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    The Voices

    I... I can't hold it in anymore. Red, Earl, Black, ALL OF YOU! Do something about those random capitalizations. They're getting on my nerves. Hey, easy. Those are really minor mistakes. At least he... I mean they, are making sense, unlike the other half of the Internet. You should already be used to all the broken English by now, aren't you? It's not like we're all using perfect English either... Languages are essentially a means for communication. Using it correctly is not as important as making yourself understood. ... and hello to everyone out there by the way... Yeah, right, whatever. It's not like I can ever prove you wrong either. Precisely. What do we have here? A gathering? Woohoo, I can count 5 already. Anyone up for a game? A game? A mind game as usual? Can I join? Hmm... two more for a booster draft.... or should we go with Emperor format? Not now. I'm working. I'm not playing either. You're always peeking into my thought process. It's no fun. Everyone was always cheating. Naturally. Keep it down, will you? I'm having this headache since morning. You're contradicting yourself again, you hypocrite. And you aren't working! Huh. Yeah, well, brb. A colleague calls. Busy, busy. ... um, is this about time we introduce ourselves? How? I'm afraid we don't have names yet. Names are just mental handles. They aren't what we are. But they're convenient handles. How about I give we all names according to our color alignments? So we'll all have "Blue" in our names? No, thanks. Not me! And into which color would you categorize femininity? Or being an otaku? Yobemashitaka? There he comes. " Seriously, you guys, enough with the poorly written script. I have to work. Time to unplug.... *snip*
  2. Sacosphilz

    The Voices

    So the Voices in the head of the Random Capitalizer are also Random Capitalizers.
  3. Sacosphilz


    C? A and B being duals of each other? What!? Just because only A and B were available, you had to go and vote for C? You are making too much sense! D: How about the rest of the alphabets? How about numbers? Greek alphabets? Cyrillic? Hebrew? Why not some other random character? Can I vote for π? or ☆? or 萌?
  4. In my opinion, creation and order sound too close to the principle of syntropy, while destruction and chaos sound close to the principle of entropy. Anyway, if we want to go physics: Principle of Dimensions - It covers the existence of both time and space. Anyhow, most fantasy worlds don't treat "dimensions" the same way advanced physics does. Principle of Mathematics - Everything that can measured can be quantified, analyzed, interpolated, extrapolated, theorized, and applied. Now if there is a way to measure everything...... (This is related to the role I'm trying to create for myself.) Principle of Perception - Perception is truth. What you believe to be true may be false in the eyes of entities with more encompassing perception, but what you perceive is always your truth. How can you know that the theories you study in school are true if you've never tested it? How can you be sure that your memory has not been fabricated? How can you be sure that what you've not learned firsthand is real? How can you be sure that what you've learned firsthand is real? - Since any given instant of perception cannot be aware of itself, no one knows the whole truth. What matters then is not the whole truth, but the different truths that we conjecture. If we can manipulate perceptions, we are essentially manipulating someone's "truth". (Principle/Theory) of Inevitability - Nothing is random. There are no coincidences. Free will is just an illusion. Everything that has happened or will happen has a predetermined course. Things only seem uncertain because no perception is able to reach down to the basest elements of events.
  5. - You try to type "RPG" and keep typing "RPC" - You start playing out your MD role in real life. - You keep logging into MD forums and the game during your busy periods just to complain that you don't have enough time to play. - You woke up and the first thing you tell yourself is: "****, I forgot to get the free credits last night!" - You have enough authority to create a topic titled: "You know you've been on MD too much when..."
  6. My opinion is similar to Ren's. The character's role should end by default when the player leaves. If a player leaves a character behind, then nobody else should be able to assume that character (unless the previous owner wishes so) because no one can role play as another person perfectly. Anyway, as I understand it, the character "Wodin Ullr" is a special case. It can be argued that Wodin is created to fulfill a aspecific role in the game, not to fulfill a player's personality, so the role should be allowed to be given to anyone who can fulfill that role properly. But on the other hand, the Wodin we come to know (and love/hate) won't be the same if played by another person. Personally, I also twitch at the idea of another player filling Wodin's place. The same issue would also come up if any character is passed down from one player to another, even if that character is designed for such purpose. The more familiar players are with that character, the more awkward the transition. (This also means that I wouldn't mind if the player behind .Morpheus. were to change, because I probably wouldn't notice.) If any future "role" should be heritable at all, I think only the "title" should be assumed intact, but the character names and other indicators should be obvious in pointing out that there is a change in character.
  7. I think this has been brought up before, and it just was deemed only a slight inconvenience. No fix is really required, and you can just memorize how the locations are linked.
  8. Perhaps adding to your point, Glai, but underground Marind Bell is also No Man's Land.
  9. In my point of view, the way regen ability is currently working is counter-intuitive enough to be considered a "bug". However, it is intentionally left unfixed as a way for MP5 to be able to reduce their xp. At the moment only a handful of MP5 can join alliances or advance to MP6, and the rest has nothing better to do than fighting battles, solving quests and competing in the heads contest, and the latter two don't provide a lot to keep playing for. The ability to reduce their own xp would ensure that MP5 players have something to do (training themselves and their creatures) while they're not aspiring for something else. The only condition is that they have to learn how to do so with the mechanisms provided.
  10. He is Lelouch, aka Lulu, from Code Geass, a fun and craptastic anime you should watch.
  11. Glai, you're using frowning emoticons a lot. Don't frown D: SMILE!
  12. Why? I don't even try to explain why you find Grasans cute. D:
  13. Um, the one that said "Gao" is actually the heroine, but if you want to call her a pet.... >_>
  14. D: Puhi is just the sound he makes. His name is Botan, Japanese word for Button. And Piko/Pikkori is also just the sound that dog makes. His name is Potato. Tsk, tsk. Anyway, is the topic moving into cute creatures which make strange noises now? What's next? Fumo-fumo-fumoffu?
  15. Puhi~ (Yes, I'm just trying to derail the discussion further)
  16. If you can edit the poll, you can just switch the text.
  17. I'm willing to bet a full gallon of gasoline that this thread will be derailed into anime and manga soon. Looking at the current faces, it is inevitable. Prove me wrong. *snip* I just noticed that the old "discussion" has been carried over. Me fails. ;_; And no, I still don't find Grasans cute. They're useful, sure, but not cute.
  18. Well, let me get this straight: - You don't want to be tied to good or evil; not Marind Bell, Loreroot, Necrovion or Golemus; not war, peace or knowledge. You don't want to be tied down to any agenda. You just want to explore, play around, fan flames, etc. for the heck of it, but with no specific objective. You'll be a force of freewill. - You want to form an alliance to reflect this outlook. It's kinda contradictory, I think. I'm not saying it's impossible, but IMO it would be hard to justify creating an alliance for this and maintaining it. For starters: 1. I'm sure that a lot of players share your sense of neutrality, but even then they still don't have everything in common. They have different ideals and different goals. How do you bind them together? What do you do when some of them feel like doing opposite things? 2. Members of an alliance are supposed to share a common goal. It's not a hard rule but it's a norm, and it's what motivates people to form alliances in the first place. How do you justify your alliance not having any goal in particular? 3. If, for example, this alliance successfully forms and the policy (from what I can imply) is to let the members act around with their own free will, with occasional cooperations, how would that be different from not having this alliance at all? Let me stress that I'm not disagreeing with your move, I'm just challenging your idea.
  19. I'm not sure I like the idea of lower MP players being able to attack higher MP players. In my opinion, these issues might have to be addressed first: - MP4 and MP5 usually have horrid fight balances with lots more losses than wins, giving any near-balanced MP3 who attack them lots of negative honor. It might not be enough to turn away all attacks, but it would seem a bit strange. Shouldn't you gain honor when winning again a 'stronger' player? - Tree def rits and other 'free' rituals would benefit MP3 a lot and making training creatures so easy. But would it be too easy? MP3 don't naturally have this kind of ritual and they just have to train the hard way. If they sudden have free win rituals to farm with from the start, it would be a major change in game experience, and I'm not sure if it's a good thing.
  20. On RPC issue: I think the claim that RPCs being able to attack lower MP players would "make the game more challenging and realistic" is just an excuse, not a real intended purpose of RPC power. As Glaistig has pointed out, other limitations in the game try to prevent stronger players from abusing weaker players. Why, then, would RPCs be given exclusive rights for the purpose of doing the opposite? I don't oppose RPC having this power in general. It can indeed add to the game experience if used correctly, and the risk it contains is similar to the risk that non-MP5 face when they choose to join an alliance, but it should never be used for personal gain simply because it is unfair. To those in the "unfairness makes for realism" camp: It's not just a matter of whether you can tolerate it and live with it. You got abused by RPC and didn't give up? Good for you. But other players are quitting the game because of this perceived unfairness. If you're concerned about the game, you should be concerned about this issue as well. In my opinion, this RPC power should remain, but it should only be given to those with the need for it (probably to play out their roles) and they should only attack lower MP players only when it is called for. If role or storyline dictates that some players should be attacked, it's ok to attack. If some players give consent or ask to be attack, go ahead. If some players misbehave and crushing their creatures is the appropriate punishment, fine. Attacking for the RPC's own gain, not ok. @Faraday's issue: On the one hand, I think players should have more choice other than role play just to enjoy the game. Not everyone is good at it and certainly not everyone wants to do it. Trying to tell them to just role play isn't that fair. On the other hand, one game can't have everything for everyone. MD is no exception. If it turns out that MD can no longer provide the fun factor for me, I would leave. But anyway, if a player like Faraday likes the game enough to vent out about it, we might need to try looking for some way to improve it. Personally, I'm not much into role-playing either. I certainly enjoy the MD world and the effort put into its stories, and I appreciate the players who eagerly play out their role. It's just that I'm not yet inspired to create a flavorful role for myself, but at least I have something else to work on while I'm not training my creatures or farming stats. While others are concerning themselves with the story and trying to discover the depths of the fantasy side of MD world, I am doing experiments and trying to discover the depths of the mathematical side of MD world. Anyway, to be fair to the role-players, even though I'm sometimes tired of all the role-playing like Lulu probably is, having too many players talking 'off-character' can be really inconvenient to the role-players and can ruin the mood for all. (I did that mistake several times) It's better to just play along when it's appropriate.
  21. It seems to me like his story hasn't ended yet...
  22. That makes sense then. I didn't know the original contest only lasted for such a short time. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to solve it, but it would be hard to prove that. And anyway, if the contest took place around this time instead, the likely scenario would be that I would miss its announcement completely.
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