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  1. Err...wrong I am afraid. You have to have a leader and I need to have one person (or two perhaps) that I can clearly identify to deal with. If you don't, you will end up at each other's throats and all over the place. Sort out a structure ASAP. This IS NOT a request.
  2. I'd like to speak to the Woodcutters. It is particularly important that I speak to Necromancer Mortis.
  3. [quote]I hope I am not offending anyone of I post the woodcutters guild under LR, if so, your king should tell me (based on your complains of course, if any).[/quote] Well, I am as much in the dark here as anyone else really. Does the guild reside in a particular land? Will it be part of Loreroot and therefore its members citizens, or will it be a non-land entity that merely happens to harvest the resources of lands? How does that place the land whose resources are being harvested? If the guild is supposed to be part of the land, then perhaps its membership should only be open to citizens?
  4. Aeon:- And seeing as you applied to a guild? Application considered very much withdrawn. Wolfs:- I am not inclined to accept your invitation for now. You seem to jumping to conclusions, making accusations about people and quite abrasive. Maybe when you settle down a bit more we would consider you at a later date.
  5. Looking for MRD

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Use binoculars! :3 I can't find him either.

    2. Darigan


      He's been sleeping at the door to the mda cellar

  6. Fair enough, but to me it comes across as perhaps the opposite as you intended. You say that you didn't want to name and shame one king. However, in doing so it kind of gives the impression that all the kings are being mean or uncooperative somehow. I also don't want people to get the impression that there is no point in asking me or any other king for WP rewards. It would be a terrible loss if people simply didn't ask because of an assumption that they wouldn't get.
  7. I think people may be missing the point. It seems to me that he didn't just pluck these accusations out of thin air. I'd be interested to know who and what conversations were taking place in the park. It could be a case of him getting the wrong idea due to poor english. The alternative though, is a lot more serious imo. On a more personal note though, I almost find it amusing someone accusing Z. Anyone that knows him and the sheer amount of time he's been in MD would most likely agree at how absurd it sounds.
  8. Sorry, but I am not sure that I follow. I have already given Fyrd WPs for rewards and agreed to give him some more. I am not at all happy with someone saying otherwise. In general the only time I refuse WPs reward requests from someone is if: a: They should be getting the WPs from their own king b: I feel I am giving too many to this individual c: I feel the quest just doesn't warrant it d: If I am being asked after the fact (yes, I have been asked for WP rewards AFTER someone ran their quest) I want to add that it is exceedingly rare that I refuse someone point blank (unless one or more
  9. From time to time I may ask to speak to citizens. Its important that you respond when asked. I also get tired of getting messages about people looking for me, but making little effort to actually contact me themselves. I spend a few hours at the Root of the Matter Inn almost everyday. I am also around and about in MD. You should be checking the Inn for me at any rate. More to the point however, it is a simple matter to add me to your friends list and that way you can reach me by PM whenever and where ever you are. One more point. When sending PMs please check the tags and try to choose an
  10. 2 gold and 10 silver for the Sharptears. (I believe that is equivalent to 20 silver each)
  11. [quote]For example i havent seen a single evil backgrounded lorerootian player yet.Maybe its just me...but i think nations shouldnt have aligments but characters who are making them should have. [/quote] Anatoli, maybe you should take a closer look at Tarquinus then?
  12. Well it is effectively giving WPs from alts to your main account really isn't it? I mean you are getting the benefit of something that required the WP, like using a WP to mutate a joker and then trading it to the main account. That would be just the same really wouldn't it?
  13. Please state a reason or at least contact Mya, Sharazhad or myself and explain why you wish to join.
  14. Happy birthday. Hope you get something nice.
  15. I am replying to this simply because someone said that they would like to hear from a person that knew about the experiment. When Yrth posted the topic he contacted me and asked me not to make any response. He told me that he had no intention of doing what he had said in the first post of the topic and that he wanted to gauge reactions and feedback. For the record, I would be opposed to any such action. I believe that Yrth knows this himself. (If he doesn't, he does now ) I don't know Yrth's thinking on this or necessarily agree with it, I am merely stating that he did indeed tell me at le
  16. Eat in bed then Then get some exercise.
  17. Contrary to popular belief, eating muffins does not make you fat. Eating muffins and not exercising however, is another story. Yes, the key to eating muffins and keeping your shape, is to walk or run around a lot after you have eaten a muffin or three. Then reward yourself for all that exercise with a muffin.
  18. Lets face it. Muffins are much more fun, bigger and tasty. And you can put things in them, like whole cherries or big pieces of chocolate, or little pieces or soft centers. You can even cover them with icing!
  19. I would like to accept this reward on behalf of all muffin lovers out there. Yes, France, you shower of muffin hating, ball handling suc la bras...revenge is a dish best served without frogs legs!!. Seriously though, thank you all. I shall write your names down so I don't forget in my dotage. (Had to move a comma. Very important the auld comma at times)
  20. Happy birthday. You're a year older, just like me.
  21. Ok, so problems are: Capital locations and accessibility. Number of and what players are taking torches. Necro will tend to only have MP5 players with torches (excepting alliance members). Loreroot should usually only have MP4 and above (I know there are MP3s, but lets face it, that number should be way smaller than the number of MP3s that are getting in) The current system means that you only score a point for taking a torch from an enemy and scoring in their capital. If the system worked more correctly (you could only take torches from your own land) this actually gives an advantage to
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