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    At the moment I have no job and can't afford to do much else.

    But if anyone happens to live in the UK and has a job in Film/TV/Radio, preferably camreawork, scriptwriting, acting, presenting, editing or even if you need a runner, please let me know, I REALLY need a job ^_^

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  1. Just wondering if there's been any sign of a certain 'El Trunko' I'm sure most of you are familiar. If he turns up could you let me know. I want to reunite with him Thanks. Garg.
  2. How about best progressor, i.e. the person who has made the mos progress over the last year, it can be quite an open category as it's open to interpretation. Some people may see progression as combat progression others as RP, it doesn't matter. Either way I think it'd be a good category. Garg.
  3. For those of you who are mud slinging here you may not have noticed that this post was for other candidates to post their intention to run. So far all i've seen is myself, rendril and a whole lot of people arguing and a wave of criticism aimed at me for wanting to change something that we agree needs changing. Akasha, the other reason that the paper is not going well is because it is voluntary, people will only write if they want to, or have time to. I cannot force them to write, I write a couple of stories myself, but to expect me to write the whole thing is ludicrous. Anyway the point
  4. And once again, another case of akasha not getting all the facts before she publicly attacks my suggestions. DEDICATE! DEDICATED to calyx. She doesn't WIN the award. For example, every year someone wins the 'Ivan novello' award, he died years ago but somebody else wins it. It is still dedicated to Ivan novello. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.
  5. Okay to respond to all of this. 1. The newspaper is behind by months because there is nothing worth writing about, if there were then the writers would write. 2. Akasha, how DARE you suggest that I only log in now and again, I log in every day for at LEAST two or so hours, just because YOU don't see me doesn't mean that I am inactive. You find ME revolting? I find the fact that you decide to attck me so blatantly without getting all the facts straight revolting. It's actions like this that cause people to leave the game. 3. Awiiya did decline the offer, as did innocence, so maybe i'm not a
  6. Since pample’s departure, the position of master archivist has been open and our guild seems to have lost some purpose, I don’t know if the members of the guild have noticed this but I know some people outside the archivists I’ve talked to have. That’s why I would like to put myself forward for the position and I recommend anyone else who wants to do so does the same, then we can put a vote on the forum or see if mur would be interested in making an election for us. I propose that whoever is elected to the position should do all they can to revive the archivists and restore their former gl
  7. I'd like to keep the 'outstanding service to MD' award from last year and dedicate it to last year's winner Calyx of Isis.
  8. It's nearly christmas again and that means it's end of year awards time. So here's the plan. Today (december 2nd) - December 9th: Suggest categories December 10th - Decmeber 13th: nominate (Yes only three days, I know) December 14th - December 18th: vote December 20th: Ceremony I know it's very short notice but this is the best I can do. good luck! Garg.
  9. do NOT annoy me today, I WILL destroy you.

  10. Hopefully smarter people will be able to see past the foolish comments made by one individual. The problem is comments like this reflect on the community as a whole. It's people like that who ruin the game. Garg.
  11. Don't know if you have him on your list already awi, but how about Morrel as a notable. One of the best artists in the realm (That i've known anyway) Garg.
  12. Happy birthday to the three whose birthday it is. And also a very happy Un-birthday to those whose birthday it isn't Garg.
  13. I am TRULY sorry, but as a child who is also a firebending knight who has cybersex with an overly nice thief that steals beer from a barman who can't spell due to laziness, I find this whole thing very offensive. Nah, just kidding. I'm not even remotely offended by fenrir's comments for a few reasons: 1. They are his opinions and he's entitled to them, just as I would expect him to allow me my opinions. 2. I don't have the time to get offended by things, there are much more important things in life. 3. He's in a different country and i'm never likely to meet him, and probably wouldn't
  14. I'm in two minds about this. On one hand, it's good to see a bit more rigidity to the dojo. Some of the rules are valid, but then there are others which I'm not so impressed with. 1: MP5's are open to attack - I personally used to go to the dojo, not to train, but because it was the social epicentre of the game, I could talk to friends and not risk mass gribbly death. 2: Not to use excessive roleplay - Why not just change the name of the game to 'duel' in that case? The dojo was the last bastion of roleplay left in the game, so where are us 'RPC's (that's ROLE PLAYING characters, for t
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