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Status Updates posted by Yrthilian

  1. I am in a restricted location cant even send in game PM's 

    If i can be moved out of necrovian that would be nice

  2. meet and greet Golemus king

    1. Yrthilian



  3. dear snow please stop for a few hours so i can get my flight out

  4. yeah thanks for the pic's of the red moon Ireland was coverd with cloud could not get to see it

  5. you cant be stuck as the way in is also the way out

  6. hehehe i got me a new experiment to play with. What can the technomage do with a Biological material :D

    1. BFH


      Creatures, life, a clone!!

    2. Ravenstrider


      Smoke it, man, smoke it!

  7. Magicduel is now back online :D

  8. Honeymoon is great fun another week and a half to go

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      So go enjoy it (but tell us when your quest results part 1 will be out first) :)

    2. dst


      The winner was Sharzad (I can't spell the name, sorry) :P. He announced it before he left :P

  9. waaahhhhh were is MD gone

  10. hugs this laptop the forums are back

    1. Chewett


      Yes the forum is back! thank hosting

  11. Again look at anouncment regarding the maze.

  12. Ah he is a nice chap :P

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