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    Manchester, UK.
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    Playing guitar
    Playing computer games (particularly fond of RPGs)

    At the moment I have no job and can't afford to do much else.

    But if anyone happens to live in the UK and has a job in Film/TV/Radio, preferably camreawork, scriptwriting, acting, presenting, editing or even if you need a runner, please let me know, I REALLY need a job ^_^

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  1. do NOT annoy me today, I WILL destroy you.

  2. Hi garg, ol' buddy, ol' pal!

  3. Obvious spam monger. Needs Murdering harshly.

  4. *pounces on the Garg* Hehe ^_^

  5. Its me..look at my pic...thats my dog with me ^^ *evil grin* it IS me you know.....

  6. What ho?


    On the forums?


    Who are you?

    and what have you done with the real minty?

    *eyes him suspiciously*

  7. I am sad at the loss of Gazellephant *cries*

  8. *gets eaten by a grue*

    .. I knew I should have huffed more kittens..

  9. Gar gi mel! Where you been? I miss our Punny chats. I am in story mode now! Watch for me.

  10. ...i didnt get nominated and i blame it all on you -_- ...i must now turn my back...

    *turns his back on gargent* ... *turns back around* and let that be a lesson to you

  11. Spleen O_o

    where where *looks around*

    hm *gets a bit tired*

    uhm *pokes granos*

    take care ^ ^

  12. Nobody nominated you yet =(

  13. My new idea is that of an MD awards ceremony for the end of the year. See post for details let me know what people think.
  14. When Google starts asking for wishpoints before it gives you search results. When you run around telling people 'Look at my tiny book', my girlfriend wasn't too happy...Neither were the police... (I've heard it called many things but never a tiny book heheh) You start searching for your local rent-a-void shop. hmm, that's all for now
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