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  1. [quote]I mean ok, it's a game, it's nothing personal, you do what you want, but do you really expect me to believe your reasoning? That for example, influencing that your best friend (in game at least, since you two know each other in RL) becomes king of Loreroot, was purely coincidental? [/quote]
    Yeah, Yrth got 500 votes, everyone else got 1. Seriously, that is ludicrous.
    As for Lifeline and Yrth not discussing things. I think Yrth's point, is that Lifeline could and should have approached Yrth. He didn't. That is on Lifeline, not Yrth. Lifeline chose to not speak to Yrth about it, despite the fact that they had a good history of collaboration as you said yourself. If it transpires that the Lifeline did approach Yrth and he said no, well thats even worse. But it seems that Yrth knew nothing of it in advance from Lifeline.

    Edit: To be clear too. I am not simply backing up my buddy. I feel that a line has been crossed here. I've already stated that if this was being done in Loreroot, I'd be bothered. So, its only right and proper that I speak up on an issue that I see as something that affects the kings and lands in general. But, yeah, I am backing Yrth on this and I feel that many others are too.
    Lifeline has overstepped his bounds and at the very least, he owes Golemnus an apology.

  2. I seem to recall that the kings were elected much later than Raven's departure. I also seem to recall that it was Mur that instigated this, not Yrth. I also seem to recall that I was elected by a majority of people (I also recall a massive majority). So I don't get this constant nonsense about me being somehow placed in position by Yrth or anyone else, or that I am somehow a puppet for Yrth.
    I am pretty sure that if the general populace of MD felt that was true, they'd have voted against me on the basis that it would give Yrth power over another land.
    This is getting offtopic, but I feel I can't let that one go unanswered.

  3. Perhaps 'warpath' was a poor choice of word. When i say on the warpath, that does not mean declaring war. It means being very exercised about something and not being content to let it slide.
    Its an expression used here that doesn't mean you are going to poke people with sharp knives and swords.

  4. OK, without getting into a debate on training grounds etc.

    People sought entry into a place that is supposed to be private, off-limits infact (for a very good reason).
    People (including a king, who should know better imo) tried to use this private area for a private club.
    The king and leaders of the land were not consulted and it seems this was done with a view to keep them in the dark.

    I think that this is a classic example of people abusing their privileges and taking liberties with things that they have no business with.

    I am going to point something out. A long time ago people in Loreroot suggested using Pathkeeper for conducting training. This were people of Loreroot. I told them no, as its not simply a location that you can hide away to conduct secret training. Its supposed to have a meaning and a purpose.
    I actually believe that MD should have more locations that are restricted and that each land should have an area that is private. However, when you see people doing things like this, you can see why there is a reluctance for Mur to allow it. It really bugs me at the way it always seems to be a minority of people that ruin things for everyone else. Its even worse when they are people that should really know better imo.

    Each land in MD is supposed to be sovereign territory. It really annoys me to see that people think its perfectly acceptable to do something like this. It annoys me even more to think that a king would not merely allow it, but seem to push it along.

    If I was in Yrth's position I'd most likely be on the warpath about this. It really is incredible.
    To those that seem to think its fine I simply have this to say. If it was your land that was being treated in this manner, if some supposedly private place in Necrovion, Loreroot or Marind's Bell was being used by people from outside, would you think it was fine?

  5. Yes and technicaly when you join a land you are pledging to follow the king and therefore not rebel. You should only be rebelling because you feel that the king has done something wrong, gone too far, lost the plot etc etc. If you break a rule that was already in place before you join and then rebel when punished, well thats pretty much a sign that you didn't really agree with things in the first place (and in my opinion at least, a poor excuse for rebelling, especially if it is simply to avoid just punishment).
    The rebel aspect could make for an interesting development. I've no objection to it in principle, I just worry it will be abused or misused.
    I also want to point out, that this isn't some kind of survival reaction or feeling of threat. I can be removed from Loreroot at anytime pretty much and that has been the case for some time now. But, I do see how this could be a much cleaner way to go about things, provided it isn't abused.

  6. Excommunication is essentially a 2 week silence spell minimum. Its way worse infact. You can't talk in any scene in MD other than Jail for 2 weeks. So yeah, 4hrs may sound like a long time, but when you put it into context it isn't. Also, I believe Yrth said that the cool down is longer than the duration, which means you can't simply keep silencing someone non-stop. There will at least be some kind of window of opportunity for a rebel to speak.
    A question I have is what happens with people that basically set out with the aim to be a rebel? By this I mean, people that essentially either don't really have a beef with the king or do before joining a land and are essentially joining to just annoy the king (or for some other reason, like to get tools for instance)?
    This may seem strange to some, but there are strange people around and its exactly the kind of thing that I suspect a few people would do for a laugh if nothing else.
    What if a group of people decide to do this to force a king out for no real reasons other than perhaps personal ambition or some sense of fun? What about people using alts? Especially alts of a group of associated people, like a whole land?
    Maybe there should also be a method to remove rebels at some point. I mean, imagine a situation where someone has become rebel under a circumstance like I mentioned earlier and the citizens feel that they should just be exiled and not regarded as any kind of citizen, loyal, disgruntled, freedom fighter or whatever.

  7. Ok, seeing as this was directly linked to, lets examine it.

    Based on recent events, i consider Kings could be "banished" by first taking over the main alliance of their land and then instigating their people to vote against them. The word banished is better than demoted, because kingship should not be considered a job or promotion but an absolute position.

    The powers of such a ruler should be absolute over the people of his land. Therefor i will implement a citizenship system and players will be marked as beinng part of a land or an other, obeying the rules of that land and accepting the king, or queen, as the one person (except me ) to have decision power over their destiny.

    The king will be able to change tags of his people, but for now these tags should be first discussed with me and i will check and aprove if they are indeed deserved. I dont want a tag inflation or tags to lose their importance, but i also don't want tags to be forgotten or ignored just because some got them and most didn't, like its now.

    The king can directly decide regarding things that concern the land, such as land weapon, character belonging to that land, direction the land will go in diplomatic situations with other lands, etc. [/quote]

    In particular read the first few words of the last line [b]The king can directly decide regarding things that concern the land[/b]
    You see? There in lies the rub. We don't even get forewarning about changes that concern the land.

    Yes, changes are needed and yes they sometimes have to come from a higher power than the king. I have no argument with that at all. BUT, it seems that we are just bypassing the kings as of late and neglecting the establish things that were set out when the kingships were announced.
    I know that things take time, but at the same time there has been a long tradition in MD of half doing something and then moving on to something else and leaving it like that for an eon. Then we end up with moaning on the forum and not just from kings I might add.
    Yes, the council are not around long and yes they are clearly doing things (and by the way kudos to ye for that. Don't think I'm trying to say ye aren't doing anything, you clearly are and I know there is a lot to do)and perhaps there are things already in the pipeline about issues I've mentioned here. The thing is, I don't know, none of the kings know by the looks of things, because we haven't been told.
    The issue is that kings have not been given many abilities they should have had, but even more importantly, they are being left out of the loop completely. The kings don't seem to be utilised for the reason they were created. This is not a rant that kings don't have fancy toys boo hoo. This is about the fact that kings are not being utilised at all. Its not all about fancy toys, but a king may need a nudge, a heads up or be able to provide useful feedback.
    There needs to be rules and guidelines yes. There needs to be ways to remove or speak out about kings that are failing for one reason or another. But it also seems that you don't need to or care to involve kings in this at all. There also seem to be clear uncertainty as to what kings can and can't do or should be doing.
    I am trying to highlight this, not spark off some kind of moaning and groaning session.

  8. Well I just want to say that I am really unhappy about this.
    Its just another thing that, in my opinion has been fired out there without any consultation or advance warning for kings. I am not saying that I am against it, but I really think that the kings should have been consulted about it as it directly affects them and they may have had useful opinions on the matter.
    I also feel that currently kings are pretty hamstrung by bringing this out. When kings were first brought in there were plans for abilities and privilages for kings to help people. They never really happened and I personally feel that has left kings in a poor state of affairs in the minds of many. If a king is not doing their job, or doing it badly or abusing their power, then yes they should be punished and people should be able to rebel. But having kings abused and rebelled against for an inability to do things beyond their control is also unfair. I've already seen at least one thread with certain people bitching (Sorry, but that is what some people are doing) about kings. And experienced it in private and not so private ways too.

    This may seem like I'm simply crossing my arms and acting out. I'm not. Communication works both ways and I really feel that the people that have been tasked with running MD could communicate a bit more. One of the problems in the past was that Mur was a single person trying to do everything. That meant that he couldn't possibly respond to everyone and as a result some people felt unheard. There is now a team of people and that means more ears to listen, but it also means more mouths for talking.

    Please consider things like this as an example. There is mention of land rules now. Who makes them? There are also rules that the kings make. If kings have no idea as to what is coming down the line, what happens if they make a rule that directly contradicts or turns out to be illegal under land rules that just suddenly appear later on?
    You aren't meant to answer that by the way, just consider the implications and the possibility that it could happen.
    If a person rebels what? About the only thing I can see that they will loose is the king granting them WPs for quests (and thats only if they even bother to run any), big whoop. It just doesn't seem like a big enough deterrent from going rebel or a big enough reason to stay loyal for that matter.

    In my experience I also find that with any changes that affect Loreroot, I get a barrage of questions and concerns from people. The Woodcutters being a brilliant example. I am sure its the same for the others kings.
    Given that I find out no sooner than anyone else (and in some case after the fact due to not being up 24 hours a day) it leaves me on the backfoot. I can't answer the questions because I don't know anymore than the people asking them. Personally, it makes me feel rather stupid for the most part. Its only natural that people expect their leaders to know answers to certain questions, especially when you expect the king to know about his own land and its workings. And its only natural to walk away from a king saying 'first I heard of it', 'I don't know' '' Your guess is as good as mine', and think, jeesh, that guy is a total twit.

    (Note: I could have emailed this to the powers that be. My reasoning for saying this in public is to make people aware that kings are as much in the dark about things like this as anyone else. It may be seen as a method to throw mud in the eyes of those in charge, but that is not my intention. I'm simply stating my opinion and feelings on this openly.)

    I'll finish my rant by saying clearly that I like the ideas in principle, but I feel that as with most things they have not been handled very well and fired out without proper support or consideration. You're releasing Windows Vista when you should be hanging on and just going to windows 7.

  9. @dst,

    I don't even think alts are an issue anymore. It seems that nobody enters the contest judging by the extremely low scores the past few months.
    Aside from that, I'll give you a list of problems that has already appeared on the forums.

    1. Distances to travel are uneven.
    2. Access to lands. Some lands have one point of entry, while others have more.
    3. The current setup is to be frank dumb. If a land has two very powerful fighters and nobody else, then it will be very hard to score against. Assuming that the rules were that you could only take a torch of your own land, then two people defending a land would in theory be able to hoover up masses of torches heading their way, while in return the land attacking them would only be able to score two points. Also, if a land doesn't opt to pick up torches, then it won't be scored against.
    Now, I know that is not 100% true, as you could attack another land torch carrier, but you get the idea.
    I think that one possible way would be to change the scoring. Allow a person to simply walk into an enemy scoring zone and score a point, with no fight needed. However, if you do defeat an enemy torch carrier then you get 3 points or something for each torch you get.
    4. Negative scores is a seriously bad idea. If you have a negative score, then there is no incentive to try to get out of it. You can argue that there is, but really, there isn't.

    Maybe a central point for torches could help? Like each pillar on the GOE gives a torch for each land? Just throwing out an idea.

  10. Should it not be a point of consideration that you are actively discussing how people only enter TC to get to areas they normally can't and how that highlights how messed up TC is?
    Its not even a competition really, its more of a farce. Simply removing one or more MP levels won't fix it. It will simply stop them from access to areas.
    Maybe you should analyse the main problem, rather than trying to fix side affects?

  11. I'd like to make another point about religion. Religions last because of followers and faith in something higher. Simply announcing 'I'm great, follow me' does not make a religion. You need people to follow you, they need a reason to follow you and the people that come after them need a reason to continue that following.
    Maybe it is just me, but I don't see that with the Savels, I never did. There doesn't seem to be a creed in existence as to why Savel should be worshiped, what he did, what he stood for or against.
    There just seems to be this alliance that is used as a political football.
    To my mind, I don't see any devotion from Rhaegar to anything other than the possession of the church (At least nothing other than cosmetic or self serving). As soon as he was ousted he turned on Marv for attempting to continue its running. And in the 18 months or so he was there I didn't see any of the aforementioned things in the realm.

    Now, if Jazira or someone else feels that they can do this and give it some kind of meaning, then fine, but at some point a line has to be drawn. Weak or half forgotten religions vanish and/or replaced with new ones. Sometimes they are kept alive, but ultimately altered or consumed and merged to create a new one.

  12. Before you start that nonsense Rhaegar. You never met Savelfuser until AFTER you started work on the church. So that puts you in EXACTLY the same situation that Jazira now finds herself.
    And I might add that I believe you met Savelfuser only briefly on one day, maybe two. Savelfuser had well and truly left MD at that time and it is my understanding that he only returned briefly because he was specifically asked to give you the nod so to speak.

    [quote]NEVER saw Firsanthalas saying "ok, I might overreacted here, I might made a mistake here"[/quote]
    Yeah, you may want to get your facts right their mister. I quite publicly apologised to people on the forum before. I can admit when I am wrong and I can apologise for it too.

  13. I am kinda sick of hearing this rhetoric about Rhaegar and the past.
    Lets give a few history lessons shall we.
    First up, Rhaegar was let into the alliance along with other people when Grido and Z tried to rebuild it. He did not rebuild it from nothing like Jazira is now attempting to do.
    Secondly, Rhaegar himself seemed to change the direction and ideas for the Church on several occassions. At one point he started to take up residence in the Tribunal Temple and he spoke about using it as a base for the Savels. That seemed to just peter out after a while. Then he wanted the Savels to be historians in Loreroot, then he started the avatar shop. There is more, but they are the big ones I can think of right off the top of my head.
    Thirdly, he's a blockhead with as much subtlety as a bull in a china shop. He has zero tact and succeeded in royally getting up a lot of people's noses with his crap. He still does. He had an issue with me from day 1. Why? Because he listened to and believed venomous crap that was still boiling over from old wounds in Loreroot. No matter what happened, he never ever got past that. In short, he was a source of conflict within Loreroot and outside it too.
    I put up with Rhaegar for as long as I did for one simple fact. I was trying to be fair. I did not want my personal feelings towards him to cloud my judgement and I wanted to give him a chance. Many people felt that I was too soft and I believe that Rhaegar himself started to believe that I was somehow weak and he could push me as much as he wanted. Wrong on that score.
    He's a control freak. He seemed incapable of delegating tasks and only seemed to want to work with people when he felt like it or if he wanted to. By and large he showed little interest in working with anyone outside the Savels.
    He openly fostered a belief in at least some of the Savels, that if they were in the alliance before the kingship elections, then they didn't have to recognise the king. For any leader of any group in Loreoot to do such a thing is unacceptable. I also found out that things I said concerning his members were either not passed on or twisted. And he insisted that he deal with his members, not me.

    Activity of the Savels...
    Towards the end of his tenure, there was little or none. Most of the members seemed inactive and at least one member seemed to spend more time outside the alliance than actually in it (not a personal dig by the way, merely the way things seemed).
    When I booted him there was almost no reaction from them. Infact, some of them seemed completely oblivious to what had happened. Personally I was disappointed. I had expected more of a reaction, any reaction.
    When Marv took over he tried to contact the members and got almost no response until he kicked people.

    Savelite items....
    Rhaegar aggressively sought the items that he felt belonged to the church. He was very insistent (to put it mildly) that they belonged to the church. Where are they now? He refused to return the ones he had to Marvolo, when Marvolo took over. I guess that they only belong to the church if Rhaegar is running it. Maybe it should be called the church of Rhaegar?

    Alliance location..
    Rhaegar himself stated to me very clearly that the Savels belonged in Loreroot and would never leave.

    Savelite memorial....
    Yeah, I find this a mixture of funny and sickening really. For starters it is really a homage to himself and one or two others, as well as a two fingered salute to myself and the rest of Loreroot. He's missing at least one name of an older member from that list and he has included names of people that had long gone before his demise and also some people that were barely there or did anything at all. The Savels are also not dead, so having a 'memorial' is in poor taste in my opinion.

    The ultimate irony though, is that the alliance should have a memorial, because it should be put to bed in my opinion. But it seems that people in MD have an inability to let go of the past and move on. If this new incarnation of the alliance does not make something of itself it will be going to alliance heaven. Make no mistakes about it.
    As for a memorial, that should be something that is done by the MD community (or at the very least the land of the alliance), not by one or two people with an axe to grind.

    Rhaegar had his chance. He blew it royally, so stop this nonsense of saying he should have it back. It is time to give someone else a chance or put the alliance to bed once and for all.

  14. Alrighty, it is still going on. Was told point blank today by an MP3 that they were told what was required.
    Seriously, whoever is doing it stop!! New players can get into Loreroot by using torches or asking. There is no reason to be telling them, you are really only robbing them of a valuable lesson in the long run.
    I want to be clear. There is no issue with people gaining access to Loreroot. We will let people in if they really want to see Loreroot. Defeating the guardians though is a part of the learning experience in MD, simply telling someone is not really a good thing for them.

  15. I've already spoken to Jester about this this morning. I strongly suggest that anyone that is in a situation like this at MP3 or MP4 should not be allowed to join alliances and should be removed from any they are in. If he can only attack MP3s then his reasons for staying MP3 become null and void. You don't need to change the mechanics, just change the situation. I would urge any leader, land, alliance or guild to consider the implications of situations such as this and put the general MD community first.

  16. We aren't acting like the inquisition. In the past people were moved up MP levels because they were simply over-powered.
    MP3 is about learning, it is not about using your knowledge to sit there as the cream of the crop. While I can't prove it, I also suspect that he used a wishpoint to get his xp back to zero. Granted there is nothing wrong with this, but it really seems silly to me to be using it at MP3 purely to stay there for the purpose of being some kind of super strong MP3. Just a personal opinion though.

  17. [quote]ouch.! not what I have expected from kings.. to decide this fast *sigh*[/quote]
    What do you want? Kings that faff about incapable of making a decision for themselves? Besides, this is not something I am saying as a king. It my my view as a person, a player of MD. I never made any announcement or call on any title when I made my post. It is the view of a person.

    [quote]That's is his role he is feb.. he is what he is.. and don't force someone to be something he don't want.. that is his choice of role.. as an mp3 who's trying to change the peoples perception about mp3's..[/quote]

    Role? Sorry, but if a role is threatening the game then I think it needs to be examined and considered. Don't force someone to be something he don't want? What about the people that have been capped by his antics? To me this is a similar vein to MP3s and MP4s going around with regen rits. They DO NOT serve a purpose, other than to get up people's noses and generally fill them will ill feeling towards MD and its community. If that is the case, then you might as well say his role is to annoy new players to the point of quitting the game. To me that seems self defeating and shortsighted.

    I am sorry, but if he has capped other MP3s then perhaps it is time for a taste of his own medicine. And having him stay at MP3 capped because he wants to stay that way is not medicine is it?

    I'll go one further and fire something out if you want me to. Namely, that I think his alliance colleagues should consider his position given his actions.

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