happy Un-birthday to those whose birthday it isn't Garg.
  3. I'll write some as soon as I get home. I'm just gonna write for the ones I have. Sorry if there's any duplicates. Shouldn't take me long, but I can't do it properly till I get home (Just letting you know I'm interested) Garg.
  4. I know I can't win this, but still. It's simple. Call in the Barmy army and shoot down the rogue lols using roflcopters. (unless they escape on lollerskates) Garg.
  5. Obvious spam monger. Needs Murdering harshly.

  6. Happy birthday Leggy! Don't get too legless Garg.
  7. It's Finally here. The First issue of the Magic duel Newspaper - the Golden Globe Gazette many people have worked tirelessly on this first issue alone so they would greatly appreciate it if you would all take the time to read it. there will hopefully be a more traditional method of distribution but for now this forum link will have to do. Feedback is greatly appreciated. [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=587"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=587[/url] Your first issue! Garg Editor in chief - Golden globe Gazette
  8. Happy Birthdailith!!!! Have good one! TEAM BRIT! Garg
  9. Happy Murthday!!! Thanks for such an awesome game. Keep up the awesome work. I'd usually think of something funny or witty to put here.....so.... umm........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUR!!!!!!! Garg.
  10. What ho?


    On the forums?


    Who are you?

    and what have you done with the real minty?

    *eyes him suspiciously*

  11. Okay cool. Although for the moment we've got a lot of staff at the moment, we're also pretty busy since we're getting close to release date, but after we send out the first issue i'm gonna have a review of all the staff, get rid of the ones who aren't contributing and take on board some (hopefully) more dedicated people, so I will bear you in mind then. Thanks for showing your support and you'll probably hear from me after the first issue has been released. cheers. Garg.
  12. To all those who said death by sex, yes pleasurable but not gonna look good at your funeral when you're buried with your sex face I wanna go out in a blaze of Glory, maybe take a few spectators down too in a firey furnace of twisted metal or something like that. Either that or being strangled by one of my own guitar strings, that way I can accurately impersonate the noise my guitar makes when I play it Perhaps I've put too much thought into this >.< Oh well. Garg.
  13. YAY Thanks Guys.... *Squeezes in the thanks in the last 15 minutes (Here anyway) of my Birthday* Good news: I've not died for another year! Happy non death to me. Thanks all hmm.....If my birthday went unnoticed...that means i'm a better spy than even I thought! lols. Cheers everyone. Garg.
  14. Gargant


    By the sounds of it burns (And I am by no means an expert) it sounds like your name is close to the english name 'Bernard' (Often shortened to Bernie, which sounds like your shortened form) but burns sounds much better Just thought you'd like to know Garg.
  15. Gargant


    Okay.....I'm bored. But this is something I thought people might find interesting, I know I would. There are some very strange character names out there and it makes me wonder how people come up with their names. Mine for example is a large transport beast from Final Fantasy 9, I used the name as an email years ago and it kinda stuck. I use it on lots of things so if you see a Gargant it might be me Where do others get their names from? Cheers. Garg.
  16. hmm, seems i'm in the majority Makes a change Garg.
  17. Jaz, I'll start a topic on the Newsroom forums about it.
  18. Chewett, Thanks for volunteering. hmm, Since you're quite the veteran player, perhaps you could write our historical articles. That'd be great if you'd be up for it. Cheers. Garg.
  19. Marka: That's great. Jester: We'd love to have you on board if you feel you can put the time to the project. It's your call. Marka, i've put you on the heads contest report. Jester if you DO decide you can put time and effort into the project then you can edit/proofread Marka's work and i'll put you in the same dept. Garg.
  20. This is the place to register your interest for the Magic Duel Newspaper Here is the current list of staff and their departments, please pick one that is NOT fully staffed [b] Heads report [/b] Marka Ragnos - Writer AL summary Eggsy - Proofreader Innocence - Writer New game developments Apophys – Proofreader/editor Crazy Mike – Reporter Strategy compendium Queen Ailith Bull - Proofreader Burns - Writer RP events Jazira - Proofreader Cryxus – Reporter [b] Puzzle page[/b] Silver Renard – Proofreader [b]Calendar dates[/b] RPC interviews Kouros – Editor/Proofrea
  21. Gargant

    Forum Game

    Metal Bunny: not as Grido fancies other types than Hannah, more petite... Glaistig: really. Grido began convulsing and... Grido: started reaching toward a conviniently placed antidote... Garg: Which, unbeknown to Grido was in actuality full of...
  22. Treehill you should have access to the closed forums. If you log in you should be able to view them under the university section. You can start to build the horoscopes up from there. Garg.
  23. No We can't move this to the closed forums because the link on the Signpost in Marble dale park links to this forum and so does the link in the announcement that calyx is gonna make. This is kinda the precursor to the closed forums where new staff can state their interest. I can change the link on the Signpost, but the announcement can only change before calyx makes it so we'd have to move fast if we went down that route. Also can current staff (mainly the writers) make a note of who their editors/proofreaders are so that i'm not getting inundated with stories that need editing. Remember
  24. Okay sorry i've kinda been away from this topic for a while. I've been caught up with the new forum (Sorry, Shiny things do that to me) To Antram: Of course you can participate, this list is by no means final like Grido says. To apophys: Okay i'll tell crazymike to pass his work on to you for editing. To Glai: I'm not sure we really need the calendar events section, but if you want to take up the RPC quest column then that'll be great. We can include it as part of the Puzzle page. Apoph and Antram, i'll add you to the new forums (or at least Chewett will ) Garg.
  25. Gargant

    Forum Game

    MRWander: Send my minions after you to.... Death Ring: make you sell bunny outfits while wearing one yourself.'' Grido: But of course none of this was actually said, it's just a picture after all (at this point the writer starts looking nervous)... Metal Bunny: (with good reason), 'ah yes, just a picture, no need to be afraid of the.. 'INQUISITOR-UNDER-MY-BED'!!! Oh horror of horrors that...' MRWander:flash through my mind of the inquisitor, his eyeball and...... Garg: All that nasty nasty probing! DON'T LET HIM NEAR ME! But then, at that precise moment....
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