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  1. Maybe some people should take their own advice. You shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

    1. Chewett


      precisely. see what i mean, ya dont like it when others poke their nose in

    2. Pipstickz


      We're all hypocrites Firs, just some of us are scared to admit it.

  2. I've disbanded the Savelites for the moment. If someone feels that they can restore the alliance to a worthwhile state then I will make it active again. Otherwise I will have it removed permanently. You have 1 month to draw up a plan and present it for consideration. I also expect you to have at least two other people that will assist you and form a core group within the alliance. If a plan of action is accepted, then there will be a 3 to 6 month evaluation period (not decided yet and possibly open to negotiation). If after that time things are not progressing or are not working out the
  3. Looking for MRD

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Use binoculars! :3 I can't find him either.

    2. Darigan


      He's been sleeping at the door to the mda cellar

  4. You do realise that you are defeating your own argument?
  5. Whats your favourite flavour?

  6. Amin mela lle Cheekymuffin.

  7. Just to point out that the Greeks and Romans sometimes used a styled cuiras which showed musculature and even the bellybutton. I am guessing that is what is depicted in the picture.
  8. The Guardians should be electing a replacement for Ibruzu tomorrow. He left the Guardians of his own accord due to lack of time and other RL events.
  9. Elen sila lumenn omentilmo

  10. So am I. Isn't it great to be straight? Although I'm sure its good if your not too.

  11. Ahh, but if lots of people know you, then perhaps it doesnt matter so much? And your best off not knowing some of the axe wielding crazies that are walking about. Ohh yes, lots of folks with axes just waiting to chop at an unsuspecting tree. There should a law against that kind of thing.

  12. Nice to see you again Jazzy

  13. Ooh, my rep went down for apologising. Note to self: Go around telling people to bog off and rep will go up! Hmm, not sure about the logic of that actually. Need to put that to the muffin equation

  14. Cheers for the kilt. Managed to get into it eventually.

  15. Cut themselves shaving ehh? They should grow beards or something instead.

  16. Irish eh? Tá dúil m'anama agam i muifín seacláid

  17. The best tea there is

  18. Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au'

  19. I have some very nice Elven tea.

  20. No, just was drinking my tea. People always want me when Im havin me tea. And they never actually want tea either.

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