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  1. Yes you did apologies in game. You were not the only one. Yes i am a mod and yes i deal with the abuse I found the topic by a forum search so i don't thing is a difficult thing to do. any ways my issue is not with you per say, I am a mod since i have the GoE spell ALL players that have the spell are mods of HC. I have a right as one of the GOE spell people to just jump people to GOE as much as i have casting so i could just have done it for the hell of it so now i am stating i am going to do it for the hell of it. I am not abusing the ability as this is one of the uses of the abili
  2. Right so here goes. I move players out of locations the likes of Golemus and Necro. Why did i do this well first was the issue with farming in Golemus (this issue was fixed today thanks to ether Mur or the council) I got pm's complaining that is did it. First i got a PM from one player complaining about another farming next i find that player the one that complained was in golemus so i move him too i start getting PM's from both players giving me abuse over the jumping of them I moved players from necro again and more moaning over it and a debate of the rules so i pointed to the ru
  3. you cant be stuck as the way in is also the way out

  4. oh just out of curiosity how many diffrent items do the woodcutter have? as in do you just have a saw? or is there other items to get the other resorces? just wondering really you don't have to say if you don't want to
  5. Umm.. just wondering is this guild still around or has it well umm gone from the realm. I have not heard anything new from this guild for a while. heck I don't even know what the going rate is for the resource they are suppose to gather.
  6. I like this makes me think 1) To be able to draw images why not: I just done seem to be able to keep the images long enough in my head why yes: I am sure if I sat down and practice I could get something done why: I would like to be able to show the world some of the images in my head. 2) To fully over come my dyslexia why not: It is very hard to do and i get frustrated when i hit a very difficult task why yes: I have the means to do it even if they say it cant be done why: Because loosing my sense of time of when things happen or even not retain memories of things I really enjoyed
  7. With talks completed between the Golemus leaders and with Lifeline the King of Marind Bell We have come to a desission in regards to the actions taken by lifeline and the Drachorn cave. looking back on a long history of good relations between our land it has be decided to accept lifelines apoligy but with some conditions. As this has caused a strain between the two lands. With this in mind it has been decided that Lifeline is not allowed to enter Golemus without express premission from Yrthilian King of Golemus. This will be reviewd again at a later date. In regards to the citizens of m
  8. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='smartalekrj' timestamp='1290242741' post='72635'] Well the point was those rules are clearly stated, whereas the one that was made up was in a post i never read. Therefore was unaware of it not being allowed. I dont like argueing with brick walls. So either learn to make sense, or learn to understand what you read. Your choice. You are clearly just looking for a reason to argue. Whether you make sense or not... And that is shown several times throughout this topic. [/quote] So you go away for some time come back and expect you can just carry on from when you left off. As a ve
  9. Well i like the idea of sharing but to be honest that is more difficult than you would believe this type of project is very difficult to maintain. It has been tried many times and so far no real success. I would more like to see discussion of topic rather then a knowledge share. Talks on what people see things as this is more of a chat to discuse posiableaties of something kind of like a think tank type of thing with the general groups. This sort of thing i think would more get people into the idea of research and doing it as a group
  10. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    I am sorry i really do not know what to say Normaly i am not so taken back by such a comment I am sorry but i am no going to be making any more comments right now I dont know why but i am upset by the remark and normaly i would just brush it off @ Rhaegar I under stand you may not have realised i have dyslexia but i really do not know what to say now i am stumpd at the moment. I will get over it dont worry I wont hold it agenst you I just need to step away for a bit.
  11. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1290178399' post='72568'] when it comes from the likes of you, I find it funny, Yrth, so please don't refrain yourself Being an Irish who can't maintain grammar of the posts in his own language, really adds to your credibility by the way. [/quote] I am afraid you owe me an apoligy for that. As is WELL known i am dyslex in RL and untill now no other player tried to pull that line on me in game or on the forums. This just shows how you really are as a person to bring in someone disablity on to the forum argument. Now i am very disapointed in t
  12. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1290175804' post='72562'] funny or not, it is so clear that even a Paper Cabin newb can see it I mean come on, first Yrthilian talks how Lifeline planned this all along (which implies that he wanted to abuse GG all along, which isn't true), how he suspected all this 'evil' and now it's time for him to act. Bla bla bla, only an idiot would believe that story 3 times in a row. [/quote] Broken record anyone? First you put word in my moths i would suggest stopping that. It is just childish to do such things. You chave your opinion that is fine but
  13. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1290171185' post='72556'] the mood about "Golemus King needs to be asked before an event in Golemus can be placed" has my response: this sounds very hypocritical since Golemus citizen holds "Fight Club" event in MB (as far as I know without asking Lifeline to place it there) and nobody ever commented that in a wrong way (nor it should have), then Golemus citizen made a pub in Willow's shop (don't know is it still active?)... furthermore, if Marind Bell citizens aren't allowed in Golemus, will you restrain from sending your own citizens into Marind B
  14. Yrthilian


    This topic will be used to make announcement from land leaders and the king to Golemus citizens regards any issues affecting the land
  15. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1290167327' post='72550'] I would guess not, but I, for one, will not go on war with [u]a country[/u] because of the actions of [u]one person[/u] who happens to be its leader. I'd refrain from mixing personal issues with a king over country issues. Unless, of course, the action was done specifically as the King of the Land, representing the Land's intent. If it is an MB training ground made by the King of MB on Golemus soil, it's begging for war. Otherwise, I'd finish the issues on the appropriate scale, unless we really miss repeating convos like the ol dear G
  16. Yrthilian

    New Ggg?

    Well now that i have the time to get through all the information i have been given/gathered First off my point of view on the GGG or other training grounds I have no issues with them i dont really care what sort of training is beeing done. I have used the GGG before in the past and i even set rits up for people to loose xp. the diffrence is i dont set rules in thoes location if the rits all get wiped out so what it was good while it lasted. (this is in refrence to the libs i let others use to loose xp) Second. I do have an issue with the choosen location. The drac cave is a closed l
  17. Hmm ok just something i was thinking about. Guilds for each resorces is not really a good idea to be honest. For wood yes that works because it can be done as a business. so a guuld/cpmpany that works on that goal is a good way to work it. For water? i dont think a guild works for this as enyone can gather water no skill required to be able to get a bucket and get some water Water is the most basic of resorces and yes used in a lot of diffrent things. If you wanted a water Guild i would suggest it does not work on gathering water but more on purfying it or hardining it For example se
  18. [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1289687226' post='72062'] For those who are voicing their opinions on a specific King, are they protected from any outlash of said King? That is, if they choose not to be anonymous. Also, is this restricted to those who are only citizens, or can anyone in MD voice? And if not, what about those with diplomacy in a certain land? [/quote] If a system like this was to be made i would expect it to always be anon if someone chooses not to be anon they they should understand the posiable backlash from such a choice or become a rebel if they so choose. The me
  19. I like the idea of beeing able to pm a king even if he/she is not on the friends list It would also be good if they could do it anon too. As Mur said some people may not say something out of fear of a previous conflict and think their idea wont be listened to also it is a good way for people to voice their opinion on ideas put forward I like this very much it would be a very usefull system to be honest and i would love to see this get implemented. Maybe something like the citizen application system. Use the message system it has That would meen the king having a link similar to cit
  20. Ok so to get everything back on track if we can. so in regards to the questions put forward and to answeres. The new system of the rebels. Good idea? bad isea? The point of what can be done currently with the new system - Rebel is safe from excomunication (good) - Rebel can be silenced for short periods of time (good) - Kings recived item to use as a way of silincing a rebel (good) - This give a new system to try force a vote for removing the king (good) I am sure there are many other point i have missed but still all i can really see from this are good things yes there are bad
  21. [quote name='pamplemousse' timestamp='1289523056' post='71916'] So, the chatban lasts for [u]4 hours[/u], so I'm told. That seems [b]INCREDIBLY[/b] excessive. I understand that only one person can be banned at a time, and that there is, or will be, a cool down. But for those that are not on MD for long hours at a time, this seems a bit unfair. Of course, those that rebel will have to lose some rights, but if someone is rebelling, you most likely have an issue with a King and that King might be more inclined to want to shut you up because you are rebelling, not because what you are saying i
  22. [quote name='pamplemousse' timestamp='1289484783' post='71896'] I have a question about the chatban part. From the Announcements: "Kings will receive items to supress rebels from talking in chat but they wont be able to suppress groups" *I understand there is strength in numbers, but what is considered a group? 2 or more, or a higher number? *What is to stop a King from silencing all the individuals at once? A cool down, or something else? *Must the target have the "rebel" tag to be silenceable? [/quote] Ok so to clear things up a bit for this in a single post The rebel silen
  23. @Peace Look i dont want to get into a argument with you so yes lets drop it. In regards to the topic in its self. I feel this is a kingship issue at hand too. My reasons are as above as are one of the other kings This is not a moan about kingship ablities but a kingship should have been brought in on the idea before launching it to help prepar for the new change. This is something that citizens expect as this is how the king is viewed. I for one like this new system it bring in some nice posablities. The only issue i have with the new system is because the kings are viewed in a certa
  24. Look you are trying to be a smart ass about this topic. The kingship has responded to the anouncment in here and you come along and say stop moaning. You tried to be smart in other peoples responce I have an opinion about your statment and with what and how you say it If you dont like it well not my problem In regards to the word i use and what you expect well that too is your problme The forum is for out of game responces and not my character in game unless otherwise stated. This is easly recognised by me useing the king sig i have for offical Golemus anouncments. you also point to
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