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    Manchester, UK.
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    Playing guitar
    Playing computer games (particularly fond of RPGs)

    At the moment I have no job and can't afford to do much else.

    But if anyone happens to live in the UK and has a job in Film/TV/Radio, preferably camreawork, scriptwriting, acting, presenting, editing or even if you need a runner, please let me know, I REALLY need a job ^_^

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  1. do NOT annoy me today, I WILL destroy you.

  2. Happy birthday to the three whose birthday it is. And also a very happy Un-birthday to those whose birthday it isn't Garg.
  3. Hi garg, ol' buddy, ol' pal!

  4. Obvious spam monger. Needs Murdering harshly.

  5. Happy birthday Leggy! Don't get too legless Garg.
  6. *pounces on the Garg* Hehe ^_^

  7. It's Finally here. The First issue of the Magic duel Newspaper - the Golden Globe Gazette many people have worked tirelessly on this first issue alone so they would greatly appreciate it if you would all take the time to read it. there will hopefully be a more traditional method of distribution but for now this forum link will have to do. Feedback is greatly appreciated. [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=587"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=587[/url] Your first issue! Garg Editor in chief - Golden globe Gazette
  8. Happy Birthdailith!!!! Have good one! TEAM BRIT! Garg
  9. Its me..look at my pic...thats my dog with me ^^ *evil grin* it IS me you know.....

  10. Happy Murthday!!! Thanks for such an awesome game. Keep up the awesome work. I'd usually think of something funny or witty to put here.....so.... umm........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUR!!!!!!! Garg.
  11. What ho?


    On the forums?


    Who are you?

    and what have you done with the real minty?

    *eyes him suspiciously*

  12. I am sad at the loss of Gazellephant *cries*

  13. Okay cool. Although for the moment we've got a lot of staff at the moment, we're also pretty busy since we're getting close to release date, but after we send out the first issue i'm gonna have a review of all the staff, get rid of the ones who aren't contributing and take on board some (hopefully) more dedicated people, so I will bear you in mind then. Thanks for showing your support and you'll probably hear from me after the first issue has been released. cheers. Garg.
  14. To all those who said death by sex, yes pleasurable but not gonna look good at your funeral when you're buried with your sex face I wanna go out in a blaze of Glory, maybe take a few spectators down too in a firey furnace of twisted metal or something like that. Either that or being strangled by one of my own guitar strings, that way I can accurately impersonate the noise my guitar makes when I play it Perhaps I've put too much thought into this >.< Oh well. Garg.
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