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  1. That is an interesting idea Something i will look in to all right
  2. McV will get citizenship back when taken out of Jail. The citizenship was removed as part of the tools functions. this is also why i said McV must come to me when released. In regards the LAB and maps. The main issue is that it was left in chat for all to see helping people through the lab is an issue and a minor one if done through PM. But in this case it was not. I talked with the other leaders in regards the choices The main desision was mine and i was the one that decided the action to take. The sentence was carried out with the abilities i have at hand I am willing to re
  3. After long talks and a very long thinking on this matter I find i have to take this action. 1. McVitie is to be removed from the Golemus Alliance This is in response to showing new players through the Labyrinth and leaving a trail for all to find. Note: I have no issue with helping new players and showing them around but the Labyrinth is for players to figure it out them self's. It is a spoiler to show new players through the Labyrinth. 2. McVitie is to be jailed for 2 weeks for her actions of leaving a trail through the Labyrinth for all players to view this is a spoiler and is bre
  4. dear snow please stop for a few hours so i can get my flight out

  5. I was informed of a citizen showing new MP3 players the route through the Labyrinth into Golemus. I am saddened that a Golemus citizen has taken this upon herself to do this and leave a trail in the Labyrinth for others to find. No Golemus citizen or any other player should be doing anything like this what so ever. It took time to get the chat area cleared and time that should not have to be taken to do this. I will name the player that did this as i intend to make this a public issue and to state this is not sanctioned by me or of the other leaders. ALL Golemus citizens wishing to d
  6. yeah thanks for the pic's of the red moon Ireland was coverd with cloud could not get to see it

  7. hmm the pricing seems ok at least until something comes along that lest you use the wood i currently have 192 lumber to sell too I used this topic to sell the lumber as I dont want to put my wares into competition with the WC guild as per my chat with the now leader. SO as per my agreement with Fir i will stick to the tax on the lumber. But i will also add a donation from the fund to the WC Guild.
  8. well actually B was in jail for some of the time i dont think it was for a full 2 weeks but he was in jail.
  9. I am sorry to hear you have chosen to step down. You know were i am if you want to talk more. I have always welcomed your in site into the realm of MD. I do not think you have failed in what your character is and i do hope you will keep on the track you were on as a researcher The best of luck in the path you now travel
  10. Interesting how this has come about. Regards the system automation. if you look closer you will find that there is much more automation than you realise. You used the Wodin seal as an example to what could be done. Have you asked the people that hold that seal how it works? I guess not but then again you may not be told any ways. As the seal has a secret that only the holders and a few others know. As it was brought up. There is a Guild in the realm that create items and myself. It takes a lot of work to gain such an ability like that. This wont happen over night well most things
  11. This is how i see the symbol that would close the shape A circle can be both though closed or counter [attachment=2344:recruit2.1.jpg] Again i think colour is also of importance
  12. [attachment=2323:recruit1.jpg] This is just my own point but i believe colour is just as important as the symbol. i know i wont be joining but i am interested to find out
  13. Princ Rhaegar i believe you are going off topic yet again with your personal issues. Please stick to the topic at hand and not have yet another Princ V Firs again. Back on topic From a Kings point The issue of WP's and whom can have them. At this point from a years experience IT has been seen that a king CAN decided whom can or who cannot have a WP they sponsor. In the case of Jester he wi within the right as the current owner of the land WP's. Regards the status of rebel in this case It is their choice to become a rebel. In this incident it would appear the rebels didnt ask en
  14. umm something similar to this was being done. The MDA newspaper was suppose to be that sort of email to help keeps players in the loop but it took so much work that they stopped doing it. The we miss you email aspect. I dont know if it would work i know of many sites that do this and i get annoyed as i left the game because i got board of it or didn't like it. It is a good idea but i just dont know if it would work for MD
  15. Well as a king myself and from the last year of WP's rewarding i feel i have to say something The land WP's Belong to the kingship of that land and has the right to reward the wp's or not to. In the past kings HAVE restricted WP's to players this was at the time complained about but not agents the rules Regards rebels you choose to be agents the kingship of the land, you may still be a citizen but you are fighting agents the kingship. In doing this you cannot ask the person you are fighting agents to give you a reward. Come on it makes perfect sense that Jester in this case has done thi
  16. Udgard is correct I personally cannot reward the same player of 25 player meaning i have to wait for the player to come off my list of 25 previous player I must say if you really wanted to know you could have asked me directly instead of trying to cause trouble. even though you claim you are not. The player that got rewarded were on behalf of others too but you don't seem to have that detail in what you claim as fishy. In those I made the note to say why they were rewarded and on behalf of whom they were done for. I know I don't need to explain myself as i also keep a log of all WP'
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    From the album: Snow 2010

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    My snowman :D
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    From the album: Snow 2010

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    From the album: Snow 2010

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  21. I under stand Awiiya post in regards the council i can also understand the frustration of the outcome. All i can say is from my point of view the council was stopped from enacting a punishment they wanted to put forth in the first place. But any ways i like this council and what they have done so far. No offence Mur but they do seem to be a bit quicker in responding but then again that's no surprise as Mur is only Mur and the council is a team of some sort. I am sure there will be many things they do that we wont like but then again they will do much we will like all i can say is
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