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  1. I think it's a very good idea and also there should be an option that would let you create rituals without have to click the attack button of other players, I mean, there should be a menu icon that would let you create, delete and manage rituals :lol:
  2. No I meant who will make the decision to implement this feature in the game? Yes good point, if it would count it wouldn't be fair to the other player...
  3. But of course the requirements for the hollow warrior to evolve should be very high so it wouldn't become too easy to gain the ability...I really think that's a great idea Who's responsible for implementing this? This should be discussed with him/her
  4. I always do that and it doesn't work, because most of the time I win with about 5%/100% or I loose I rarely get victories....I say there should be also a restriction to the lost counter so the profiles could be balanced...I think something as simple as you getting losses only when the other player gets a victory should work just fine...
  5. I'm portuguese to...if you need any help just ask
  6. I already suggest this in a previous subject, I really think that this matter should be seriously taken in consideration or it will happen as Eldrad said...I'm sure that no one wants that
  7. I totally agree with you in 2. But in 3 I don't think that hollow warriors should have that ability but instead there should be a new evolution for hollow warriors that might have the resurection ability.
  8. I agree. Unless a new limitation for losses is implemented the balance will always be messed up. And it will be very annoying to make it balanced. Of course it becomes more challenging to increase your counters, but it gets frustrating if the losses counter doesn't have a limitation too... I really think this matter should be taken in consideration!!!
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