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  1. Just letting all know that i will be away for 2 weeks
  2. this was looking to be a good idea but it has some flaws. 1. the kings dont govern every land. 2. King 1 cannot get involved in king 2 affairs 3. I believe most kings already have an open invitation to citizens to forward ideas or even just request a meeting in game. For one i cannot sponsor a citizen from another land with Golemus WP's. They are Golemus treasure not MD treasury. yes we have in the past sponsored quests of other land or even of non land people. It is within our power to do so but wont always do this. just wanted to add I dont remember agreeing to this that is not t
  3. wow dst that is a really beauty full one.
  4. ah i knew i should have taken a look when i was over
  5. use this link for mobile access www.magicduel.com/mobile you should then be able to see chat in answer to the main question yes your active days will be counted
  6. yeah a little bit more tweaking and it will be perfect and i would love to use it on my FF but i would love to see a land based one for each land
  7. I didn't bother to use multi quote as it would make the post too long. @ Kafuuka As i mentioned i presume the race to be human. A single entity of a robot does not make it a race. The robot had to be built in some way by someone. The fact a robot dog was recognised only in my view means that the player that created the robot built it. Objects get recognised all the time. If i remember there is or was a player trying to create a clockwork drachorn. If the drachorn was then mentioned in the AL it become more real but does not mean it is a race within the game. I did not say i wont accept
  8. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1302118630' post='82044'] You ask, therefore I'll deliver. The AL acknowledges robot dogs which bark in Spanish. No elves have been sighted yet, but it clearly refutes your human only premise, even if you add exceptions for the aramor, shade and knator. [/quote] As you state it is a "robot" who says we cannot make robots. As this is a robot there for not living everything it does must be pre programmed. Since this is also a robot it is NOT a race. So i am sorry but my argument still stands. Thinks can be recognised in game through the AL and yes the AL
  9. [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1302098605' post='82010'] [color="#2e8b57"][i]Sorry Yrth I just saw your post now. [/i][/color] [color="#2e8b57"][i]By persona do you mean Projected Character in game? Because yes, not everyone chooses to be human in game. Its a given that all the users behind the characters are human unless there is a chimp banging away at keyboard and goes behind the username: {_____insert username here____} The way I see it, MD gives the user the platform to re-create themselves , via the Personal Pages, and portray themself in whichever way they would like to.
  10. [quote name='Diavollo' timestamp='1302107663' post='82030'] but what date exactly? [/quote] umm last week i just arrived back in Ireland on Monday gone
  11. Hmm am i to assume by the lack of responses that every one agrees with me on this?
  12. Ok this is just based on my own personal opinions. some things i say my offend some i am sorry if it does but i wanted to make this topic for some time and well why not now Well i have been in MD for a long time as many know and through my time here i have seen many a personality. I have a view of MD and what is it about as many of you do. But i am bothered by some of the things i see. So i wanted to write about what is the reality of MD and what is just a persona. Remember this is just my opinion but i am also interested in seeing others views. MD to me is a realm without races.
  13. Ok so here i go been a while since i had to post something in here. I was going to each fentis press in each land checking what principals i could get for sacking a creature So i left the one in LR and checked my creature list and all was fine. I used my send to GOE spell and carried onto the fentis in MB and notice i no longer had my Angien. I gained no heat no xp/heat loss and my principal did not get increased. Some how my creature just up a left Also to not the at the same time i seem to have lost my comment about self page. Do not know if this happened at the same time as it
  14. Well i arrive in at 15:50 on Wednesday so plenty of time
  15. LOL dont count on the weather Sure give myself and firs a shout when you are here. In regards to Romania i am flying over on Wednesday and will be there until Sunday.
  16. When i fully finish reading the topics i will make a more details response but i had to say this as it is on my mind now A T does not have 3 points it has 4. 1 at each end and one in the middle were the lines meet.
  17. Right so let me see if i got this you basically want players to work together on question or answering questions with questions. So the basic run down is you would like to see players interact more about MD and see if a push for understanding can be made. But also know that some players wont share what they think they understand. This has nothing to do with Lore from what i can see. (this is only my opinion) The issue with Lore in the past is it was not used as it was suppose to be. Some players decided they didn't have enough information and decided to add some to suite their ideas
  18. well i will jump on board and join this team
  19. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1297424488' post='78752'] belong to MD staff? what are you talking about? [/quote] I suggest you red that again I didn't say belong to MD staff read it word for word please and dont accuse me of saying things i did not say.
  20. wow all this fighting and arguing over funds that most have no right to. So there are funds left sitting around. So far i dont see anyone that donated to the fund asking for the credits back. This fund has been around for some time and the artisans just stopped being active. So at this point an argument over the fund starts how predictable and boring. Common people. If it is such an issue why has no one sent a mail to the MD staff or Mur asking about it. Or even reminding them it is still there and make some suggestions. Would have been much better than to start a topic over it. I am
  21. sounds intresting this I used to be a top 10 player in top 10 Corprations 4 years ago in EVE online (dont have screenshots stoped playing a long time ago) I used to be top 20 player in tribal war on worlds 2 and 5 (again stoped playing a long time ago so no screenshots) on all games i play i am known by the same name as in MD. if you do a google search you will find my name is unique I steped away from the gaming comunity a long time ago to take a break from it as it was at the time taking over. I am happy to give my help where i can.
  22. I like this idea to be honest. But it does have a few issues. More so because you also have NML and the UG each land does not have king or a body really to be granted the same. Ok yes it could be argues UG has a leader. But that aside and let look at this properly. In the past there were many complaints that a none ruled land does not get any WP. The kings were asked to donate WP's in most cases we did. What Firs proposes here is really a good thing. It lets an alliance that is suppose to be watching the land have the chance to get WP's to give out for good quests of non land citi
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