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  1. I was MP6 for a short time but the time and effort to maintain mp6 was far to much and there for i stoped trying.


    Without knowing what the "new MP6" is to become regards it place in MD i could not say for sure.


    To me MP6 is not like the other levels. MP6 is more a state of mind rather that a stat of status/rank.

    MP6 i suppose could be akin to the old TPC days someone whom wants to puch their role to a more realised state.

    Hmm i have a though regards mp6 but i am unable to formalise it into something more coherent.


    That said it would be very dependant on what MP6 is to become and how it fits within MD

  2. is this really that most updated post within the order.

    I guess i can now start looking at research again. But i do not have access to all forum section as AK stoped using the form before granting my access after it was agreed that i could have access that is.

    But anyways i am going to revisit the old notes and see if i can find my old archive. If not i will push forward and create new notes with a new prerspective

  3. Ah something i can get into.


    OK so research in MD. it is a near impossibility to confirm or deny research. That is why it is so hard to do. As an old fart in MD back when i was just a fresh one :P the people i spoke with and how they made me research is what kept me playing in the begging. I am not a person interested in combat or collecting creatures hell back in the day MD was not even focused on that aspect but it has shifted a long way since then. Renavoid was a master at making a player think. Someone i respect a hugh amount even after the events of him leaving.


    Research back then was finding someone whom you believed had knowledge and was willing to share in a way but not easily. How Renavoid did is how i try to pass knowledge/research and to be honest in MD they are more or less one and the same. Unless you have a "MUR said" or a confirmed 100% peace of information from Mur everything else is just research.


    People guard what they have done because they cant get it fully confirmed and or someone else claims it as there research. It has happened in the past and people know it and wont really share what they think. It has been tried many time since for people to come together and share what they have but it has yet to actually work.


    Research requires a level of commitment and in the past when those that where getting aid from MUR would not share it created an image that one must not share what they know as MUR does not want you too. I AM NOT SAYING THAT IS THE CASE JUST THAT IS A PERCEIVED IMAGE. Sorry to put that in bold but just want to be clear on that.


    As an old play i share in a way with players that does not spell it out for them. I comment on what they say to me and in my comment i am ether saying they are on the right path or to think of something else in there research that should help them. I don't tell them the what i believe is the correct answer but i do point them in a direction that should.


    The issue here is not all people can or want to do that. Some just give up when they hear that they have some bad information or an idea that does not fit. But the lack of being able to confirm what you think might be the answer is what make research so hard to do and make it something that you may never get an answer to. Even though i don't log in much anymore i still hold onto idea and still work on them out of MD more because there are less and less player i can connect with that want to research.


    The systems that where built to help in that area are not good enough as of yet and cant be automated to well ether. Without being told for sure that the ones moderating that area Know the answer as i am sure they are also research and not of what they have is going to be correct and in that you may end up getting false information. again i am not saying that this is the case but it is what i reprieve could be the case.


    So far to my knowledge MUR has not told anyone the correct answers from his point of view not that she should but then that make Mur still the only one that can say you are right or wrong. But then if you are right how does one document that in a way that is is not a spoiler and make it too easy for others.


    Research in MD is just one of those areas that unless a linear line is drawn (not going to happen in MD as that is not the nature of MD) you will not really know the answers or should i say the questions ;p

  4. aww i don't get a mention :(

    it would be cool to see a history of the people from MD
    would make things much more interesting

    cutler if not mentioned already was a really good play and great for making quests
    princess katt i think was her name i have much respect for her.

    i believe the other i am thinking of have all been mentioned

  5. Mur this Idea in theory is good but in finances and time it is not.


    As Chewy says MD needs to be more alive for something of that size/level.



    I don't see why you could not do something on a bit of a smaller scale. How big does the item need to be

    Paper/envelopes (This sort of item each king could make/purchase themselves more personal)

    the stamps while a good idea would be costly so again why not push that back to each king?

    creating there own stamp or purchasing one.


    in that you would only need to create the box and your personal stamp to go with it.

    In fact i think if you had time or really wanted to you could make it something MD general players could

    purchase with a proton of funds going to MD


    As much as i think it would be really cool to have such a thing in RL from MD it is an expense that currently most players cant afford be it time or money.

  6. i believe there was no process per say

    as i dont think it was believed they would ALL be gone at once.


    I would suggest if you need the question asked to them on the forum we do have a hidden section.

    That one of the golemus people could post to it. on your behalf.


    or if it is item/role related well not sure what to suggest

    as i understand they would be based on there position to make a call on it.

  7. I like the concept of this and what it brought with it.

    it created a community event to make it happen and many enjoyed the spark of life it brought with it.


    For many i would guess clickables are no use they cant or make crappy quests.

    clickables are of very high importance to thoes that bother to make good quests and use the community to help create


    it is the modifications that make MD grow and become more of what players invest in.

  8. oh sorry to hear that chewy


    mur i have 5 backups of everything :D i cant help but have backups


    chewy dont know if you have tried but if the drive still has power you could try using getdata back

    it is a program i use a lot to restore people lost data and does a great job.


    the free version will only show if it can see anything

    if that works i can umm... get you a working copy if you want

  9. i am not useing this to go and bad moth the council. i just wanted to state the info as far as i am concerned is incorect

    regards my name in that announcment and with the details regards me in it.


    other wise i am not getting involved in any issues between other players and the council

  10. "Ann. 2647 - [2013-06-18 15:31:56 - Stage 12]
    Crafters Guild Disbanded
    The Crafters Guild has been disbanded. This is after an email we received from Phantom Orchid asking us to disband it since apparently it has been below the required number of members for some months. In discussion with Udgard, the Guild leader, we decided that it better suits the Crafters not to be tied to a land since Yrthillian, the other realm's crafter would not join the Loreroot based Guild. Their roles remain unaffected and this disbandment fits with the global plans of slowly moving more general crafting to the people."



    So the council sees fit to throw me into the blame for the disbanding of the crafter.

    I want it known i am not at fault here. Yes i have the crafting ablity but i was never suppose to be in the guild

    nor was i ever actualy invited. remember crafter was non LR before it moved. I was never suppose to be part of it

    i have the ablity because it is part of the role i play not because of a guild,


    This is uncalled for by the council for them to tar my name in this way i am deeply offended by what they have done.


  11. is sounds liek slow update to pages be it the server or the users end.

    basicaly the system checks your (key's) markers used to say if you have passed some section or have opens a secret area

    as you progress you gain new keys.


    So ether the server is not reciveing the key cods quick enough or it is not checking them quick enough

    ether way it sounds like an internet issue more so.


    but 2 min thats a long time for a location to not load corectly

  12. the not being able to copy from chat should be kepts that way

    it is more fitting with MD as it is.


    the not being able to paste well not a big issue really.

    if you have to pass info PM players or make a clicky into a post board


    regards the translation issue. does google allow you to plug into there translate program?

    i though i heard somewhere it does so all that would be needed really is a translate button.

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