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  1. Initially I wasn't going to post, but then I decided that I should. First up. Nobody likes a bragger. We all like to get one over on our foes from time to time, but this is going way overboard. Secondly, I don't agree with the argument that the vets are just angry because an MP3 beat them. Losses are part of fighting and when the fighting system was more balanced it was not unheard of for a player to be beaten by a lower level. For starters there is an amazingly simple little rit that can score a person a surprise victory (although it has become less likely to work in more recent times, but
  2. It is important that people let Marvolo know. Just so people know, he cannot see who, if anyone has applied. But he can check a name for an application and then either approve or reject the application.
  3. Firsanthalas


    Why 'outside' the land? Never hear of a coup? And again, if a king/queen has lost the plot and people just walk away, where does that leave things? One more thing. In real life people elect parties and politicians into power. At some point those politicians and parties may do something that the voters don't like. That is the point of government. The voters can't simply decide that because a new law is brought in that they don't like and wasn't there before the government that they don't have to follow it. You cannot please all of the people all of the time. If someone feels that they can't ha
  4. Firsanthalas


    Bottom line. If the response of an alliance is to simply run away because they have an issue with the King, then they shouldn't continue to exist at all. In particular, the duty of a land alliance is to protect the land. If that means protecting it from a terrible king or queen, then they should do that. Running away is a gross failure in that regards. Furthermore, there is an already awful lack of loylaty within MD (Im not talking about the stat). If you want to start a system whereby people can up sticks and leave en mass, then there really is little point in having alliances or citizenship
  5. Firsanthalas


    Rhaegar, that is a load of toss. The Savel alliance people by and large said zip. The option was given publicly and still nothing. You didn't have support, except perhaps from a minority even within your own alliance. Also, we had a discsussion about the fate of the Savels long before any public fall out between us. You had taken up residence in the Temple in Tribunal lands and the idea of the Savels leaving Loreroot was discussed. You yourself informed me that the Savels would never leave Loreroot because they were Lorerootians through and through. When I was elected as king however, that o
  6. Firsanthalas


    With respect Miq, but you are waaaaaaaayyyyyy off. For starters some Alliances are LAND Alliances. The Guardians of the Root, Sentinels, GG, KOB. How could you have the Knights of Bell leave MB and decide to protect Necrovion say? Also, there is already very little a king can do to actually exert any control of citizens. Sure he can toss them in jail, but only with good cause. What he can't do though is stop people leaving. If you want to throw in that an entire alliance can leave, then what is the point? And I am the one that offered an alliance the option to leave. But just having them have
  7. Amoran, Marvolo, Mya, Shemhazaj, Tarquinus, And me.
  8. Firsanthalas


    If I may. Oddly enough, going into education during a recession is probably a good thing. While right now things are bad, by the time you would be graduating things should have picked up and may be even in a high. Far better than to be graduating in a climate like the current one at least. So, while leaving it for a year may be a good choice (especially if you are unsure of what you want to do for instance), don't leave it too long.
  9. I've disbanded the Savelites for the moment. If someone feels that they can restore the alliance to a worthwhile state then I will make it active again. Otherwise I will have it removed permanently. You have 1 month to draw up a plan and present it for consideration. I also expect you to have at least two other people that will assist you and form a core group within the alliance. If a plan of action is accepted, then there will be a 3 to 6 month evaluation period (not decided yet and possibly open to negotiation). If after that time things are not progressing or are not working out the
  10. Two new positions/roles have been created. The Censor will help with looking after citizenship. This office will be held by Marvolo. The Treasurer will help to look after the land funds. This office will be held by Shemhazaj. Both positions will hold a seat on the Court of Loreroot. Congratulations and good luck to both of you.
  11. Happy birthday. And remember, if you can still stand you should not stop drinking. Ohh and getting sick is just making more room for more alcohol. And don't drink it if it wasn't in a bottle to begin with!
  12. Ok guys and girls, like I said earlier can we please put this to bed. Lets just let the Woodcutters be about their business and forget about pointing fingers. I'll speak with anyone that wants to, even if it to have a go at me, but I think it is best kept off the forums. The Woodcutters say they have their setup sorted and their main focus now should be organising themselves internally and fulfilling their role. So lets leave them to do that. With the greatest respect No-one, you are kinda wrong and if you read my previous post you'd have seen that I just want to let things move on. Your p
  13. [quote name='Necromancer Mortis' date='12 August 2010 - 05:49 PM' timestamp='1281631791' post='65942'] Yes, and if you had done that then any worker's union worth the title would have ample material to slowly roast you over a spit. [/quote] With respect, you are wrong there. If a union has a dispute, the entire union does not march into the boss or company. The union rep does that. When the company wants to engage with the union, they do so through the rep. In any structure there is a figurehead or spokesperson. You can call them a president, PrimeMinister, First Citizen, Leader, Commander
  14. I think that what Chewy is really getting at, is having a situation whereby a player has an alt in multiple guilds, especially if it is one in each land. As the guilds are not combative and are neutral in that sense, then there really isn't an issue of conflicted interest as such. Although there could be if a person was more willing to sell or give materials to a member of their main's land or indeed pass things on to their alts for their alts to benefit from. I for one have no issue with someone that has an alt in Golemnus or anywhere else having a character in the Woodcutters. I would have
  15. Please don't start making suggestions. Leave them to make their own mind up. This isn't a 'how should the Guild be organised' thread. I don't mean to sound abrasive. Just don't want this spilling off into a thread of doom.
  16. There is another aspect. Give someone else a chance. What is the point in essentially having the same people running everything? I think it is good to spread things around a bit and not very healthy for a person or persons to have their fingers in too many pies, especially if they can result in a conflict of interest or leave them open to abuse.
  17. I just want to make something clear here. I am in no way trying to interfere with the work of the guild and how they manage the resources they harvest. How they do that and what they do with them will be their business as far as I understand the idea of the guild. I may make a request at times (which will be a request and nothing more). But I am concerned that the guild operates properly and is not held up in doing its work due to internal squabbling or politics. As I said earlier, it is part of Loreroot and therefore there are wider implications to the land. But we are not talking about the f
  18. Ok, I will be blunt about it. There was some sort of a vibe from some members of the Woodcutters that they are somehow not citizens of Loreroot. They are and I won't tolerate any notion otherwise. Call it draconian or heavy handed if you will, but I've already been down that road before. I also do genuinely believe it is best for them to sort out a leader or structure as soon as possible. That is in everyone's best interest. Right now, on the surface of things, anyone can invite anyone in and whoever has the highest loyalty is leader there. Sorry, but people can be very opportunistic and the s
  19. @Chewy Nope, you do not understand. I am asking that they sort out a structure for themselves to avoid any kind of political footballing. The running of the guild is their business, but the running of Loreroot is my business and having the guild made stable as soon as possible is best for that. In my opinion, throwing people into a room and asking them to sort out how things run can take a long time and have a lot of fighting and nonsense. I just don't want to see that and I think that is best for the guild itself if it is dealt with swiftly. I also need one person that I can go to or that c
  20. Err...wrong I am afraid. You have to have a leader and I need to have one person (or two perhaps) that I can clearly identify to deal with. If you don't, you will end up at each other's throats and all over the place. Sort out a structure ASAP. This IS NOT a request.
  21. I'd like to speak to the Woodcutters. It is particularly important that I speak to Necromancer Mortis.
  22. [quote]I hope I am not offending anyone of I post the woodcutters guild under LR, if so, your king should tell me (based on your complains of course, if any).[/quote] Well, I am as much in the dark here as anyone else really. Does the guild reside in a particular land? Will it be part of Loreroot and therefore its members citizens, or will it be a non-land entity that merely happens to harvest the resources of lands? How does that place the land whose resources are being harvested? If the guild is supposed to be part of the land, then perhaps its membership should only be open to citizens?
  23. Aeon:- And seeing as you applied to a guild? Application considered very much withdrawn. Wolfs:- I am not inclined to accept your invitation for now. You seem to jumping to conclusions, making accusations about people and quite abrasive. Maybe when you settle down a bit more we would consider you at a later date.
  24. Looking for MRD

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Use binoculars! :3 I can't find him either.

    2. Darigan


      He's been sleeping at the door to the mda cellar

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