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  1. never like it originally was agreed but some of us still hold to the old days none the less ;-)
  2. so drama is over??   md can go back to being what it once was?
  3. Ok so been a while since i made a post here and since i still dont have access to land weapons section will post it here.   The GG weapons i now believe it is a resonance generator. Thinking on the weapon its design shape and how the room looks for it.   even though the weapon does not have an apparent way of targiting it does not mean you cant target with it. I think it interacts on a frequency of each land or object. this means it could target anywhere and posable anytime.   The only think at this point is what are the frequancy of each land/item/place/material shade
  4. so far i have not seen mention of the locked location being open in general there ways in still i think but you have to find thoes out :D   thanks for the welcome back all.
  5. oh congrats on the role well deserved and no one better suted to it. so can i gets a drac :P   yeah i seen the vote system been asked in the past to login and vote for peope :D   Al ? wait there is still no goverment? hmm well i am around again and will be working on my role so if i am needed just shout :D
  6. you know i was going to say a lot of stuff but guess what i am back on the forums less that 24 hours and look the same crap is still going on with the same people. Hoped this would have blown bye by now.   it is like a tv series with a very bad story line that just wont end while the series is good but just that one story that ruines it
  7. Right been away for a while trying to get the new life organised. now that new baby has settled and i can put time back in the MD   what did i miss and anything i need to know regards Golemus? or is everything still as it once was?
  8. WIndows xp been a while since i have had to tell someone this like 9 years i think look like xp had an issue with TCP/IP and it is now croupted this should help you. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/299357 if not try uninstalling the network card driver for all networking device if you have both wirelss and wird on that system then restart and reinstall the driver
  9. it is noble that you wish to do this but... if you have no intent on joining the alliance then why would it be returned to efforts you bring to it. i am not shooting down what you wish to do. I just curious as to why it would be returned to one whom states they have no wish to be part of it. For me and what i see. and yes i am still about to see things and please take no offence but forms is not the place to work on regaining an alliance it need to be an in game thing. moaning or complaining about unfairness on the forums is not the way to about regaining the alliance. has anyone tri
  10. sorry but i have to agree with dst here. this is not how to regain an alliance
  11. aww thanks a lot everyone was nice to see this
  12. umm please do not speak on my behalf. I have not stoped playing. I have a new family (dauther) and my time is short. In most cases i do reply to players on PM. As for my support for the Research stuff I still want it and have asked about it from time to time. It should have been in place some time ago and seems it still has not been done. NOTE: i am not on any team for research and do not have access to anyones submitted research. I know it is frustrating to wait for a team to be put in place and i truly wish i could help you all but sending me messages wount make it get done qu
  13. I like this idea. Looks much easer to manage would be handy when looking to sac a creature too.
  14. Yrthilian

    labyrinth trip

    Well done. It does in deed take pacients and yes it is a good way to test it. Well done for not giving up
  15. [quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1313649294' post='90361']I think the papers should take a person to the Kelle'tha Cannon interior. this is a defo no no. That is a land secret location (well not so secret). That is a location that only a few should have access to Awi[/quote][quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1313649874' post='90363']Which invalidates the gg_deep spell that is there. I think the papers should teleport one into the Gates, and give a huge AP bonus if one is Golemian- so there is enough to move for a while.[/quote] Well. the TP to a location is a good idea. The Ap bonu
  16. that would be about right. The papers have no use at the moment
  17. Well i am happy for anyone to use any tools just [please respect the land to not drain them of all the resources Golemus land res should not go below 50%
  18. As Burns has said. The AP to enter and to leave IS intentional. Golemus is not there for just anyone and everyone to get into and out of easily. The AP wont get changed! I for one am happy with the costs to get on or out of Golemus The incentive here is to get older and to be around long enough to enter and explore. I do not want to find that just anyone can walk in it is suppose to be difficult and i currently believe that the gate shows the level of difficulty.
  19. no nothing happened. It looks like no interest in meeting the king of Golemus well for the people of Golemus you may pm me in game or out of game any time i will respond i will also be around for you to chat to me
  20. bump just keeping people up to date this is going to be run early on Saturday. around 11:00 server time till around 16:00 server time
  21. I agree with Laphers on what he is saying. The guild are doing well for the moment. they may not be moving a quickly as you would like but sometimes that is not a bad thing. I mentioned in your other topic the you could use the crafter guild and myself to increase some of the items out in the wild. This can work like a tap if you wish. tell us to distribute a set item type or something to the land tell us a limit to work with. The recipe for the cauldron i want to submit some but RL stopped me from doing so. I will send one some things to you to look at when you want to. I know you ha
  22. Hmm well as you say the items from the past belonged to those players. Ok yes they may not be on-line any more or are on rare. So why not give the crafter and my self clearance to make batch items and let us give them out randomly? This we can do and may solve the current delema you are facing. Put in the item creation panel a flag system so we can set it so the new items if not role specific it can be transferred to an item shop if flagged as owner/role then it wont get moved. Could also have the items marked as land items (meaning made from that land not land specific item) that
  23. yes it ill be at the gate again
  24. date changed to the 30th
  25. Ok i am now looking at buying some memory stones for myself to use. Can the people whom gather them please PM me on the forums what there current price is and lead time to delivery Thanks Yrth
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