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    I like anime, manga and most things with their influence. I'm so corrupted.<br /><br />I love games, but not every kind of them. I like strategy, and I like outracing people on the learning curve, but I also appreciate good stories and role-playing as much as good game plays. I don't like real-time or fast-action games because my reflex is terrible, but my timing and rhythm skills are good. That should give you the general idea. :)<br /><br />I also like puzzles, numbers and algorithms, and like to show off my skills in those areas, though I'm not always as good as I think.<br /><br />Last but not least, I like to sleep when not doing any of the above.
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  1. In my opinion, creation and order sound too close to the principle of syntropy, while destruction and chaos sound close to the principle of entropy. Anyway, if we want to go physics: Principle of Dimensions - It covers the existence of both time and space. Anyhow, most fantasy worlds don't treat "dimensions" the same way advanced physics does. Principle of Mathematics - Everything that can measured can be quantified, analyzed, interpolated, extrapolated, theorized, and applied. Now if there is a way to measure everything...... (This is related to the role I'm trying to create for myself.
  2. - You try to type "RPG" and keep typing "RPC" - You start playing out your MD role in real life. - You keep logging into MD forums and the game during your busy periods just to complain that you don't have enough time to play. - You woke up and the first thing you tell yourself is: "****, I forgot to get the free credits last night!" - You have enough authority to create a topic titled: "You know you've been on MD too much when..."
  3. It's working for me now. Thanks to everyone involved.
  4. No, don't flatter me. I don't feel comfortable with too much flattery. They come with the undesired byproduct known as high expectations. It used to be on purpose. Now it's automatic. Thanks for the revelation.
  5. Aww...... Glai, why so bitter? I know all of this because of your help as well, and I still owe you the explanations to help you understand these related game mechanics
  6. Heh, my guess hasn't been confirmed yet. I could be wrong, you know?
  7. Yes..... that should be 1 Tree, 1 or more Archer, and 1 or more Grasan. My guess is 1 Tree, 2 Archers, and 1 Grasan. B)
  8. Sorry to trouble you again, Ren, but it still isn't working for me...
  9. WINNER 0% vs 0% Combat details (under construction). 'A' is you, 'E' is enemy Honor reward for this battle: 276 Loyalty reward for this battle: 0 Enemy was penalised with 5 honor for loosing this fight *** todo help after fight Casualties: Enemy:0%, You:0% heat You: 4075, Enemy: 0 logsize:2951 usevitality:0 strategy:280564 looser:E actionnr:120 rounds:12 E lost: -356800vit; A lost: vit; Array ( [vars] => Array ( [statsVp] => -356802 [statsXpl] => 0 [statsAct] => 0 ) [character] => Array
  10. I just realized that I have this same problem too. I can't add more friends beyond 5, even though I've bought all of the extra feature available in the shop. @Skyite: The friend list isn't always used for keeping friends. It is also used as a stalking list.
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