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  1. Well as i remember Mur did say this is the start of the inventory idea. this will just expand a lot and i am sure he may find a way to let us creat items ourselfs. This would allow for more divers items and for trading. i dont know how the item if they were to have some special effects would be implemented and how they would be managed or who would have the rights to add in the ablities. i do recal that there may be a team set up for that.
  2. Great to see such a good responce to this. The treaty does only apply to GG alaince and LR alaince. I would like to see other alainces included in this. As egards the MR's this treaty does not specificaly cover them but MRD and my self have spoken of this before. We have agreed that the MR's are to be treated as if they are GG alaince and vice versa. Regarding the Savelites. I have spoken with Savel and we agreed on a similar treaty but attackng is allowed while other are idel. I would like better and clearer terms defined and as Lady Isolda already know this is now her area to w
  3. count me in i shound just be in the dorr by then though so might be a few min late name yrthilian
  4. Ah i am sure all yhis waiting will be worth it. Just be pactient. I am sure Mur will get it sorted out soon. I know most of you just like are suffering from withdrawel at the moment "Twich Twich" but we can fold out a bit "Twich" Longer
  5. Well i have to put my say in too I started i think just over a year ago. I had been looking for an online RPG with a diffrence and boy did i find one. Like MB said i spend about a week to a month playing online games but MD has been diffrent I have been hooked from day one and have come to get to know so many people within the game system. It has been great fun and i have manage to acheive so much. I am to this day still supprised at how much i still enjoy playing. (i am even still at the boss to unblock the site for me) I dont think i will ever get board of this game it is way to mu
  6. wow such an intresting post. I have been in MD for a very long time and i too will never leave to be honest With regards to RPC's beeing as i run one (Wodin) and i play a character who wants to be one but has not quite gotten there yet. I find that yes it can be hard to catch the RPc's and it can also be hard to be an RPC. But i was thinking that for the liks of thoes poditions that have the like of drackhorns as a reward to be given out that maby thoes sort of positions should have an aprentice. so for the like of RJ he would have a second in line training to be a drachorn master a
  7. yeah the second one does sound better alright so an alaince page for anoucements to the alaince
  8. well yes that is the reason as the chat can get lost under the alaince chat and not all members are online at the time of anouncing something. esp when beeing the leader and players jump to you and cant get back out of the location you are in and get stuck for hours on end
  9. Hey just wondering if this might be posable sending mass mesages to alaince members maby only by the leader. this would make it easer to cordinate stuff and give members updates. thnks Yrth
  10. OK here is one i have been tinking of also the reason for the space between the 8 and 0 is because the forum turns it into a smily 80 [b]I will work on images later[/b] My name: Yrthilian, Golemus TechnoMage [b]Crystal Shard[/b] [b]Level 1[/b] [b]Creature name:[/b] Crystal Shard (Crystal). [b]Description: [/b] A small Crystal Shard same size as an egg [b]Targets:[/b] Weak Creatures [b]Abilities:[/b] Stun (hoping to get a new ability added in the game ) [b]Story:[/b] The Crystal shard comes from the mine of Golemus. They were discovered by accident when a miner was working a
  11. [u][b]The Alliance of Golemus Golemicarum[/b][/u] The Alliance of Golemus Golemicarum is composed of people who love the region of Golemus and are ready to protect it until their death. Yes we know we don’t have access as of yet so we defend the main gate and reside in the land of... We are defensive army and yes we are ready to attack those that become our enemies, we don’t want to go to war but if we are attacked, we will response by force if necessary; we are able to fight and defend ourselves well. The Golemus Golemicarum Alliance has 50 seats. The Golemus Golemicarum Alliance is ru
  12. In regards to the creatures, I hope I do justice in this explanation. From what I have read above and from what I have learned in magic duel. The creatures are a magic/skill/instinct. This way of seeing it is that we are told that this is what this creature does and this is how it will behave. Think of it this way as you are getting older your parents tell you things to questions you have and this is how you come to see it and understand it. This is in a way the same for creatures. So once you see a creature and you gain an understanding to what it can do you come to think of how to use
  13. ok i have already looked but this is diffrent Yrthilian is unable to login now i know the solutions but if i use my email i log in as wodin so useing email is not an option i have already cleared the cash and everything else so any help would be great also i have tried the name i had when i lost my connection thanks yrth
  14. yrthilian ID:7022 wodin ID:4128 always willing to jump in and help
  15. well in case some of you have not guessed i beleve Messanger is Mur or Sheops and the damage has been done.
  16. [quote name='Tremir' post='16452' date='Sep 11 2008, 02:41 PM']Last I checked, the MRs were not a part of the Guerrilla. They have their own goals, and their own agenda. I do not think that this treaty includes them.[/quote] This treaty does not include the MR's yes they are an alaince themselfs. But they and myself count the 2 allainces as 1 alaince I beleve the MR's have there own treaty with Loreroot. To help clarify even though the MR's have there own alaince and guard Golemus they are indeed part of the GG alaince and that info will be posted soon. Thanks Yrthilian Techno
  17. [quote name='Morquor' post='16446' date='Sep 11 2008, 02:30 PM']Love it, Lord Yrthilian of Golemus Guerilla. As a Technomancer, will you start experiment on making Golems? That would help the Golemus army a lot, i think.[/quote] Yes Golems would be a nice addition to the army but i am a Techno Mage my friend not a technomancer I am sure there will be many new creatures in Golemus for the Golemus alainces to gain and use in our defence. I may even creat something to make the stronger yu never know
  18. Guerrilla Golemicarum and Guardians of the Root Treaty of Knowledge Sharing and Non Aggression This is a treat of knowledge sharing and Non Aggression, The purpose of this is to outline the terms to be agreed between the alliance of Guerrilla Golemicarum and the alliance of Guardian of the Root. The terms of the Treaty is for both alliances to share knowledge in the art’s of magic and lore in order to help increase the skills and abilities of both alliances this could be done by having both alliances could meet on a regular basis and shear their knowledge in this area. This would also cover
  19. Hi DST sorry for not updateing sooner have been trying to catch up with a lot of stuff going on I will make some posting about the alaince over the next few days as i am working on the information at the moment with the rest of the alaince members. GG Alaince leader yrthilian (1046) ------------------ savelfuser (956) .Wodin Ullr. (637) .Metal Bunny. (507) Nihal (431) Shadowice (176) Frooo (104) Dmik King (69) Tremir (25)
  20. Hi I am Yrthilian a Techno Mage. What is a Techno Mage you ask? Well the short description is a Techno Mage is one who works to combine Magic and Technology. I have work long and studied hard to become what I am today. I have travelled a lot and spoke with many a person to get the understanding I needed to become the Techno Mage I am today. My story is long so I will not bore you with all the details right now but I will tell you some of it. I have always had a fascination with Magic and I was always good with technology. I could always figure out how something works or was suppose to wor
  21. Man this is great stuff you know you have been playing MD to much when you keep logging in to check an update or to mass attack other and this take away from one deadline. Even worse you miss your deadline by a whole 24 hours! Thanks Yrthilian Techno Mage
  22. Yrthilian TechnoMage Tags: Techno Mage, Golemus Techno Mage What i hope to gain as an RPC/PWR is to be able to reat my amulet and use it to gain access to Golemus my home. I would also like the spells to help defend and heal. I would intend to use thoes spells to help and defend my adepts and thoes that ask for my guidence. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Discription of Yrthilian technoMage What is a Techno Mage? Well a Techno Mage is someone who has worked hard to master the making of magic items combining technology and magic. This is a hard process and take time to creat the desir
  23. hmm it is an intresting idea but well i dont know war does seem to be comming and i dont think there is much one can do to stop it but then again it may well get stoped but we will have to see
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