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  1. Might i suggest that each land talks between themselfs and see whom they might consider to take the position. For necrovian i can think of 2 that would be best suted for the role. This could become a very good idea but i beleve some more though needs to be talked on some more regards status and what not.
  2. [quote name='Watcher' date='09 October 2009 - 06:42 AM' timestamp='1255066957' post='44121'] Congratulations on keeping your crown of tinsel and tin foil. I can think of none more worthy. All hail Yrthilian, Hollow King on the Throne of Dust. [/quote] ah someone i see who is bitter Well say as you wish abd what you like For i know what is true
  3. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='09 October 2009 - 04:50 AM' timestamp='1255060241' post='44114'] I don't read. I skim. If you want lazy people to raed your posts, post smaller :/ [/quote] Then dont comment unless you understand. DONT marke post neg if you have not read them properly. for you lack the information and there for make assumptions
  4. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='09 October 2009 - 04:26 AM' timestamp='1255058818' post='44111'] Yrth, there's a difference between giving GG to Grido, MB and Burns, and giving Khal to Lib. Lib is not part of Necro, nor will he help Khal grow at all. Grido, MB and Burns ARE part of GG (whether you like it or not), and they don't need access to prove it. They WILL help the GG alliance grow, and if you wouldn't let your pride get in the way like this, you COULD all work together, providing they agree to it. They have the GG alliance. Good. One less thing to worry about. Of course, you apparently
  5. I am not going to repeate myself so [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5302-gg-alliance-returned/page__view__findpost__p__44109"]Responce on similar topic[/url] Yrth
  6. Well now that i am back and now that i have had time to think and to measure up things. Peace Give the allaince to the trators (from my point of View) and from the out come of the war. The choice to take the allaince was done and i beleve planed before the war. (again my opinion) This does not really matter. What has happened has happened. For peace to ask for Khal the Whites soul. Well that is another matter now. Since you decided to give the allaince to 2 trators why should i not return the favour and give Khals soul to Lib? (note i will not do this) This would be the same as wh
  7. Ok I dont really know what to say here. I am flying out in the morning and i guess i wont know the result for about a week. But in IF i am still king when i return I will do things diffrent that i am sure of. I see that some of my actions have been deemed unliked and people were not happy. But also how does one know if people are not happy if they dont say anything. I have always made it known that people can say what the wish even advise on anyissue they have. I even called many a meeting and even open up 5 diffrent was to comtact me even when i am not in the realm of MD.
  8. [quote name='Udgard' date='01 October 2009 - 12:24 PM' timestamp='1254396248' post='43398'] A misguided war against a whole Land caused by dislike towards 1 person, to which some protest has been made. [/quote] I knew at some point someone was going to bring this up. This war did not happen because of a dislike i had wih Raven As at the time i liked raven and had no persional issues. This war happened because of abouse of powers brought in to the argument and was not rectified at the time when asked to have it sorted. I backed up a memeber of Golemus through that action and at the
  9. [quote name='Grido' date='30 September 2009 - 08:04 PM' timestamp='1254337478' post='43255'] Yes, I have sent the petition to Mur to have Yrthilian deposed as king, the document will be made public (by him presumably), and there will be a vote on the matter, this will not happen before the 2nd October. I am loyal to the land, you have brought much pain upon it, which is why i do this, for the land. I would like to clarify that i did ask, and hoped, that this be done before you left, aparently it cant happen before the 2nd though, which is a shame, i wanted you present when the voting wa
  10. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='30 September 2009 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1254336912' post='43253'] Er... What you suggest pretty much implies ignoring the powers of yrth, you know..he issued a royal decree (as disputed that royalty is right now, it's still royalty). And he even formally announced it. Do you think a king should be that light on his words? [/quote] Shadowseejer that is for you to decide. what ever way you feel you want.
  11. Well i guess it is time. So now it look like it has officaly been asked and that a vote is going to happen. I beleve that thoes of you that were trully unhappy with how i did thing have the change to remove me. I will not wimper or cry about who did what as i have no intencion on making anyone pick sides in this. If you feel that strongly about my actions then i guess you will make the choice you feel it right. I just hope there are enough of you who are loyal to the land and to GG to choose the right path. If i am removed by the vote then of corse this will happen. If i am not
  12. teufelhunden I beleve you are meenign to build a compainion for yourself not a creature per say but a living animation. This would be a building project but there would be much research and much in finding the right material. So in essence this is not a new creature as i dont know were one might put this topic in regards to this.
  13. [quote name='Guybrush Threepwood' date='27 September 2009 - 06:40 PM' timestamp='1254073245' post='42968'] Now if you claim that you warned Peace ahead of time, I suppose this is a different story. However please please please do not claim that her stealing your alliance while you weren't around is the same as you "giving her a chance to save her father's soul" while she was not around. [/quote] As i said many time I warnd her i would do damage to her fathers soul this was done many days bofore the war. I said it severial time i even said i would kill her if she harmend wodin. so yes
  14. [quote name='cryxus' date='27 September 2009 - 07:16 PM' timestamp='1254075379' post='42980'] As for Yrth, asking someone to attack a friend, and then punishing them for not doing it is more than a bit harsh, as king you should be thinking of the backlash this may create. Keeping the loyalty and faith of your subjects should be among the top priorities of a king. ~Cryxus [/quote] Sorry Cryux just to clear that poitn i hate having to go back on my word of not posting. Grido told me of this plan and said he would do it. I did not ask him to do it in the first place. The he backed out of
  15. LOL i get one prsion exiled and you all cry about me getting someone else exiled. With Grido it was an ingame thing. I have ALWAYS said come speak with me if you have issues if you did not then you must not have had issues. Yes Grido this was your plan and no i didnt not give you warning of what the out come would be you stood back brogt Peace to Golemus and happly trotted up to the capitiol with the enemy so what you say is a load of BS If people feel they dont want a king of Golemus fine. But i will never be off the land. Shadowseeker as i said the cryux. I have no intencion
  16. [quote name='cryxus' date='27 September 2009 - 06:16 PM' timestamp='1254071778' post='42953'] To Yrth, I know what I'm saying is heavy, but you could ban me from GG, and ban me from my ship, I could care less because where there's a will there's a way, and should anyone try and stifle mine, they will get burned. That is advance warning. This is not what I want to see in a king that I am to be affiliated with... please, for the sake of the image of ~OUR~ land, show some decency to the other inhabitants of the island... A king is a king because he has the respect of the people. ~Captain Cr
  17. Ah YIM wars, they always come out dont they. I beleve thoes that need them are weak and have no other reasion to use them other than to prove they are weak. This i could have done a long time ago to prove argument and to bring this to the front but i am one who does not beleve in useing out of game thing for ingame issues. Grido I asked you why you did not do as you said you would. your responce was one in the same. Freindship. 1. in RL so i had to ignore that 2 Friendship to pamps in game character wise. Since Pamps chose to be on the side of the enemy this ment you decide
  18. From the King of Golemus to Grido This scroll is to inform you that you have been band from entering the land of Golemus by Order of the king This desision was not made litely. But this was decided as your loyalties do not lie with Golemus and its allainces. During time of war you decided you friendship with some of the enemies showed you cannot be trusted to help defend the land or its allaince. There for I have decided you are no longer welcome in the land of Golemus and are now outcast from the land. This order has been carried out by Yrthilian King of Golemus The
  19. [quote name='DarkPriestess' date='26 September 2009 - 09:19 PM' timestamp='1253996366' post='42801'] If I recall, the moment he made that demand I was not present. Nor when he decided to burn Khalazdad's soul. He was impatient and selfish. And for that he is forever my enemy. Such thing will not go unpunished. [/quote] Let me see. Nope you were not online when i made that demand. But you did know and i did say i had his soul andif the allaince was not handed back i would harm him. This was stated after i found you had TAKEN my Allaince oh when was it? thats right while I was not onlin
  20. OK for clarification on the CUBE the description is as follows. Long ago Kha;azdad put his good part into this cube and gave it to Wodin for safe keeping. That allowed him to become leader of Necrovion. Add to the above Yrthilian Burned 5 of the sides in the stone of Twisted Souls gaining control over his good soul half. The cube was given to wodin a long time ago. when wodin first dissapeard and the dargness came for him he decided to give the cube to someone esle to keep safe. This someone at the time was Yrthilian. He has held it ever since. As he promised he keept it
  21. So we are beeing strait are we. First i have to say NO i did not get full help from above. I went to Mur with an idea i wanted to use before the batte started. I was told no. So i worked out another plan (BTW this also did not go 100% the way i beleved) I gaind access to the Necro land weapon something i have been working on for months well before all this happened. I had a way to do and well as you can see it workd. The damage done to my allaince and to wodin is as far as i am concerned unforgivable. It does not matter any deal made WODIN is a player account and still count as steali
  22. NOTE to Necrovain, If the GG allaince is not handed back by 22:00 server time. I will Destroy Khalazdad's soul You have been warned
  23. [quote name='pamplemousse' date='24 September 2009 - 03:23 PM' timestamp='1253802187' post='42520'] If this battle is delayed or halted or any harm comes to the Sentinels by use of bugs I swear I will not rest until the person who did so is punished. There will be a battle, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. If you stand in the way, I will not forget and I will not forgive. Those that call the shots will be in the line of fire. [/quote] well well by use of bugs or what not but no mention of the stealing of character creatures there i see. Even though the allaince was tak
  24. Well played Peace How a ghost should be able to do such hing is dont know But as you have been told no i will not take this lying down. I am for one not a coward and i will not run. The fact that there is now a centinal trying to take a land allaince IS an attack on Golemus the land. By this i would Hope the MR's will step. I will admit i am supprised and i fear it might be time to bring some weapons to to forfront and start destrying the land that decided to cause this damage. I will also hunt down the spy and i will Kill them out right Also Peace for do this i will also Kill yo
  25. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='20 September 2009 - 05:42 PM' timestamp='1253464933' post='42167'] did i said i'm not neutral? i'm commenting your imprisonment of Marvolo... who is out of the Necrovion at the moment btw do what you want to do with your enemies in battle, dont torture innocent prisoners and i do not represent whole Loreroot, i'm nearly stating my opinion [/quote] Fair enough but Marvolo is of the necro land and there for falls under the rules of war. he has not been harmend by us in anyways and ailith is there making sure he is ok it is now upto jester on if h
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