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  1. Yeah, you will often find Mya in the paper cabin or park and I am usually in or around Loreroot.
  2. Lonewolf, I am not around much for the next few days. You should find me next week more easily though.
  3. Maybe some people should take their own advice. You shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

    1. Chewett


      precisely. see what i mean, ya dont like it when others poke their nose in

    2. Pipstickz


      We're all hypocrites Firs, just some of us are scared to admit it.

  4. [attachment=2175:Before.jpg] Taken on the 3rd of November or 12 days ago if you like . [attachment=2176:After.jpg] Today.
  5. [quote]Firs and Lifeline both use alts to hold alliances[/quote] Incorrect Pip, incorrect. I [u]did[/u] use an alt to hold the Savels for the month waiting period. And I only did that because marvolo didn't want to continue to hold the alliance and someone needed to hold it. Jazira now holds that alliance and I don't have an alt in it, nor any other alliance.
  6. Actually, its 3 alliances and 2 guilds. Although the two guilds seem to be dead at the moment. But, as I already said Chewy, numbers actually count for very little under the current setup and as I also said, they can be a disadvantage.
  7. @dst, I don't even think alts are an issue anymore. It seems that nobody enters the contest judging by the extremely low scores the past few months. Aside from that, I'll give you a list of problems that has already appeared on the forums. 1. Distances to travel are uneven. 2. Access to lands. Some lands have one point of entry, while others have more. 3. The current setup is to be frank dumb. If a land has two very powerful fighters and nobody else, then it will be very hard to score against. Assuming that the rules were that you could only take a torch of your own land, then two peopl
  8. Should it not be a point of consideration that you are actively discussing how people only enter TC to get to areas they normally can't and how that highlights how messed up TC is? Its not even a competition really, its more of a farce. Simply removing one or more MP levels won't fix it. It will simply stop them from access to areas. Maybe you should analyse the main problem, rather than trying to fix side affects?
  9. Sorry, I am confused by what you mean. Do you mean no MP3 and MP4 alliance players in torch?
  10. I'd like to make another point about religion. Religions last because of followers and faith in something higher. Simply announcing 'I'm great, follow me' does not make a religion. You need people to follow you, they need a reason to follow you and the people that come after them need a reason to continue that following. Maybe it is just me, but I don't see that with the Savels, I never did. There doesn't seem to be a creed in existence as to why Savel should be worshiped, what he did, what he stood for or against. There just seems to be this alliance that is used as a political football. T
  11. Before you start that nonsense Rhaegar. You never met Savelfuser until AFTER you started work on the church. So that puts you in EXACTLY the same situation that Jazira now finds herself. And I might add that I believe you met Savelfuser only briefly on one day, maybe two. Savelfuser had well and truly left MD at that time and it is my understanding that he only returned briefly because he was specifically asked to give you the nod so to speak. [quote]NEVER saw Firsanthalas saying "ok, I might overreacted here, I might made a mistake here"[/quote] Yeah, you may want to get your facts right
  12. Pip, you are a spanner. You love spouting off. Off you go and do something constructive for a change instead of taking pot shots when it suits you.
  13. I am kinda sick of hearing this rhetoric about Rhaegar and the past. Lets give a few history lessons shall we. First up, Rhaegar was let into the alliance along with other people when Grido and Z tried to rebuild it. He did not rebuild it from nothing like Jazira is now attempting to do. Secondly, Rhaegar himself seemed to change the direction and ideas for the Church on several occassions. At one point he started to take up residence in the Tribunal Temple and he spoke about using it as a base for the Savels. That seemed to just peter out after a while. Then he wanted the Savels to be hist
  14. Alrighty, it is still going on. Was told point blank today by an MP3 that they were told what was required. Seriously, whoever is doing it stop!! New players can get into Loreroot by using torches or asking. There is no reason to be telling them, you are really only robbing them of a valuable lesson in the long run. I want to be clear. There is no issue with people gaining access to Loreroot. We will let people in if they really want to see Loreroot. Defeating the guardians though is a part of the learning experience in MD, simply telling someone is not really a good thing for them.
  15. I've already spoken to Jester about this this morning. I strongly suggest that anyone that is in a situation like this at MP3 or MP4 should not be allowed to join alliances and should be removed from any they are in. If he can only attack MP3s then his reasons for staying MP3 become null and void. You don't need to change the mechanics, just change the situation. I would urge any leader, land, alliance or guild to consider the implications of situations such as this and put the general MD community first.
  16. We aren't acting like the inquisition. In the past people were moved up MP levels because they were simply over-powered. MP3 is about learning, it is not about using your knowledge to sit there as the cream of the crop. While I can't prove it, I also suspect that he used a wishpoint to get his xp back to zero. Granted there is nothing wrong with this, but it really seems silly to me to be using it at MP3 purely to stay there for the purpose of being some kind of super strong MP3. Just a personal opinion though.
  17. [quote]ouch.! not what I have expected from kings.. to decide this fast *sigh*[/quote] What do you want? Kings that faff about incapable of making a decision for themselves? Besides, this is not something I am saying as a king. It my my view as a person, a player of MD. I never made any announcement or call on any title when I made my post. It is the view of a person. [quote]That's is his role he is feb.. he is what he is.. and don't force someone to be something he don't want.. that is his choice of role.. as an mp3 who's trying to change the peoples perception about mp3's..[/quote] Rol
  18. I will also add my voice. I am not a fighter, anyone that knows me knows this. I get beaten by many players, many much younger than me in MD terms. I am used to it, it really doesn't bother me all that much. There are other things that concern me. In the past we saw people forced up MP levels because they were too powerful for their MP level. I think this is definitely such a case.
  19. You are missing the point. He did it, its done. Its time to move on now, not stay there trying to prove some already proved (and probably pointless to begin with) point.
  20. Initially I wasn't going to post, but then I decided that I should. First up. Nobody likes a bragger. We all like to get one over on our foes from time to time, but this is going way overboard. Secondly, I don't agree with the argument that the vets are just angry because an MP3 beat them. Losses are part of fighting and when the fighting system was more balanced it was not unheard of for a player to be beaten by a lower level. For starters there is an amazingly simple little rit that can score a person a surprise victory (although it has become less likely to work in more recent times, but
  21. It is important that people let Marvolo know. Just so people know, he cannot see who, if anyone has applied. But he can check a name for an application and then either approve or reject the application.
  22. Firsanthalas


    Why 'outside' the land? Never hear of a coup? And again, if a king/queen has lost the plot and people just walk away, where does that leave things? One more thing. In real life people elect parties and politicians into power. At some point those politicians and parties may do something that the voters don't like. That is the point of government. The voters can't simply decide that because a new law is brought in that they don't like and wasn't there before the government that they don't have to follow it. You cannot please all of the people all of the time. If someone feels that they can't ha
  23. Firsanthalas


    Bottom line. If the response of an alliance is to simply run away because they have an issue with the King, then they shouldn't continue to exist at all. In particular, the duty of a land alliance is to protect the land. If that means protecting it from a terrible king or queen, then they should do that. Running away is a gross failure in that regards. Furthermore, there is an already awful lack of loylaty within MD (Im not talking about the stat). If you want to start a system whereby people can up sticks and leave en mass, then there really is little point in having alliances or citizenship
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